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NCAA Golf Championship Third Round Quotes
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Arizona State Head Coach Randy Lein
On the round today:
"Gritty.  We didn't get off to a real good start.  During the middle of the round, we were just kind of meddling around and waiting for something to happen.  I think we got energized and played some really strong golf at the end.  We posted a 2-over.  I thought would be what we needed to do, but on a course like this you don't know until everyone is in.  Right now, we are tied for eighth with three other teams."

On The Honors Course as a host site:
"I am a little prejudice because we won here in 1996 and I have fond memories of everyone involved with the course, volunteers and UT Chattanooga, but I think it is a great test of golf.  Because it rained, it made it a little bit easier than what we might have expected.  Still, a great test of golf."

Augusta State Head Coach Josh Gregory
On finishing in the top eight:
"We are a great team. We belong, but I would not be disappointed if we did not have a tee time on Friday. To do it in this type of environment in an NCAA Tournament and on this golf course is amazing. We only have two guys who have played in an NCAA Championship. To finish the tournament under par and be somewhere in the top eight is everything you could ask for. I told the guys all week that we want to move up the leader board and have a chance to win and that we want a tee time on Friday."

On the play of Patrick Reed and Carter Newman:
"They were huge. I can't say enough about what Carter Newman did today. I was almost in tears after the round because he struggled so bad during the first two days. He in my opinion is one of the soul reasons is that we are in the NCAA Championship. He has played better than I expected him to play and he stepped up today when it mattered the most. To eagle No. 17 and shoot 1-over par was absolutely remarkable. I was truly moved on what he did today."

On match play:
"We have five great players and that is going to help with match play. We drive the ball really well. Carter Newman has driven it well and I told him that if we can get to match play, then I trust him. He won a match play championship for our team over the winter and there is no doubt in my mind that tomorrow he is going to be a tough man to beat."

Augusta State Junior Henrik Norlander
On his round:

"It was a grind.  It hit it bad off of the tee.  I think I hit four fairways.  You can't play this golf course like that.  I had a pretty good short game and I only shot 1-over, so I am pretty happy with that. 

California Head Coach Steve Desimone
On his team's tournament:
"We played hard for three days. We didn't lose anything today. We are Disappointed not to be moving on, but we didn't play well enough to advance. We didn't make enough putts, and made a few other mistakes. The teams that didn't do that will not be moving on."

Duke Head Coach Jamie Green
On The Honors Course as a host:
"From tee to green, it is as good of a test as you would ever want.  I think that there were some eyebrows raised about the length during the practice round on some of the holes. There were still some great scores out there. Good players play well on any golf course."

On his senior Adam Long:
"Adam Long has played in three out of four national championships. He has the second best scoring average all-time in Duke history and that has shown through this week. He was consistent. I know he did not play as well or go as low as he would have liked, but he is going to walk away from this tournament with his head held high because he gave it everything that he had."

Florida State Head Coach Trey Jones
On his team's round:

"Today was a struggle at best. We did not have anything going on like we wanted to early on. We had some of our better and more experience players struggle and then our freshman got off to a really bad start. Today, I was prouder of my team then yesterday because it is tougher to turn a struggle around, then it is when you are playing well."

On the plan for match play:
"We have to completely shift our gears now. This is something that is not easy to do. We will have a team meeting tonight and in the morning on strategies for match play. The guys have to change their mentality and decide if they want to play the course or their opponent and each individual is going to make that decision on their own."

Florida State Junior Drew Kittleson
On his round:

"I got off to a rough start, but show 1-under and the team is going to match play."

On finishing within the top 10:
"I had a chance to win, which was fun, but came a little short. It was definitely a good week."

On match play:
"Hopefully, we can continue to play well and make a lot of birdies. If everyone plays their own game, then hopefully, we can beat the other team."

Georgia Southern Head Coach Larry Mays
On their experience at the NCAA Championships:
"We have made it four times in ten years since I have been the coach. We fell like we belong. We haven't been as consistent in the last few years as we would like to be, but we feel like we are moving back in that direction. We have a lot of good kids coming in and some good returners coming back next year. We hope that we can build from getting here and hopefully next year have a better performance here at the National Championship."

