Will Wade introduces Wes Long.
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Will Wade Introduces Wes Long & First Signees

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. --- Chattanooga Mocs Head Coach Will Wade made his first big announcements today exactly one week after he was hired. Wade introduced new assistant coach Wes Long, formerly the head coach at Queens University of Charlotte, as well as his first two signees – Justin Tuoyo (pronounced TOY-yo) and Anthanee Doyle.

Below is the transcript of today’s news conference:

Will Wade on Wes Long
Thoughts on Coach Wes Long:
“I am proud to announce Wes as one of our new staff members here at Chattanooga. We attended college together.  We were more acquaintances than I would say friends. He played at Clemson and we worked together after that. I’ve gotten the chance over the last four or five years since I have been at VCU and other places – as North Carolina was one of those areas we recruited pretty hard – that I got a chance to stop in and watch Wes and his team practice. He is a little bit calmer than I am - which is good. He can calm me down. I was very impressed with the culture he built and brought to his basketball program at Queens. We share the same core values, and he going to be somebody that other guys on the staff can bounce ideas and questions off of. He is going to have a big say in our half-court defense and is going to work with our post players.”

Wes Long
Reaction to his hire and what he likes about the program:
“Will is right in saying that we weren’t friends in college. I don’t think I ever saw Will outside of the basketball facilities. We have different personalities. But as we both went through this profession in the last decade, we really got to know each other.  We came in to our own, both as coaches and philosophically, what we believed in for student-athletes in a program.  We would talk a lot.  I always hoped that he would invite me to be on his staff.  I was just afraid that with Will that might be in Oregon or somewhere, and I wasn’t really interested in moving that far.  Luckily, Chattanooga is an unbelievable place.  When he called me a few weeks ago about Chattanooga, I sat up right away and thought wow that would be unbelievable.  I had a really good job in Charlotte, it was terrific. It is a great place with great people.  It would have taken a special opportunity for me to leave that at this point in my career.  I consider this a special opportunity.  I grew up in Greeneville, S.C.  Butch Estes was the coach at Furman at the time.  They had some pretty good teams around the same time ETSU and Chattanooga were both really rolling.  So, I used to go to the ‘Big Brown Box’, the Memorial Auditorium, and watch games there as a kid.  So I know what this conference can be.  I’ve been in Charlotte when Steph Curry did what he did at Davidson.  I’ve watched a lot of good SoCon basketball.  This really excites me.  With all that said, I think Chattanooga has the best tradition out of any of them.  For two days, that is what I have seen a lot –  tradition, tradition, tradition.  I think with a guy like Will, at a place like Chattanooga, we can write some more chapters.  This is just a really intriguing opportunity and I would have been crazy to say no.”

On his philosophy, in terms of up tempo play, and if it fits with the Chaos Wade is bringing to Chattanooga:
“We didn’t play that way, but I’m not opposed to it at all.  That is his system and I believe in it.  I think for a mid-major program, you have to have a brand.  I’m with him on that 100 percent.  I think that makes you exciting and attractive to maybe a higher-level recruit and you can surprise some people.  I think that is well-calculated with Coach Smart and Will at VCU.  I think it works.  Will is very intelligent in a lot of ways.  He wasn’t going to take a job he couldn’t recruit to that style.  So, he took the job in Chattanooga. I think we have a chance to be a great success.”

Will Wade on Signees
Thoughts on VCU transfer Justin Tuoyo:
“We are really excited about Justin. He is a critical piece to a winning program. I have coached him for a year. He is long and athletic, and I have known him and his family for over three years. He is from right down the road in Georgia, just on the south side of Atlanta in Clayton County. He will be a great resource for our guys here now because he’s been through it all. I think he will be a critical piece for us because he knows exactly what I want, he knows what I am about and he knows exactly what our system is about. I was very thankful that he wanted to come to Chattanooga. He has never stepped foot on this campus. His first day of school will be his first day on campus. It is really a leap of faith for him. Coach Smart had a hard time parting with him because he recorded a lot of double-digit minutes on the floor for us at VCU in our last five or six games. He’s a versatile guy. He’s long, he’s athletic and he’s a phenomenal shot blocker which is something we need in the backend of the press. He has tremendous timing on blocking shots. I am really excited to have him in Chattanooga.”

Thoughts on Anthanee Doyle:
“Anthanee Doyle addresses three major needs that we have. He can handle the ball, he is a very, very good three-point shooter and he is really long and athletic. He can really hound the ball. He is going to be able to guard the ball in the full-court and he has a great wing-span. He is about 6-foot-3, so he is a longer guard so he is really able to combine his quickness with his length. He can engulf the ball and that is something we need in our full-court press. He is a great student and comes from a great family. We are very fortunate to sign him, and I feel blessed that he wanted to come be a part of this program. He has never been on campus either so it is a leap of faith for him, as well.”

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