NCAA Men's Golf Championships Day One Quotes


Arizona State Head Coach Randy Lein
On today's round:
"If you would have told me that we were going to shoot 67. I would have taken it in a heartbeat because you never know if the weather is going to be absolutely perfect like it was. We easily could have shooted three or four shots better because I think that we counted three doubles and a triple [bogey]. At most college tournament, you can't recover from that, but here when you make a stretch of six pars and a birdie, you made up a couple shots of the field. I think that we were unable to take advantage of number 17, which is an easy par five."

Arizona State Junior Jesper Kennegard
On his round today:
"I started out pretty good.  It was solid.  I was 5-under after eight then had some trouble coming in.  I kept it in there and finished up pretty good with a birdie on the last to shoot 4-under."

Which was the toughtest hole for you today:"Seven is a tough hole.  I made a good bogey there.  Otherwise, if you just keep hitting the fairways, which I did today, you should play pretty well out there."

On how much did you coach talk about winning here in 1996 leading up to this week?
"A lot.  Since the fall he has been saying, 'We have something good going on here.  I want to do what we did in '96 and I have a good feeling about this week.'  He has been saying that a lot to us.  We are kind of making fun of it now, but it was a good start for us today. 

On his first nine holes (started on No. 10):
"I was 1-under through four and then I birdie five, seven and eagled eight.  When you make eagles, it goes fast out there.  I didn't think that much I just played on and suddenly I was 5-under par."

On the play of the Honors Course:
"It was pretty much what I expected.  It was pretty long, pretty soft, which makes it harder.  There are some birdie holes out there.   The par-5s are reachable if you hit it far.  You can't have too much respect for this course, but if you get off to a good start, I think we will see a couple more of 68's."

Baylor Head Coach Greg Priest
On the team's play:

"I think we played ok. We let it get away from us at the end. It is a hard golf course, and you need to take advantage of it when you can."

On the quick start:
"We got off to a great start on the front side. Around the first six holes, we played really well. We did a good job today, and didn't kill ourselves."

California Head Coach Steve Desimore
On the team's play:
"We left some [birdies] out there. We did not put very well today. Overall, we did a lot of other good things well and that has a tendency to even out after awhile."

On your trip to Chattanooga:
"We have been on the road for five days. We are going to make sure to get a good night sleep and we will be ready to go tomorrow."

Clemson Head Coach Larry Penkey
On his team's play:

"We played too good to do what we did coming in, but we did it, so now we have to find a way to forget about it an regroup. We will try again tomorrow morning."

On the conditions of the course:
"The course is not going to get any easier, it is just not. The wind never blew. The ball was stopping where it landed. The greens were not severe at all if anything, you would like to see them a little faster. Especially late in the day, we were leaving putts short on every hole. It could not play any easier."

Clemson Senior Ben Martin
On his round:

"I was hitting it pretty solid. I birdied two and six, both par fives, and birdied seven. I birded ten, so I had it up to 4-under through 11. I struggled a little bit coming in, where I bogeyed 13 after driving it in the trees and three putted 17. It was a very solid day."

On The Honors Course:
"It reminds me a lot of The Farm. I have never played here. It is the same sort of setting, but a lot tougher. I think the rains softened it up, which helped us. If these storms hold off, I am sure that it is going to get more difficult around the greens."

Clemson Senior Luke Hopkins
On the quick start to the round:

"Number one I hit a good eight iron and made about a 15 footer for birdie. Then, number two I made another 15 footer for birdie. On three, I made a 25 footer for birdie. It was kind of hard not to be too confident, but I just fed off that all day."

On being 5-under (course record) heading to 18:
"I try not to think about any records. It is the first round and you can' t win it today. I just tried to hit it in the fairway and then hit a good approach. Unfortunately, I missed it a couple of yards to the left. I just tried to get it up on the front of the green. I hit it into the bunker and it was a downward spiral from there."

On his team's play:
"I saw the leader board once and we were 9-under par. We finished at two, which is kind of upsetting. At the same time, you can't complain. It was not like were coming in here expecting to shoot 30-under par."

Duke Head Coach Jamie Green
On today's rounds:

"It was an almost, the course isn't playing easy out there. It is certainly long, and if you hit it off the beaten path, it is definitely going to be hard to score. We had one player that played very well. He almost got a great round in. He bogeyed number 17, but played a terrific round of golf. The other guys would have liked to help him a little more, but we got some time."

