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NCAA Golf Championships Second Round Quotes
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Arizona State Head Coach Randy Lein
On his team's round:
"I really like what I saw. We started off well, yesterday, and today, we wanted to follow it up if we could. What was good is when Jespar (Kennegard), who is one of the best players in the country, struggled from the get go bogeying his first four (holes). It is just so uncharacteristic of him. But, Braxton (Marquez), who shot 81 yesterday, shot even today and James (Byrne) shot one-over today. We got help from the rest of the team, which is important going into tomorrow and then hopefully into match play. We have five guys that are contributing."

Arizona State Junior James Byrne
On the round today:
"It was a lot better than yesterday. I hit the ball great and was 1-under par heading to 16, where I hit my first bad shot into the fire. The team is hanging in there and we are right on the border line to advance."

On the course:
"It was softer after all the rain that we had in the afternoon. I thought that it played about the same because there was no wind. If there was any wind, then the course could be very difficult."

Arizona State Junior Scott Pickney
On the round:
"I played well, but got off to a better start today. Yesterday, I started off with three-straight bogeys and today I started with a birdie and an eagle. I got off to a good start. Today, everything was just a little better with my ball striking and putts were falling. On the backside, I had all pars and left so many shots on the back. Both of the par 5s, I was greenside and made par, so it could have been better, but I am satisfied."

On the course setup:
"Some of the pins were tougher today. After the rain, the course played a lot differently because you had to think about the rain on the fairways. Your strategy off the tee was different. The approach to the green the ball just did not roll as much."

Augusta State Head Coach Josh Gregory
On the round today:
"It is huge for Taylor to come up and shoot 2-under par.  We really needed it.  It was solid golf.  We are moving up the board and putting ourselves in position.  We have done a great job this year.  We are going to get some rest. Then, come out tomorrow afternoon and try to move up the board a little bit." 

On the play of individual co-leader Henrik Norlander:
"It is the best two days of golf I have seen him play in my three years.  Bogey-free today and never really came close to one.  I think his longest put was a four-footer for par.  I think he had 33 putts and shot 69.  He didn't putt badly at all he just hit it where he is supposed to hit it.  He hit it 20-feet a lot and made his birdies on his chances.  He is a tremendous player.  Probably the best player in our program and the best player I have ever coached."

Augusta State Junior Henrik Norlander
On the second round:
"Probably the best round of my life. I hit 17 greens, had 32 putts for a score of 69. "

On the key to your play:
"I think it is a lot easy to focus when there is no wind, and just keeping the ball in the fairway."

Clemson Head Coach Larry Penley 
On the play of Crawford Reeves:

"It was a really big round for us, especially with Jacob (Burger) having a little bit of a struggle. It takes a special kid to come back from shooting an 84 to get his mind somewhat right. We changed his mind set, and he shot a 73 with a double (bogey). That round kept us in the mix."

On the play of Luke Hopkins:
"I think the double (bogey) that Luke (Hopkins) made on (hole) 18, took a wind out of our sails. He had cruised at 1-under. Probably should have birdied (hole) 17, and then doubled 18. From then on, it was a battle him, but he hung in there."

On what his team needs to do to make the top eight:
"I think if we can shoot even par for the tournament, then we will be in good shape. But I don't know what the teams will shoot this afternoon."

On how the course compares to 1996:
"It is a lot softer golf course. Anytime the golf course is soft, it is going to play way easier. What I remember from 1996 was the ball bouncing on the green. Trying to hit the 16th green, with a 21 mph tail wind was impossible. You don't have that this year. The greens are receptive. The greens are absolutely perfect. They will hold good shots, and they will hold missed hit shots. They sure have softened and made the course play a lot easier, but it (the course) is still a monster."

Florida Junior Andres Echavarria
On his round:

"I played pretty good and shot 70.  It was a weird round.  I had seven birdies and obviously a couple of mistakes here and there, but overall, I will take it.  If they told me I would shoot 2-under at the beginning of the day, then I would definitely take it."

On getting familiar with the course:
"I know the course better.  I know the good places to be.  The better you know the course, the more successful you tend to have, normally.  I do feel good going into tomorrow and I think the team is going to be in good shape to make the top eight.  We obviously need a good round, but I think we are definitely capable of it."   

Florida State Senior Seath Lauer
On his team's play:

"I was looking at the scoreboard on the 16th green, and my eyes kind of lit up, 'We are playing good.' It was kind of expected. The first round we looked kind of sharp. We came out playing really well when we got here." 

On his round:
"I am striking the ball well. I think I missed 2 or 3 greens today. I am just playing to the fat side of the green and try to give myself some opportunities. I need to make a few more putts. I have only made 2 bogeys thru 36 holes."