On The Honors Course as a host site:
"The Honors Course was great. They did a great job hosting the event. We really enjoyed the hospitality and staying in the South is always nice. Nobody can control mother nature, but we got a little bit of the rough side of the tee times with the rain yesterday and then coming back this morning. But everybody here has been great. The golf course is phenomenal.  We could not have asked to go to a better place. It definitely felt like a national championship and that is what you want your student-athletes to get a chance to participate in. Everybody in Chattanooga should be real proud of what they have done."

Georgia Tech Head Coach Bruce Heppler
On the team's play today:

"We got down to 2-over par with about six to go.  You've got to play 15 and 16 and that pin was cut left.  It was easy to hit it long there.  You count on a couple of birdies on 17, but then you have to play 18.  I was a little worked up at one point, but that is part of it.  One hole doesn't get you in and one hole doesn't get you out."

On how your team will perform in match play: 
"We did play some matches in the season to get ready for that, but our focus was to worry about that when the time comes.  I am a big believer that 69 beats 72.  There will be a few moments in there where it is match play, but if you beat your guy straight-up, then most of the times you are going to win your match.  We are playing The Honors Course and that is what we will focus on, not the other team." 

Georgia Tech Junior Paul Haley
On his round:

"I started off with a birdie on No. 1 and unfortunately on No. 2, when I put my putter down the ball moved, so I got a penalty stroke there. I played pretty steadily, but finished bogey, bogey for a 73, which kind of stings. It has been a pretty good week so far."

On finishing within the top 10:
"If you would have told me that in the beginning of the week, then I probably would have taken it. I put myself in position to possible win the tournament. I still played well today, but did not make enough putts."

Georgia Tech Senior Chesson Hadley
On what his team has accomplished:

"Obviously, my 69 today helps the team a lot. Ultimately, the goal is to win a national championship as a team. I think we are going to be a sleeper. We all have been playing really well of late. It started out at the ACC's (Championship). We were pretty dominant from the beginning there and we played well, especially the last day. We are all very confident and comfortable. Hopefully, we can continue to make some putts."

On the differences from match play and stroke play:
"I think it is going to be an easy transition, all the pressure is off now. It is just time to go get it. As far as stroke play, you are playing the course. In match play, you are playing the player. If your opponent hits one into the trees, then you are going to be a little more cautious off the tee and be in the fairway. Also, if he makes seven and you make six, then you still win the hole. It is more relaxed and exciting way to play golf. I love match play, so I am looking forward to the next couple of days."

Illinois Head Coach Mike Small
On his team's championship:
"We played really well during the last two rounds. We put ourselves behind the 8-ball in the first round and have been trying to fight back all week."

Illinois Junior Scott Langley
Were you thinking about the individual title today?
"Not too much. To be honest with you, I was just trying to take it one shot at a time. I have learned that if you think about that stuff too much, it usually doesn't help. I just tried to focus on playing solid golf, playing smart and playing bogey-free. I was almost able to do that. I made a couple of mistakes, but overall, I played well."

How does the course set up for your game:
"I feel like it suits me well. It actually reminds me a lot of the courses where I am from in St. Louis. I feel like at home out here with the way the grass is. It sets up well for me."

Did finishing your second round this morning help you get loose and ready for this morning? 
"To be honest, I didn't start off really good. I made bogey on my only hole to finish off the second round. I was a little steamed about that. I think it helped to loosen me up a little more, but I still stick to the same routine before everyone round either way. That would have been the case if I would have played one hole or not play any holes at all." 

Kent State Head Coach Rob Wakeling
On the experience of the week:

"Awesome.  Great venue.  It is amazing how many great teams are here.  If you told me at the beginning of the week we were going to shoot 13 over par for three rounds and finish 15th...there are so many great players here and great teams...that is just amazing."

LSU Head Coach Chuck Winstead
On his team's performance overall:
"I think we played pretty well over the last couple of rounds. It was certainly not our best, but not bad. The first round was just enough to kind of make it uninteresting. They fought hard and I am very proud of my guys. The last two days I think they showed a lot of pride."

On the championship at The Honors Course:
"It was a great tournament with a great golf course. The field obviously is the best in the country and I do not think that you could find a better venue." 

North Florida Head Coach Scott Schroeder
On his team's round today:
"We played really well today. We got off to a little bit of a slow start and I think we were about 5-over at one point. Then, we had two players who came back really good. I think J.C Horne was 2-over and then finished 2-under. Sean Dale was even and got it back to 3-under. I am real proud of the guys hanging in there and battling."

Oklahoma State Head Coach mike McGraw
On shifting gears to match play:

"They just put one guy in front of you kind of like a wresting match. You don't have to beat their whole team, just that one guy."

