Postgame Quotes at Furman
Chattanooga Football Postgame Quotes
Chattanooga at Furman
Paladin Stadium - Greenville, S.C.
Saturday - Oct. 13, 2012

Head Coach Russ Huesman
Thoughts on the game:
"I was really proud of the way our team came out to play today.  It was a total team win.  We played well in all three phases and beat a good team today."

On applying pressure on Furman's offense:
"We were going to put pressure on the quarterback, no question.  He has played really well all year and he stood back and had the ability to throw the ball.  We said, let's see what happens when we make him move around a little bit.  We have some guys that can rush the passer in Davis Tull and Josh Williams, and even our inside guys.  They did a nice job up front."

On the job of the defense:
"That's Adam Fuller.  Adam is our defensive coordinator and he puts the game plan together and he did a great job with our defense this week."

On the offense:
"It is fun to watch.  We have people all over the place.  The big thing is we got the ball in Terrell's hands a lot of ways.  Last year, he had it 32 times against these guys for not a lot.  Today I don't think he touched it 32 times, but had a ton more yards and a lot more productivity.  Terrell's a great player.  Just look at him.  You can put him anywhere and he knows what to do.  He lines up correctly and he can make plays.  I am thrilled to have him on our team. 

On throwing to the running backs:
"We threw a couple of little outlets to them that were not screens, but a lot of screens.  The one that Jacob (Huesman) had No. 20 in his face...he just dumped it to J.J. (Jackson) and we got a nice 20-yard gain.  A couple of coaches on the headset said that was a gutsy play.  I thought Jacob played well today, I thought J.J. had a good game and I thought we played well up front.  I thought all of the way across the board, nice job on offense."

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