Postmatch Quotes vs. Belmont

Postmatch Quotes
Belmont 3, Chattanooga 0
Maclellan Gym
Chattanooga, Tenn.

Junior Middle Blocker Ellie Kuhn
On the crowd:
“I personally and a lot of girls on the team love big crowds. It gets you pumped up and motivated inside. We are so close. You are standing there on the on court and want to do it for yourself, the team and the fans.”

On coming through when it matters, even in losing effort:
“I wish I could have contributed a lot more in the match, especially in that last game, but we are just looking for that fight from everyone when we are down. We have to have the desire to continue pushing it, until we get the win. It is a game and it is all about winning. I know these girls want to win and so do I, but we have to figure out a way to do it.”

On coming back after a poor performance:
“Coach [Lisa Rhodes] has done a great job this season in thinking about positive things after each game. There were a few positives in that game, but there is a lot of improvement that needs to be made. We have to keep our heads up and be ready for tomorrow. Get ready to put on a fight and bring the positives from today and learn from the negatives.”

Sophomore Libero Paula Passmore
n the energy in the third set:
“I just want to thank our fans. It was a full house and would like to say thank you to everyone for showing their support. Personally, I am a very energetic player and it felt great to have them. I know we kicked in at the end and I would like to think it was because of the energy. They were able to help us. I wish that we could have done it the whole time, but I am very appreciative and it was nice to be home and play on our home floor. I wish that we could have showed how we really are because we have a great team and there is a lot more potential, then we showed tonight. I believe in it and tomorrow is a different day. I am very thankful for everyone cheering.”

On bouncing back tomorrow:
“Our potential, we have the character and the ability to. It is just a matter of knowing it. Tonight was tonight and we all know deep inside that what happened is over and tomorrow is a new day. We are a strong team and we are going to show it. We know that we can do it.”

On your individual performance:
“I just tried to push everyone as much as I could. I try my best every game and I know that the team can feed off my defensive play. I do what it takes and know that the team appreciates it.”

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