On the tough field:
"Any time you get in the national championship, where ever it is, it is important to play. I have heard numerous people say that could be the best amateur fields you could see in golf. These are the best players in the country and the world. All the goods college players come from everywhere. It is playing a little easier than it could, just because of the rain. We are all playing the same golf course and are playing well."

Georgia Tech Head Coach Bruce Heppler 
On the course setup:

"There is no comfortable here. You got to try and win the tournament. We set out to not look at the scoreboard and then let them (the players) know if we are playing on Friday or not. You can't look over there. The front is different than the back. We played the back first, and got it all back on the front except for one little mistake."

On his team's play:
"I felt like we had five guys that were playing really good. At regionals, the same thing, even though, we didn't win. Other than a couple of rounds, we had five guys under par the last day at Crab Apple. I think we have five guys that can drive the ball most days reasonably well. I think right now we have five guys playing well, and we only need four scores."

Georgia Tech Junior Kyle Scott 
On the course setup:

"I thought the course setup yesterday was really good, and again today. Pretty fair today, fair pains and tough pins. The greens were really good. Everything was perfect."

On what he has learned from previous rounds:
"Yesterday, I hit it into a lot of trouble off the tee, and today, I didn't hit it into trouble. It was placement that I have learned from the rounds I played."

Georgia Tech Junior Paul Haley
On any memorable shots:

"The one shot on 15 where I hit it off the tee and had to lay up. I had 130 yards to the hole and hit it within a foot and a half to save par."

On the course setup:
"The pins were tougher, especially on the front nine. All in all I thought the greens were the exact same. They probably played about the same."

Kent State Head Coach Herb Page
On the round today:

"I am a little disappointed.  We had two good rounds with two under par 70s, but then had to take a high one.  We took a few steps back today."

On the conditions of the course:
"After the rain delay, I thought it played pretty easy.  It softened things up and there was no breeze.  There are no excuses.  It was there for the taking."

Kent State Sophomore Mackenzie Hughes 
On his play:

"I played almost the same as I did yesterday. I was just able to capitalize on my opportunities more often today. For the most part I played the easy holes better than I did today. Today I played pretty steady and not make mistakes. When I did make mistakes I was able to save par."

On the delay:
"The delay was good for me. I was 2-under before the delay, but my last two holes were kind of shaky. When I came out after the break, I was focused and reenergized. I was able to sit down for a bit. I played well for 8 or 9 holes, and then I had a mental lapse on the last hole. But I played pretty good." 

On heading into tomorrow's final round:
"I think our best golf is a head of us. So I am looking forward to getting out there and shooting low, and helping my team get into match play."

Oklahoma State Head Coach Mike McGraw
On today's second round:

"I only followed one guy, Sean Einhaus, for all 18. He seemed to be fighting himself, so I didn't really see anyone else. There was no real theme I just think we played pretty well today. For a while we were over par, so it was good to get it under par."

On his team's approach in tomorrow's final round:
"We won't approach it any differently that we did the first two rounds. I don't know why you would approach it any differently. Just play golf, so we won't do anything differently." 

Was it surprising that you and Florida State pulled away from the field?
"I would say that was really surprising since there are a lot of really good teams out there. There are plenty of teams who could go 10-12 under par tomorrow. We pulled away for today, but there is still one more round."

Oklahoma State Sophomore Peter Uihlein
On the second round today:

"We were able to fire at some flags.  We played pretty good today.  Florida State is playing really well, so we will have our work cut out for us tomorrow."

On the strong run over the last couple of weeks:
"We are trying to peak at the right time.  We played well in the fall, and in the spring we were a little sluggish.  You don't want to peak too soon and I think we are all peaking at the right time.  We know we are a good team and this has been a pretty good week for us." 

Oregon Head Coach Casey Martin
On his team's play:

"The day started great. We got to 9-under and we were in the lead or close to it. Then, we had about an hour stretch of the worse golf of our year. Obviously, that was extenuated by the fact that the golf is really difficult. We had a bunch of double bogeys. It was frustrating as a coach, since I felt helpless, and couldn't do anything about it. True to form, as they have most of the year, they rebounded at the very end and hung in there."

On the new format for the championship:
"Yes, without a doubt. This (team's round) would have been big damage to winning a championship on 72-hole stroke play. But to get into the top 8, we got to play great, but it is certainly a very realistic goal."

Oregon Sophomore Eugene Wong
On the course conditions in the second round:

 "The greens have definitely sped up a bit since the practice round. I knew that playing in the morning wave they would be nice and fast."

On his round today:
"I had a good round until the oops at 18. I was 2-under until then and finished even par. I played the front nine really well this morning. I putted really well and hit almost every fairway. That helps a lot on this golf course."