On playing The Honors Course:
"It is absolutely one of, if not the best golf course that we ever play. It is that good. We are so luck to be here, every one of these teams and players. If we come here again, we would do it in a heartbeat."

On which hole was the most difficult:
"Generally, before the round started I would have said seven. But, you have to look at the scores to see if it came to fruition. You just have to have your head screwed on straight for every tee shot, or it could come up and bite you."

On Wes Roach's Day:
"Wes Roach shot a 3-under, who is from Knoxville, Tenn., played this course last summer. He hit some really piercing iron shots. He stuck some in really close (to the hole). When he missed a golf shot, he got it up and down. It was just one of those days. Hopefully he will stay sharp, and I know he can give even more than that. He should also have some high expectations."

Duke Junior Wes Roach
On being close to home:

"It is great to be back home. I am only an hour and a half from my house. It is definitely to be back around here. It has been nice to come back."

On your first round:
"I shot a first round 69, and I have two more rounds to go, then, hopefully, a couple more rounds of match play this weekend."

On the back nine:
"I started off the back nine with a really good par by getting up and down from the bunker. I hit a couple of wedge shots on the next two holes to within 15 feet of the cup, but I missed. I finally got a birdie on 13. On 14, I missed a putt, but on 15, I made a really, really good save. I was long right, and made about a 25-foot putt for par. On 16, I made about a 15-foot putt for birdie. But I threw one away on 17 with a bogey. I kind of fell asleep on my layup. I hit the ball into the first cut of the rough on the right, and then ended up hitting the ball over the green on my next shot. It was a little bit of a mental mistake, but I hit a couple of good shots on 18, and just barely missed a putt for birdie."

On the receptive greens:
Never, they have gotten a lot of rain down here in the last week or so. I definitely have to take advantage of them, because if the rain stays away then it is not going to get an easier.

On the challenging Par 5's:
I definitely didn't expect to shoot a 69 by playing the par 5s 1-under. I had good luck on the first three par-5s. On 11, I was within 10 feet, but couldn't convert, and then made my mistake on 17 with my third shot. I definitely need to play the par 5s better the next few days and hopefully in match play.

On The Honors Course;
I played out here in the state amateur tournament last summer, and a few times in high school. The more you play out here, the more comfortable you are. It has been nice to play some tournament golf out here. The experience has definitely helped me.

Florida Freshman Phillip Choi
On the opening round:
"It was a great round.  Today, the key was I kept in control of my game.  I didn't get frustrated when I made bogeys.  The opportunities I had, I made the best of them.  Overall, I drove and hit my approach shots well and putted well.  That made for a great round of 69." 

On where this round stacks up with others this spring:
"I think it was one of the best because like I said, I was in complete control of my game.  I kept my emotions in check and everything was just how I wanted it.  I didn't get ahead of myself, stayed in the present and it worked."

Thoughts on The Honors Course:
"I think this is a great golf course.  It is a test of everything.  You have to hit the ball well.  You have to chip the ball well.  If you do all of those well, you will play pretty good."

Florida State Senior Seath Lauer
On shooting a 69 in the opening round:

"I told my assistant coach that I was just going to try to make a bunch of pars and birdies would come. I couldn't have hit any better. I could have made a few more putts, but that's always kind of the story when you're hitting it well. Overall, I played well."

On the conditions of the greens:
"Conditions today were obviously perfect. The rain held off which was great. The course was there for the taking. You're going to see some low scores. It's hard and firm out here, right now it's not."

On the conditions in the rough:
"The rough is not as difficult as it could be. The rough is actually playable. You don't want to hit it in the rough is your objective. The fairways are great. If you're putting it in the fairways it's an opportunity right in front of you."

On mindset when playing:
"We're all just worried about ourselves. When you worry about yourself, you're helping your team. That's just my mindset this week. Get out here and keep playing good golf and keep playing well as a team. That's our objective."

Georgia Head Coach Chris Haak
On the conditions of the course:

"The greens were very receptive. You could throw it right at the flag on any of these holes. Now, we are through the first round nerves. As soft as the greens are the course if for the taking if you hit it good."

