Postgame Quotes vs. UT Martin

Head Coach Russ Huesman
Opening Statement
“Obviously I’m not happy with the outcome.  I’ll start by giving UT Martin credit.  They played hard and they played physical. I think they played harder than us. We were definitely out coached on both sides of the ball.  There’s no question about that. They did a way better job coaching. We did terrible all the way across the board.  I don’t think we played good on either side of the ball. We got better in the second half. We did some things in the second half, but still not great. We have to get better there. We have to get better on defense. It was absolutely ugly. DJ McNeil looked like Walter Peyton out there. It was ridiculous. The missed tackles, the pushing the piles and the missed assignments hurt us. It was just an ugly day. It was probably the worst days that I’ve been involved with since I’ve been here. We were physically manhandled by those guys and outcoached.”

Defining ‘out coached’
“We just didn’t make enough adjustments in the second half defensively to try to get our players in gaps. They were either rough throwing the bobble or running the little inside-pull play. It took us three series to figure that out. I think we didn’t defend the pass game very well. In the first half we did, in the second half we didn’t just because of the little dink and donk. We just didn’t do a great job of making adjustments.  I think offensively we did make some adjustments at half time, and played better and made some plays. We can’t wait till the second half and decide we’re going to figure out what we’re going to do.  It still wasn’t what we’re looking for offensively.”

On how big of a role the absence of the two safeties play
DJ Keys is one of the best players in the league. It hurts. He’s a leader and a great player. It hurts not having him. We didn’t coach them up good enough. Dee Virgin is 20 yards off the wide receiver on third-and-six on one of the most critical plays. Either we haven’t coached him or he’s not listening to us.  I’m saying we didn’t coach it up good enough. We don’t need to be 20 yards off a guy. They’re coming in and cracking, and we have young guys that aren’t seeing it and crack replacing. So they’re gaining eight, nine, or 10 yards. We have to coach them better.  We have to make sure we’re running drills and doing things to get those kids better. It’s not their fault. I don’t think we coached them up enough. We’re all hoping we get DJ Key, Zack Rayl and Dean Haynes back.  This is what we got right now. We have to get them better and we have to play with them. They’re talented enough and good kids, but he have to get them better.”


Defensive Lineman Derrick Lott, Senior
Thoughts on the game
“I thought in the first half we played a really good ballgame. It was scoreless for a while, but I felt like once the first team scored, they were going to get the momentum. It was a tough fight. We went back and forth.”

On preparation for this game
“We worked on a lot of hard count. We worked on a lot of freeze plays. We were expecting a lot of screens and draws. I thought we were pretty good against those plays tonight, but we need to work on tackling and the small things as a unit.”

Moving ahead after the loss
“It will be an interesting healing period, but we are going to fight. We still have high expectations for this season. We’re not going to let one game determine our season. We’re going to be ready for the Georgia Dome.”


 Running Back Marquise Green, Junior
Thoughts on the game
“We came out a little rusty in the first half. We were still trying to work out the kinks and get things going. These guys just did it better than we did.”

On the second half
“We made some adjustments at the half. We saw that they were bringing the full-house blitz so we felt that we could beat them with the screen. The coaches did an excellent job of calling the plays, and we went out and executed. We were able to pick it up a bit on offense in the second half.”

Thoughts on moving forward after the loss
“We’ve got to put this game aside and come back tomorrow to hit the weight room, watch some film, and get better.”


Quarterback Jacob Huesman, Sophomore
Thoughts on the game
“Both offenses were slow to get it going and that’s a credit to the defenses. Their linebackers were fast and our defense looked good early causing a couple of turnovers, but on offense we didn’t capitalize on it. That’s something that we need to do when we get an opportunity. We didn’t take advantage of the opportunities that we were given.”

Thoughts on third downs
“We didn’t put ourselves in a winning situation on a lot of drives. If we faced third downs, it needs to be more third and short, but even when we had third and short somehow we didn’t convert. I thought Martin was pretty good on third down. We’ve got high goals for third downs and we didn’t even come close tonight.”

Thoughts on the rest of the season
“It hurts, but you’ve got to look at it as just the first game. This doesn’t hurt our chances of being SoCon champs - which was our goal from the beginning and always will be.”


UT Martin Head Coach Jason Simpson
Thoughts on the game
“I didn’t want to boast too much this summer because of the numbers from last year, but I’m proud of our kids. I said we were faster and we understood. Our kids believed in the defensive staff and Jeff Byrd. They hung together and played hard. We gave up a late touchdown there as we were playing zone and we busted one there, but I thought that we dominated the game and that was the difference in the game”

Thoughts on Trent Garland
“His arms are as long as his legs. He is a jack of all trades and catches the ball. The guy can play football, and I made a bad decision not to offer him a scholarship out of high school. I had one of my coaches that said, ‘Coach, this guy can play. I know what he is,’, and luckily it turned out. We finally got him to Martin and he walked on. He deserves two scholarships tonight.”

Thoughts on Chattanooga
“I think this game was significant because we wanted to play an in-state rival. First of all, Russ is a great coach and he is an outstanding guy. I liked playing in-state because it is good to be able to see our fans here and travel with us here then back to Martin.”

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