San Diego Head Coach Tim Mickelson
On his team's round:

"The whole point was to get into position for the third round to get in the top eight. That is exactly what they did. Alex Ching's round and even Gunner, finished with two bogeys, had great rounds. We are position, and if we play well tomorrow we will be in position for top eight."

On Alex Ching:
"Alex (Ching) rises to occasions in big events. He did last year and he has done it again this year."

On his team's position:
"We are pretty much going to know, and 1-over or 2-over is probably going to be the number for the eight spot. We know that we have to put in a good round tomorrow."

San Diego Junior Gunner Wiebe 
On his finish to round:

"I was pretty disappointed, I got it to six, and should have had it up to eight. I missed two short putts on my first couple of holes. To finish like that is pretty sour. I made a bad swing on No. 8. On No. 9 we had to run up to make our check point time, and rushed two shots to make it." 

On helping his team:
"I know I got my team to get in good position tomorrow, which is the important part. I just wished I could have finished stronger to give us a better position for tomorrow. I look forward to getting out here tomorrow."

San Diego Sophomore Alex Ching 
On his round:

"It was one of those days that everything clicked for me. I went up there not expecting anything. Putts fell and shot fell close to the hole." 

On tying the course record of 66:
"It is an awesome feeling. I came in here playing pretty decent golf coming into the tournament, and putts started dropping a little bit more and chips started going closer to the hole."

On the course through two rounds:
"This course, if you take one minute off thinking about what you are doing, can come up and get you. I went into today thinking about every shot and keeping my mind in the present, and I hit some pretty good shots around the greens." 

On the rain delay:
"Honestly, it was a recap of last year. We had a rain delay, and I was lighting it up last year at nationals, and I was thinking to myself don't mess up. I started on 18 (ninth hole) when we came back out and I hit a good tee shot, which was another momentum booster from there." 

On the lessons he learned from last year:
"Just enjoy it. Last year I was a freshman, and still felt like a freshman. I have those nerves every time I step up to the first tee. This time I think I will be a little more relaxed, sing to myself on the golf course, just thinking about anything else other than golf while I am walking down the fairway." 

Southern California Head Coach Chris Zambri
On his team's play:

"We played ok. Not great, but we did need to play better than where we were after the first round. Now we are in a position where we need to play phenomenally well tomorrow. All-in-all we would have the opportunity to do it over we would." 

On the condition of the greens:
"The greens are not firm. So if you hitting it well, the ball will stop on the green. You can stop anything on them. They are holding. We have played courses were the greens get super crazy firm, you could hit a good shot and not hit the green. It is an ideal test for a good ball striker. Because you get exactly what you deserve." 

On what the team needs to focus on tomorrow:
"In order for us to go low tomorrow, we got to kill the par fives. Which means drive it on the 17th hole fairway. Unlike today, we have no option than to shot low."

Southern California Freshman Martin Trainer
On any memorable shots:

"I had a really good stretch of holes where I made some birdies and hit some really good iron shots. I was pretty happy with the golf that I played today."

On the course conditions:
"The course was exactly the same, very similar conditions. We got rained on for a short time period, but other than that it was the same." 

On is this one of your better rounds of the year:
"This was one of my better rounds, but I feel like I have room for improvement. I have some great rounds and some bad rounds, so I would say that this was in the top half. I am happy about that." 

On today's round compared to first round:
"I just realized this course was not as tough as I thought initially. I was confident that I could shoot under par here. Even with all the hype about it being so difficult. The main thing was confidence and having one round under your belt always helps you out."

Stanford Head Coach Conrad Ray
On his team's round:

"I thought our team hung in there. We had a couple of bad holes, but other than that we played pretty solidly. To shoot even par on this course is fine."

On the strong field:
"No question, I know our conference has been the strongest I have ever seen it, and there are a bunch of Pac-10 schools here. It is a really good test. If you win here this week, then you deserve it."

On the key to playing the course:
"I think the number one and number two points of playing this course is hitting the ball into the fairway."

Stanford Junior Sihwan Kim
On the round today:

"I played well today. I hit some bad shots that led to bogeys, but I hit some good shots that led to birdies. Overall, it was pretty good. I didn't have a really spectacular shot, just an overall good round."

On the course conditions in the second round:
"In the morning, it was playing a little longer, because the ball didn't go anywhere, but by the afternoon I think it played about the same (as yesterday)."

TCU Senior Travis Wolfe
On the second round today

"I played pretty good today.  I made quite a few birdies and got on a roll, starting right after the rain delay.  I finished really strong.  On the last hole, I almost holed out.  Almost holed out on No. 1 and No. 2 and made birdies on all three."