On Russell Henley playing as an individual:
"He has worked real hard realizing that golf is one shot at a time. He writes little notes to himself. One of them is not to let bad shots bother you. He has done a good job like that all year."

Georgia Southern Head Coach Larry Mays
On the team's round:

"We had two good rounds with a 71 and 73. I am really proud of Spencer (Fulford) and Logan (Blondell) for those rounds. We also had a 76, 77, and 79. To compete at this level, you can't do it with two scores. We need to regroup and hopefully have to four good scores on the board tomorrow. The course is playing good, and there are some birdies out there."

On overcoming mistakes:
"You have to play solid all day. That is what the two guys did that played well, and just took what the course gave them. They didn't make any major mistakes. A couple of guys struggled a bit, and made a couple of mistakes."

On playing here before:
"I have played the course once, but none of my players had before. I played last year as a guest, so I had one look at it. The course is a phenomenal facility."

On The Honors Course:
"It is a great golf course. They have added some length since the last NCAA tournament. They are asking a lot of the players. You can't lose focus for a second or two."

Georgia Southern Senior Spencer Fulford
On his opening round:

"I played OK, got a few breaks.  Like on 16, the ball was a foot from going in the water, it stayed up and I made a great par.  Overall, it was pretty good."

On the slow start:
"A little bit of it was nerves.  I started off well, made four great shots on No. 1.  Made a poor swing on No. 2 and was 2-over through three holes.  I was just like, 'There are a lot of birdie holes.'  Luckily, I birdied the next two and played even after that." 

Could you have shot a lower round?
"Maybe one or two shots lower, but not really.  I got away with two good breaks so it was fortunate." 

On representing the Southern Conference:
"It is extremely important.  We know this is where Chattanooga plays all of the time.  They usually beat up on us every year.  Furman had a great year, but they are not here, so hopefully we can do them proud."

Thoughts on The Honors Course:
"This course is unbelievable.  It is definitely in the top three.  I have played Augusta National and then probably this course." 

Georgia Tech Head Coach Bruce Heppler
On his team's round:

"We got off to a bad start and fought back pretty well. We made one little mistake here at the end, but overall I am very pleased."

On The Honors Course:
"It was terrific and was a great test. You have to play every hole. There are no holes that you can take off and I that the scores show that."

Georgia Tech Junior Paul Haley
On his round:

"I got off to kind of a shaky start during the first five or six holes. I had some good putts for par and got up and down a couple of times. I hit it in the water on 15 and made an eight footer for double bogey. I birdied 16 to get back."

On The Honors Course:
"It is incredible. We have played it a couple of times. The greens were pretty receptive today. This golf course is fantastic. Fairways and everything is in such great shape."

Georgia Tech Senior Chesson Hadley
On the opening round:

"I hit it pretty poorly today.  It just shows you that the putter is the rescuer.  I made everything I looked at.  I had 14 putts through 12 holes, so it was insane.  I wasn't hitting it real close, I was just making everything for par.  You can never be dissatisfied with even-par, so I am pretty excited about the rest of the week."

Thoughts on The Honors Course:
"This course is brutal.  It is all you want.  Ever hole requires your full focus.  If you slip up once, you are going to make bogey or worse." 

Illinois Head Coach Mike Small
On the team's opening round:
"(Junior) Scott (Langley) played well.  He shot 2-under par and had a really good day.  I am proud of him.  We are going to pick it up tomorrow."

Kent State Head Coach Herb Page
On the recent strong play of Kevin Miller:
"He's been our best player the last couple of weeks. He's been swinging well and playing with a lot of confidence."

On how the team played today:
"It was a good team effort. Everyone was hanging around par for most of the day. It's a tough golf course. Overall, we're pretty pleased."

On Isaac Charette's round:
"It was good to see Isaac in the game all day today. He hit some good shots with a few putts dropping in."

Kent State Freshman Kevin Miller
On the round today:
"I played steadily with 14 pars, three birdies and a bogey. I didn't make a ton of putts, but took advantage of my opportunities."

On playing The Honors Course:
"It is a great course that is set up long, but playable. The conditions couldn't be better for scoring out there."

On which holes challenged you the most:
"A couple of long par fours, numbers five & ten. But there is nothing I can't handle. You just got to find the fairways on the long holes."

