Postgame Quotes vs. Nebraska
2013 NCAADivision I women’s basketball championship
First Round · Chattanooga vs. Nebraska
Reed Arena · College Station, Texas
Saturday, March 23


Head Coach Wes Moore
Opening Statement:
“I was proud of the way our kids came out. Obviously Nebraska played zone in the first half and our kids shot extremely well and we did a good job defensively. They presented some matchup problems because their post players are versatile and can shoot the 3, take you off the bounce, and can run the floor, so they presented some problems for us. Our kids did a pretty good job in the first half. The second half Nebraska turned up the heat. We didn’t handle it well, me included. I have got to do a better job of getting us some open looks. We got frustrated. You have to give Nebraska a lot of credit; they were a lot more aggressive than we were. I think they shot 23 free throws and we shot one, so they must have been a whole lot more aggressive than us. That is something we just have to continue to improve on.”

On the turning point:
“I was saying that when they called time out they would go man and we would have to get ready for that. So we tried to make a couple of calls that would prepare us for that. I feel bad; I don’t feel like I was able to get us enough offensive looks. We needed to attack the basket more. There were some times that we got it inside and we couldn’t draw the foul. Ashlen did a pretty good job a couple of times. It was tough on her inside, and when you take that away, four out, one in becomes pretty tough to get anything done.”

On taking out Alex Black:
“Alex had a great game and hit some big shots, then in the start of the second half she hit a couple more shots, then I let her sit too long in one stretch of the second half. We felt that if we played a lot of people we could maybe wear them down some and have an advantage, but that didn’t really happen. It just comes back to it that they really turned up the heat and got after us. We didn’t handle it well, which surprised me because Tennessee is a very aggressive defensive team so I thought we handled that pretty well, but today we struggled.”

On Jordan Hooper getting open:
“There were a couple of times that we just didn’t close out and get to her. In transition they did a great job of pushing tempo and getting the ball down the floor even on a make. Sometimes you’re scrambling and it’s hard to take away everything because they have so many weapons, whether it’s a post running down the floor or somebody spotting up on the parameter. They do a nice job and they find the open person.”

On fatigue level:
Kayla Christopher played 35 minutes which was typical, but I could have kept her out more. We had foul trouble so that affected how much some people played in the first half. They got hot and they knocked down some shots. In the second half they were 54% from the field and 84% from the 3-point line, so you have to give them a lot of credit; they knocked down some shots.  We can’t give up 73 points against a team like that and have a chance to win unless we are just unconscious shooting the ball. I’ve got to give them credit though, they did a nice job.”

On Nebraska’s zone defense:
“I was surprised they stayed with it that long. I thought that in the first half they could have gotten out of it. I thought that at the start of the second half they may switch it up on us. Looking back now, it worked pretty well, especially by not switching in the first half. You don’t have a whole lot of time to discuss it at time outs, even though they are a couple of minutes, they are not the same as having 15 minutes at halftime. It was probably good that they held that a little bit. I’m just frustrated. They did a good job on Ashlen, usually against a man defense we are going to spread you out and get the ball inside. They did a great job of getting in front of her and also denied the pass up top so it was hard to get the high low look.  Once you take her out of the equation it’s hard for us to be a good offensive team.”

On overall season:
“It hurts right now and it will hurt for a while, but I couldn’t be prouder of a group of kids. They have shown up every day and given great effort and played hard. As far as their attitudes and coachability and their attention to detail, which is very important to a coach, knowing the scouting report and what we are trying to do, they are a great group. I wish we could have gone a little further, especially for the seniors. Ten out of 12 of these kids made the deans list last semester, I’m very blessed to be able to work with them.”

On A&M vs. Nebraska:
“I like my opponents like I like my wings - I’ll take Boneless, please. She is a woman in there so you have got to find a way to slow her down. I know that Texas A&M is peaking. They have a young team and they went through some growing pains earlier in the year and they are maturing and coming around at the right time. I think Gary Blair has done a great job. Nebraska will have a tough time with Bone just because they don’t have a matchup. But they present matchup problems on the other side, it’s not like football where you can sub offense and defense. She will have a hard time matching up with someone who can run the floor, shoot the 3, take the bounce. It should be an interesting game and I wish we were in it.” 

Kayla Christopher, Senior, Guard
On Chattanooga getting back to the tournament and reflecting on her career:
“We were really happy to get back to the tournament this year and I thought we had a chance to make a statement today. Regardless of the loss today, it has been a great four years at Chattanooga.”

On last 10 minutes of game:
“I think we had a media timeout early in the second half and coach Moore said they'd probably switch to a man-to-man defense, which they did. From that point on they turned the pressure up and it was hard for us to get looks. They definitely got to us.”

Taylor Hall, Junior, Forward
On Nebraska trying to get Jordan Hooper open:
“She started coming off of several screens there at the end and we started to get mixed up on who we were guarding on transition defense. We couldn't find her at certain times and they got the ball to her and she was able to knock it down.”

On Nebraska changing their game plan to guard Chattanooga's shooting:
“A lot changed when they switched to man in the second half. In the beginning we were knocking down 3’s, but after they switched we were forced to take tougher shots, so I think that had a lot to do with it.”


Alex Black, Junior, Guard
On UTC’s second half:
“We definitely wanted to come out in the second half hard, because it was a tie game, basically 0-0. We wanted to jump on them first and we did that, but just couldn’t keep it down the stretch. They started hitting shots in a row and we couldn’t answer. We didn’t get to the line either and that really hurt us.”

On Chattanooga’s NCAA tournament:
“Coming in to it, we weren’t even so much nervous, we were just excited to get out there and play. For me and the younger people, it’s a good start for coming back and really competing in the future.”

Ashlen Dewart, Junior, Forward
On Nebraska’s defense and post play:
“It was a new style of defense, to some extent, like the way they played the post. They brought a lot of energy and had a great game. Post play is a battle every game. This was my first NCAA tournament, and I thought it (post play) would be at a whole other level and it was. It was physical. They took us out of our game and made us play theirs. They’re definitely a very talented team.”

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