Postgame Quotes vs College of Charleston

Chattanooga Basketball Postgame Quotes
Chattanooga at College of Charleston
TD Arena - Charleston, S.C.
Saturday - Jan. 12, 2013

Chattanooga Head Coach John Shulman
Thoughts on the game
"Charleston won the physical battle today. Their physicality, not only on the glass, but defending and getting through screens is tough. We threw it inside but they were beating and banging. I knew they were either going to be down or they were going to be really mad. They played very lethargic against Furman, should have lost against Furman, and they played the same way against Samford. Had they beaten Samford, it would have continued until they got a slap in the face. But they got a slap in the face Thursday and it woke them up. They haven't played like that in a while. They haven't been playing inspired, and they got woken up Thursday. We got woken up a little bit today and we've won five out of six coming into this game. Now we've won five out of seven. We would have killed for a split when the trip started and we got it. We are going to learn from it."

Thoughts on Charleston's physicality
"Baru altered our shots and a nice shot blocker does that. He made it to where we couldn't nearly attack the basket, but I thought Gee did a great job of attacking in the second half. Dontay didn't have the juice to go like he did against The Citadel, so his night was over when the score got out of hand, but Farad, Gee and Eric all need to grow up. They are getting better, but the physicality and athleticism showed tonight by Charleston was overpowering for the young guys. There is a reason why they beat Baylor at Baylor. There is a reason they had a top-75 RPI going into the game the other night. They have been sleepwalking and winning games, and they learned the hard way, you can't do that. And we got punished because of that."

On where the Mocs go after the loss
"This opened the eyes of some of our young guys. I was sitting on the floor after the game, and this is a good thing, Gee comes back off the floor from giving interviews and he looked at me and told me, 'Get up, Coach. We're going to be alright. We learned a lot tonight.' If you have guys saying that, it's a great thing. And another great thing, Dontay has finally opened his mouth. I walked into the locker room and didn't have to talk much because Dontay is leading the postgame speech. When you have Dontay leading the speech and Gee telling me it's going to be alright, then we are going to be alright.

Gee McGhee, guard, freshman
Thoughts on the game
"Charleston is a great team. They came in and did what they were supposed to do. We just had an off-day of shooting the basketball. We had problems executing our plays so that was a tough one."

On being aggressive down low
"Adjehi Baru is a great player. I think he is more of a health-side blocker so, if I ever went after him, I went straight after him. If you are going in on the health-side, he is going to block it because of how big and athletic he is. I went at him from the top as a one-on-one because he wasn't going to try to block that and pick up fouls. I was just doing what I could to get to the rim."

Thoughts on Charleston's quick start
"It just got out of hand really quick. It was hard because they were executing and they are hard to slow down when they are in their flow, and they didn't let up. They may let up on some teams later in the game, normally, but they didn't. They just kept going to the goal and we didn't have an answer for it, but we have to keep working at it and getting better."

Ronrico White, guard, sophomore
Thoughts on Charleston's quick start
"They really got their momentum going early. They were hitting shots and we couldn't stop them. They were just lights-out. They were making it to the goal, shooting layups and hitting their three-pointers. It was a great game, on their part."

Thoughts on Charleston's comeback after losing to Samford
"You could say they woke up after their loss Thursday to Samford, but we have to come out and play better than that. That is unacceptable for this program. There is no way we should have lost by this much tonight."

On trying to keep the game in reach
"We just have to keep doing what we are doing. We have to stay in character and try not to get too out of system offensively when the game begins to slip away. We had to start getting stops. We started the game 1-for-11 and they weren't missing shots and we weren't getting stops on the other side."

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