On any memorable shots:
"The shot on number eight I hit it within two feet, a par three. I almost holed it on number 11 on my third shot, and put the ball within two feet."

LSU Head Coach Chuck Winstead
On the team's opening round:
"We didn't play very well.  We didn't drive the ball straight enough today to play well."

LSU Junior Andrew Loupe
On his opening round:
"I guess my round was kind of a struggle.  I did not finish well.  I bogeyed the last three holes to shoot a 75.  I got a few bad breaks out there and hit a few bad shots.  I hit a lot of good shots.  My swing feels good, but I just hit a couple off of the fairway coming in.  You really can't hit it off the fairway here.  I just need to do better tomorrow. "

Thoughts on The Honors Course:
"It is a great course.  It is challenging.  You just have to hit it straight out here." 

North Florida Head Coach Scot Schroeder
On how the team competed:
"We had four guys play really solid golf. We had two guys shot 72, one shot 73 and one shot 75. On this golf course, not knowing what you are going to get really definitive is a good start for the day."

On The Honors Course:
"It is going to be a really good test as the week goes along.  You can't fake it out there (the course). You have to hit a lot of fairways and greens out there. At the end of the week, whoever wins it will have earned it."

On the challenge the course presents:
"You can't fall asleep on any hole. On any hole, if you hit a bad shot, you can make a bogey, double bogey, or worse."

North Florida Senior J.C. Horen
On his round:
"It was good, I played really well. I made a couple of good par saves. I made a couple of birdies."

On The Honors Course
"It is pretty unbelievable. The greens are good, really smooth and quick, a great golf course."

On which holes were the toughest:
"The seventh and 15th tee shots are very visually tough. If you hit it in the fairway on the holes it makes you feel really good when you are done."

On memorable moments from the round:
"I made par on hole seven. I hit the ball right and then hit a wedge shot to save par."

Oklahoma State Head Coach Mike McGraw
On the opening round:

"You obviously want to keep in touch with the leaders and be right there.  You want to know that your kids have their game and are not struggling.  We are pretty close, so I am pretty happy with that.  We had four guys playing really well all day.  We lost a few little shots here and there."

Thoughts on The Honors Course:
"It is a mixture of Karsten Creek, where we play, and Oaktree National, where we also play a lot of golf.  If you put those two courses together, you end up with this place, which is kind of neat."

Okalhomoa State Senior Trent Whitekiller
On his round today:

"I played well and only had one three-putt on 16.  Other than that, I played well and made a lot of birdies.  I have been hitting the ball pretty well all semester. I just needed to get the putter going my way.  All in all, it was a good round."

Oklahoma State Sophomore Peter Uihlein
On his shot to the 13th green:

"I hit a 3-wood out to about 100 yards and then hit a wedge to like six inches. I just tapped the ball in for the birdie."

On the conditions of the course:
"The course was receptive. There is not much wind. We had some guys play well. There is obviously two more days and we will have to be prepared for tomorrow."

Oregon Head Coach Casey Martin
On his round today:

"We played well. We got off to a real solid start, so I am pleased. You can't win it today, but you sure can lose it. We were pretty nervous this morning, but the guys have been working hard and wanted to do well.  We had a little shaky start from a guy or two, but everyone battled and did well. We finished well in the last couple of holes, which is a great sign."

On the conditions of The Honors Course:
"I like this course for us.  We are a pretty accurate team, by-and-large, and you need to be accurate here.  We are not the longest team, but hitting longer irons off these fairways - they are so good and so full - it is OK.  It is not like playing under firm conditions where long irons are a real disadvantage.  From that standpoint, I like for our team, but we've got a long way to go."

Thoughts on The Honors Course:
"I love it.  This course is really special.  It is one of the best I have ever played or been on.  It is a really, really special place.  My guys are really enjoying it."

Oregon State Head Coach Brian Watts
On the opening round:
"I was thinking before we started that par was going to be a good number.  It looks like that might hold up to be.  At the end of the day, I don't know.  You have 15 good teams teeing off now.  The first round, we are just trying to shoot something around par and keep yourself in it...not make too many mistakes.  This golf course can just eat you up if you make a couple of mistakes in a row.  Then you are looking at big numbers.  It is just relentless out here and there is no let-up.  You have to just stay focused and it truly just one shot at a time." 

