Chaos: Defined and Explained


What is Chaos? Webster defines it in a number of ways.
- It’s a state of things in which chance is supreme.
- It’s the inherent unpredictability in the behavior of a complex natural system.
- It’s a state of utter confusion.

For the Chattanooga Mocs, it is its brand and identity. Will Wade came to Chattanooga with a very specific vision for his team, on and off the court. Chaos is that vision.

Specifically on the court, the infographics linked below show how Chaos plays out:



While the on-court definition of chaos is very true to the perception of the word, off the court is another story. The German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche once wrote, “Out of chaos comes order”. With that in mind, the bond chaos brings on the court helps provide order off it.

Chaos includes a set of core values for the program: Appreciation, Enthusiasm, Competitiveness, Unselfishness & Accountability

It is a brand that mirrors the mission of the Chattanooga Athletics Department. From the court to the stands to everyday life for the student-athletes, coaches and fans, Chaos is a ethos. Chaos is woven deep within the fabric of the Chattanooga Mocs basketball program.

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