Postgame Quotes vs. Georgia Southern

Chattanooga Head Coach Russ Huesman
Thoughts on the game
"I thought it was a great effort from our football team. They fought and played well in the second half for the most part. They played hard. It hurts us all. It hurts me, the coaches and the players to put that much time and effort into something and then not get a win. That being said, we absolutely shot ourselves in the foot on special teams. We absolutely lost the football game on special teams today. It was a joke the things that happened on special teams and we have to get that corrected. I don't even know how many possessions we had in the first half when we had it, we fumbled it then and whatever else happened. We started from the 12-yard line then we can't catch a kick. Very poor special teams. Very poor and that's what cost us the game".

Thoughts on Georgia Southern's play
"I give Georgia Southern credit. They have good players, good coaches and they had a great plan. In the first half, we were really struggling defensively to slow them down and they did a great job. I thought the second half, defensively, we played better. When you play a good football team, I mean the No. 2 team in the country, you can't give them possessions. You can't make mistakes in the kicking game and we did it. We shot ourselves in the foot and it came back and cost us. That game should have never been in overtime."

On what he told his players after the game
"I told them I was proud of them. I thought they fought and they played hard. Nobody tries to miss a tackle, nobody wants to miss a block and nobody wants to drop a pass. They just don't but they have good players. The quarterback, Jerick McKinnon, is really good. He made us miss a few times, got on the perimeter and he did a great job. Our guys are just in there battling and fighting. I thought there were some plays defensively we should have made, especially in the first half. But again, it's not lack of effort, it's not lack of good players, we have all those things. We just have to clean up. We can't make mistakes. You just can't do it against good football teams."

Thoughts on what was the momentum turner for Georgia Southern
"I thought the second half we should have won the football game. We dropped the punt on the 40-yard line and they kicked a field goal, and that's why it was 24-24. We can't give them extra possessions and now we have the ball with six minutes to go. We got the ball up three and we can't make those mistakes."

Georgia Southern Head Coach Jeff Monken
Thoughts on the game
"The game plan was to try to run the ball and get a first down and keep moving it down there closer so we could find a way to score. Fortunately, we found a way. I thought we had some guys to make some really good individual plays. We got the film to really see what happened on some of the plays where we weren't gaining yards. We probably missed a lot of blocks. We got blocked a lot by them and didn't get off of them. Fortunately, we found a way to score more points against them at the end. That's a really good football team and they did a great job coaching their kids tonight."

Thoughts on Jerick McKinny's play
"Jerick McKinny got banged up a little bit as he came in and kept the ball going. He's a good player, too. We have two quarterbacks and I think they are capable of operating our system. Running our offense and jerric did a nice job. He missed a couple down the stretch and that was disappointing, but he made some great plays as well to keep us in the game and to give us a chance."

Thoughts on Darreion Robinson's touchdown during the first overtime
"The guys up top said that it was a great run. Obviously you see a lot and get lost while your watching from the sideline They said he dipped , darted around and found a way in the in zone. It was a great play and it was big getting that touchdown."

Thoughts on the final tackle by J.J. Wilcox and Darius Eubank of Jacob Huesman
"He's a good player and he ran for a lot of yards. Had some long plays against us. That's something we saw him do this year. He hit those long plays like that. It's frustrating . We had him sacked a couple of times and he got loose. The one touchdown they scored in the third quarter to go up 24 from 17, he got loose. We had him in the back field and he got out of there. He's a good player. Our kids just kept fighting. They found a way to just keep slugging it out. They didn't loose hope and i was really proud of them. Defensively, we had some plays that i thought we were going to get them off the field. Our guys were in position. Their guys made plays. We had the first overtime were they threw it to the guy in the corner on fourth down. Unfortunately, we got 39 and they got 31."

On what the Eagles have to improve on
"I was disappointed with the turnovers. They had some turnovers, too. They scored three times off of turnovers, two touch downs and a field goal. We got a touchdown and a fieldgoal off of their turnovers. We have to stop turning the ball over and just fumbling the ball. We had to snap the one in the second overtime. Shoot a rocket shot at the quarterbacks left ear. It's frustrating to turn the ball over. We gave them some opportunities that they wouldn't have had if we hadn't had done that."

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