Texas Head Coach John Fields 
On his team's play:

"I don't feel like we played really poorly today, I just know there were goods numbers out there and we didn't take advantage. That doesn't mean we can't do that tomorrow. We don't need to focus on what happened today, except you know that it is out there. Bobby (Hudson) played really good golf, and that is what we need to focus on."

On what his team needs to do:
"I just know that we need to get on a roll and get close to par." 

Texas Junior Bobby Hudson
On the second round today:

"I played good, I played solid.  I still didn't make many putts today, but a lot of these holes are really tough.  You have to fire towards the middle of the greens.  I made a stupid bogey on 18, but on the 17th hole I chipped in from the side of the green for eagle.  Other than that I made one other birdie on 6.  It was a pretty consistent round.  I just stayed out of trouble."

Texas A&M Head Coach J.T. Higgins
On the second round today:

"We had a pretty rough day today.  It was a tough day to have our worst day of the year.  With a great round tomorrow, we still have a chance to get into the top eight, but we are going to have to play fantastic.  Cameron (Peck) shot even par, really battled hard.  Nacho (Ignacio Elvira) and Andrea (Pavan) battled hard, but we had to count an 81.  Anyone who thinks golf isn't a team sport, two guys play bad in the same day and you are in a lot of trouble.  We actually got off to a good start, then we hit a stretch of about six holes where we made a lot of big numbers.  Made some doubles and a triple, turned at 12-over and just couldn't get it back.  It is a tough golf course to make up ground on." 

Texas Tech Head Coach Greg Sands 
On his team's round:

"We needed that (3-under round). We at least gave ourselves a chance. We could play a really good round tomorrow. It looks like we will be in the morning wave, which could be good. Go out play as well as we did today, maybe a little better tomorrow and I think we will have a chance." 

On trying to make the top eight:
"It is hard to say, because it is always higher than you think. Guys start to look at the scoreboard. It is not a bad thing when you know you have to play good. We know that we have to play well tomorrow."

Texas Tech Junior Matt Smith 
On his round:

"I did better today shooting a 71, which was an improvement from yesterday's round."

On the holes he played the best:
"I played my best today on the par 5s. I birdied three out of four, and kept the ball in play."

UCLA Head Coach Derek Freeman
On the round today:

"You always want to be as close as you can to that top eight.  I am just happy of how we played today.  We had to come out and shoot under par to have any chance and we did that.  Gregor (Main) and Pontus (Widegren) both played really well.  Tomorrow is just the same thing, we have to go out and play really well.  This is an excellent field in the national championship.  This is what it is all about." 

On the battle to advance to match play tomorrow:
"It will be tough.  When they talk about every shot counts, every shot will count tomorrow.  It is just going to prove the point that no matter what happens, you have to hole your putts, you have to be smart about what you are doing and make good decisions.  There will be pressure.  Those guys will feel it.  They will know it, but that is the fun part about it."

UCLA Freshman Pontus Widegren
On his round:

"I started off really well. Then I kind of shot myself in the foot by hitting the ball into the water on 15. I scrambled on a couple of holes, but then got it going again. I played pretty solid."

"I finished 1-under today, and 4-under total. I bogeyed my 17th and 18th holes. I was hoping for a strong finish, but it was a give or take day. I made a couple of good par putts."

UNLV Sophomore Derek Ernst
On the round today:

"I got off to a rough start.  I was 4-over after seven, then I figured something out on hole eight, that was to not try so hard and force things.  I turned around and birdied nine and shot 32 on the back nine.  The last 12 holes were a lot of fun, but the first few were tough."

Virginia Sophomore Henry Smart
On improving his score:

"This was my second tournament of the year, so coming into it I was feeling a bit nervous. I was feeling my driver, and I worked with it yesterday on the range."

On his play:
"I am not overly surprised the way I hit it."

On all the birdies:"I had five birdies in a row. I birdied No. 7 right after the delay, then hit it off the rocks on eight, then birdied No. 9, No. 10, No. 11, and then No. 14."

On helping his team:
"It feels really good. Hopefully the guys behind me can get it done the way they have been playing all year."

Washington Freshman Chris Williams
On his round:

"It didn't go bad. I was 3-under through four, and playing well. I was leaking oil coming in. I had a lot of three putts, and missed a couple of short putts. Overall, I shot 71 and I am not too disappointed. Hopefully, I can come out tomorrow and shoot a little better."

On the three consecutive birdies:
"I made a long one on 11, about a 25-footer. Then, I drained two seven footers on 12 and 13. Playing in the morning helped, the greens were perfect and you could make some putts. I was hitting it close and making the putts." 

On the back nine:
"I put myself in spots where it was tough to get up-and-down. I started missing some putts on the back nine, and the greens were not quite as nice."

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