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Photo Gallery: Masters 2013 - Amen Corner Slide Show 4/11/2013
The following gallery is a slide show of Amen Corner at Augusta National. Photos by Jim Horten.
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  • 768 1024 Fox gives his thoughts on Amen Corner: I've watched the tournament for years. Amen Corner is definitely what I thought it would be. 208533116 GoMocs.com
    768 1024 Fox on 10: The tee shot is key. It sets up the hole. A good tee shot can leave you with an eight or nine iron into the green. 208533117 GoMocs.com
    768 1024 Fox on 11: The biggest thing is the drive again to give you the best opportunity. Tee it up on the left side and if you hit a good drive, you have a four or five iron in, play to the front edge of the green to get it back there. It's better to be a little right than left here. 208533118 GoMocs.com
    768 1024 Fox on 12: The thing here is the wind. You have to trust your shot. It's a short par 3 but very difficult. 208533119 GoMocs.com
    768 1024 Fox on 13: The second shot here is interesting. Whether you're laying up or going for it, you have to know where you want to land it...to what pin, where you want to lay up to. You cannot miss left. 208533017 GoMocs.com
    768 1024 Growing up, Steven always wanted to play...13. 208533121 GoMocs.com