On who played well today:
"(Seniors) Diego (Velasquez) and Mike (Berry) played solid.  I think they were both 1-under par, so they kind of kept it in us today.  We had three other guys who were on a rollercoaster out there.  They finally put a few holes together and got a rhythm going.  We got off to a really rough start.  Fortunately, the guys stayed patient.  Without knowing what the other teams are going to shoot, I would take what we shot today.  We should not be too far out of that top-8. 

On areas for improvement:
"Putting and the par-5s got us today.  We have a little work to do ahead of us.  It definitely was a culmination of those two things.  We didn't put ourselves in great spots coming into the par-5s and we didn't make many putts.  I saw us miss more five and six-footers than make, so we are going to work on our putting this afternoon and talk a little bit more about our management and see what happens tomorrow. 

Oregon State Senior Diego Velasquez
On your round today:
"It went well today. I hit the ball really well. I did not put my best, but I kept at it and finished strong."

On your best hole:
"My best hole was probably 18, which is a tough hole. I did not drive the ball well, but did hit a really good 4-iron to within ten feet. Unfortunately, my putt lipped out."

On The Honors Course:
"Awesome, I am a senior and have played some really good courses, but this is something that I am definitely going to remember."

Penn State Junior Tommy McDonaugh
On his opening round 71 (-1):
"It went pretty well.  A little shaky to start off.  Kind of nervous as always playing with everybody here.  I came into my own on the front nine after starting on the back."

Thoughts on The Honors Course:
"It is brutal.  I played well.  The hardest hole out here is 18 by far.  It is 470 yards with no room anywhere.  It is tough, but I like it a lot.  It is fun."

San Diego Head Coach Tim Mickelson
On USD's opening round:
"I think for the first round we did exactly what we needed to do.  We did not shoot ourselves out of it, but we did not play our best round of golf.  We plan to play our best either tomorrow or Thursday."

On how the team played individually:
"I think the best thing that we did was that we stayed patient.  We had a couple of double bogeys we had to count.  We had a triple bogey we had to count.  Anytime you have a kid like Alex Ching shoot 3-under par on this course, it will help your team score quite a bit.  He was actually leading this tournament with one round to go last year."

On your first impression of The Honors Course:
"This is our virgin trip, every single one of us.  It is a great track.  You guys can host any tournament in the world that you want here.  I am just thankful that Mr. Lupton and the Honors Course dedicated themselves to amateur golf and being an NCAA Committee member I appreciate that.  We definitely feel welcome here, which is a nice thing."

San Diego Sophomore Alex Ching
On the feeling of not being comfortable with the course:
"I never felt comfortable out there. I hit some good shots along with some bad ones. If you slip up once out here you will pay for it."

On playing the course:
"It takes every bit of what you are, and take every bit of your mind. It (the course) can jump up and get you."

On your best shot today:
"On hole seven, the par four with water on the left, my coach said to suck up and hit a good drive. So, I hit a good drive down the middle. He saw me in the fairway and said 'par is a good score on this hole.' I put the ball within a foot of the cup and made birdie."

On how your coaches help with the round:
"Both of my coaches are really good at coaching me out on the course. They help me feel comfortable on the course by not talking about golf."

On the difficulty of the course:
"Really, the entire course is pretty difficult. The fairways from the tee boxes are really narrow. You also have to hit the green in the right spot. In the middle of the fairway, you could have a 6 or 9-iron in your hand and still be worried about hitting the right spot on the green."

On being at the Honors Course for the first time:
"The course is amazing. I called my dad yesterday and told him it was the toughest course I have ever seen."

Southern California Head Coach Chris Zambri
On the team's round:

"It was just OK and nothing too special at all. Nothing was horrible out there, which was nice because everybody played their game. We did not play our best, but that leaves us with a lot of ground to catch up."

On The Honors Course:
"I think it is incredible. It is a great test and the greens are not even firm at all. They are not that fast and it is still a phenomenally good test. This is where we need to play our national championships at courses like this that really test you."

Southern California Freshman Sam Smith
On the opening round:

"I started off a little shaky and was able to hold it together. I just did not score as well as I would have wanted to."

On The Honors Course:
"It was awesome and really tough. The course is fun and has its challenges and rewards. It is an all-around great package."

On his approach to hole three:
"I pulled it left, hit a tree and the ball bounced within three feet from the hole. It was a nice break."

Stanford Junior Sihwan Kim
On his round of 1-under:

"It was good. I hit the ball pretty well, but I made a couple of bad swings and I was not putting very well. It kind of got me over par, but I stayed patient and things started to fall as the round went on."

On The Honors Course:
"The golf course is tough. You definitely have to drive the ball well and the rough is getting thick in some places. Driving the ball was key today and it will for the entire tournament."

Tennessee Head Coach Jim Kelson
On his team's round:

"We played OK. We were close, but just too many double bogeys. It is a course that can come up and bite you and it came up and bit us. We are in position to go out and have a good round tomorrow to put us in good position for the final round of stroke play."

On playing close to home:
"I think it always good.  There is a lot of local knowledge on this golf course. It is such a demanding course, the more you play here, then better off you are. It is sometimes hard to play at your home course, sometimes it is not, and for our guys I don't think it is."

Tennessee Senior David Holmes
On his teams' round:

"I have no clue how we did. Hopefully, we played well. We have two more days left, and hopefully we can make top eight."

On the pressure to make the top eight (teams):
"It is always in the back of your mind, but I think we are really a mentally tough and strong team. I think we will put that on the backburner.

On the support from the gallery:
"Not many people come and watch a normal college event, so it makes this a little more special."

On his round:
"I hit the ball really well. I think I missed two or three greens all day, just did not make any putts. I was happy with the way I hit the ball, and they are eventually going to drop."

On giving away shots:
"I hit three balls into four feet for birdie, but I missed all three of them. I played pretty solid. Having sixteen pars is really good out here."

TCU Head Coach Bill Montigel
On The Honors Course:
"The golf course played about as easy as it could possibly play. The greens are just absolutely perfect. I think there are going to be some low scores when the day is done. I wish we could play here every year."

On being here:
"I was here in 1996 when Tiger Woods won. So this is my second time here."

On your team's solid play:
"We played pretty solid, but we didn't make our first share of putts. There is a long way to go, so, if we can make some of our putts we will be ok."

TCU Senior Travis Woolf
On his round today:
"It was going well today until the last few holes.  I was four over on my last three, but I was even par before that.  I was playing well, I just finished bad."

Texas Head Coach John Fields
On his team's round today:

"I feel like we played pretty solid...290, 2-over par out here.  We had a chance to play better than that, but it is what it is. We shot 290 and what we will do is come back tomorrow, get a good start and keep going."

On Lance Lopez's 69 (-3):
"I am really happy for Lance. 69 in the opening round at the National Championship...he is a senior...this is his fourth NCAA Championship. He played really well today and I am proud of him." 

Texas Senior Lance Lopez
On his round of 69:

"I hit a lot of fairways and was able to get the ball up and down from around the greens. I was really able to save pars after missing approach shots. It was really important to stay patient out there. I did the best that I could and was able to effectively execute my game plan."

Texas A&M Head Coach J.T. Higgins
On the opening round:

"I am really happy with where we are today.  I don't think we did anything special, but we played really solid golf and hung in there all day.  We were 3-over early and got it back and ended up 3-under.  That's with our No. 2 player having a really rough day.  I think we played all of the par 5s even and all of our guys can get there in two on every one of them.  I think we have a chance to shoot some really low scores the next couple of days."

Reason for the trouble on the par 5s:
"I am not sure.  A couple of the guys told me they just were not in the fairway.  I doesn't matter if it is a par 5 or a par 4, if you are not in the fairway you have to scramble just to save par." 

Are you surprised at the amount of red numbers today?
"The weather has been pretty good for the most part, so there has not been a whole lot of wind.  The rough is not as high as in 1996 and there is not much wind.  Everyone hits the ball farther now, but I still think it has a lot of teeth.  It is not easy by any means." 

Impressions of The Honors Course:
"Oh my gosh, this is one of the most beautiful golf courses ever.  It is just a great test of golf.  You have to be really long and accurate off the tee.  You have to be really precise and accurate with your irons.  There is trouble everywhere.  I think it is a great test.  It is going to reward the best teams and the best players are going to separate themselves by the end of the week."   

Texas A&M Ignacio Elvira
On his round:

"It was pretty good and steady. I had three birdies and one bogey."

On The Honors Course:
"I think that it is a great course. It is very tough. If you do not hit the ball in the fairways, then it is going to be difficult."

Texas Tech Head Coach Greg Sands
On his team's performance:
"It was really poor, but there are two more days. We have been playing good all spring and coming into this tournament."

On The Honors Course:
"It is fantastic. You can't fake it around here. We just did not make enough birdies today. It was soft and it could yield some good scores."

On going into tomorrow:
"We still have two more rounds. This is a special team and I have a good feeling. We know that we have to play well now."

Texas Tech Junior Nils Floren
On his round:

"It was a real rollercoaster today. I didn't hit the ball very good, but really scrambled well and got up and down a couple of times. I hit one in the water on 15 and hit a tree coming in (on 18). I played pretty good, but it would have been helpful to hit a few more greens."

On The Honors Course:
"It is really good. Hopefully, we can stay away from the rain a little bit, so that it can dry up. It is one of the best courses that I have ever played."

Virginia Head Coach Bowen Sargent
On the team's opening round:
"We struggled hard off the bat.  We were 8-over through the first four holes, then played really well coming in.  We had one guy go from 5-over to 2-under.  A couple of other guys played even from there in so if we had gotten through 10, 11 and 12 a little better at the start, we would have been in better shape.  This start on 10 is a hard start.  That 10th hole is tough." 

On The Honors Course:
"I have played here in the U.S. Am in '91 and a Southern Am and State Am.  I am from Tennessee so I have been here a lot.  It is a great venue and my favorite course in the world.  I love this is a special place."  

UCLA Head Coach Derek Freeman
On how the team played today:

"We struggled. It was a tough first round for us, but we battled at the very end. We played well over the last four-five holes. That was nice. We needed that. To have any chance to get into the final eight, we needed to play well and stop our bleeding and we did that. So I'm really pleased with that. We've got to come out tomorrow morning and play well.

On playing at the Honors Course:
"It's an unbelievable facility. It's a great golf course. It challenges you from tee to green. It's everything you could want in a championship. It's absolutely fabulous.

Your impression of The Honors Course:
"Yes. I love it. The hospitality is great. The food's wonderful. The golf course is great. Magnificent. We're really excited to be here.

On significant play of individuals:
"Very big one was right here on 18. Gregor Main just birdied it, that put us at 6-over for the day. That's a big one for us. Pontus (Widegren) birdied 16 and 17 so between those two to finish like they did, it was really, really important for us as we move forward."

UCLA Freshman Pontus Widegren
On first round of play:

"Very good. It got off to a good start made a good 10-footer for par on my first hole after hitting it long. It was really nice to keep it going and get it off to a good start. I birdied four of my first eight which was really good. Then I had a bad stretch at 10-11-12, I made three bogies. But apart from that it was really good."

On playing at the Honors:
"I absolutely love it. For us to come to a course like this, for a tournament like this. This is a championship and the course is one of the best I've seen."

On most difficult holes of the day:

"There were a bunch of holes. I think the two around the water over there, 7 and 15, it's tough driving holes. It was downwind on one of them and pretty calm on the other one, but playing 15 into the wind was pretty hard."

On most memorable shot of the day:

"I had a pretty good second shot on four today. It was just in the rough. It was just when the wind started swirling a bit and the rain started a bit and I hit it to just inside three feet so it was a really good wedge and started my round in a good way."

UNLV Head Coach Dwayne Knight
On his team's round:

"Nobody really got hot. I think that we were 6-over, so probably not too bad for the way we started off. There was a long two days to go."

On The Honors Course:
"We played really well here in 1996 and lost by three shots to Arizona State. We have good memories here. Obviously, this is a whole new crew. It is a wonderful facility and I really like it."

UNLV Sophomore Derek Ernst
On his round:

"I got off to a great start, then I had a little break because there was a backup for like 30 minutes or so. I struggled after with not being warmed up. I was at two-over before shooting two-under on the back. It was an up and down round."

On The Honors Course:
"It is a great course. To think that Tiger Woods has been here and won back in 1996, it is just great to be here."

Washington Senior Nick Taylor
On the opening round:

"I got off to a good start and finished bad.  Overall it was a good day."

Thoughts on The Honors Course:
"It is a very good course.  It was very challenging and a very good test."

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