On the second place finish of Peter Uihlein:
"Peter has come a long way. Fourteen months ago, if you would have told me that he would have accomplished what he has, then I would think a lot of people would have laughed because he was not even a part of our golf team. When he finally got a chance, he played great all summer and played well in the Walker Cup and during the fall. He had a really tough time during the mid part of the season and has come on strong at the end. I am really proud of the way Peter has handled the emotional ups and downs that he has had."

On securing the No. 1 seed:
"We came here not to finish eighth in the qualifier. We came here to win it. That was the team's goal coming in and they accomplished that. They came from behind in two tournaments in a row. In the previous four years and three quarters, I only had one time that I have come from behind and that was the national championship in 2006. The rest of the victories that we have had were always from the front. These guys have proven that they can win from behind."

Oklahoma State Sophomore Peter Uihlein
On going for the individual title:

"It is all about the team this week.  We did what we wanted to accomplish and that was to win the three-day stroke play."

On the stroke-play then match-play format:
"It is two different tournaments this week.  That is really what you have to get your mindset to.  I think we will be ready.  We know what happened to us last year.  We obviously will be ready for it tomorrow."   

Oregon Head Coach Casey Martin
On the team's play today:

"They really played great today.  They gutted it out.  Nothing comes easy and we let a lot go at the end, but to get into the match play here after a tough day yesterday just shows a lot of character.  I am ecstatic for them.  This was one of our big goals - to make match play and have that experience.  It is going to be a lot of fun."

Oregon Junior Jack Dukeminier
On tying the course record with a 6-under 66:

"I wasn't thinking about it.  It feels good, but I was looking to score all day to make sure the team did well. I birdied my first three holes.  I was felling good all day.  I hit it maybe better than I ever have today.  It just seems like I hit it close almost every hole.  It could have been a lot lower, honestly.  I didn't putt great."

Oregon State Head Coach Brian Watts 
On his team's final round:
"If I could back to yesterday, and play three holes over. We would probably be talking later today. They went out there and gave everything they had. Today, they knew they had to go out and shot something low. Obviously, Diego (Velasquez) went out and shot the course record today. The other guys hung in there and fought hard, but we will probably come up a little short."

On the overall experience at the tournament:
"Overall experience here was fabulous, the kids had a great time. The golf course was just spectacular. The experience they had is what it is all about. As a coach, you wish you could be in the final eight, but it is tough to get there. We didn't leave anything out there and gave everything they had. I am extremely proud of them." 

Oregon State Senior Diego Velasquez
On his course record-tying round of 66 (-6) today:
"It was definitely something I was waiting for to happen. I have played really solid the last couple of days and today things just clicked. It was awesome."

On the par save on 18 to tie the course record (66):
"I had no idea (it was a course record). It was a tough chip, but I played it pretty good. I have been putting good all day and all tournament and it just went in."

On the key to today's round:
"I missed three fairways all week. That is pretty good, I feel like. This is a course you have to play from the fairway if you want to score due to the rough.  I just feel like I did that and putted well."

On going out with a round like that:
"My senior year, it feels amazing.  The step of getting here was big, but this was even bigger." 

Penn State Head Coach Greg Nye 
On the play of your team:
"We did pretty well considering we were down at the end of the field, and you don't want your kids to drop their head a little bit, and they didn't. They played probably the best round of the tournament. They are all 10, 11, and 12-over but it is really easy to shot 20-over. My top two guys shot even par and 1-under today, so that is great. I am sure they are going to be pretty happy the way they finished today."

On The Honors Course as a host:
"I had a team that was the first team from the northeastern part of the country to ever make it out of regionals in 1996. We were here, so the golf course played easier this time around because of the moisture. It was just as gorgeous as it was. I still have a water or oil painting of the eighth hole of this golf course in the office. It is beautiful scenery." 

San Diego Head Coach Tim Mickelson
On being in a playoff for the last spot for match play:

"We haven't really had a chance to think about it.  I think most of the guys are thinking about the bogey they made on 18, because we made four of them coming down the stretch.  We will have a fun little dinner.  We try to keep things loose.  That is what we will do tonight.  We will have about a five-minute team meeting right after dinner, get the boys fired up to come out in the morning and play one hole really well." 

On the team's play today:
"We got off to a great start, then ran into a rough 45 minute stretch where we counted two double bogeys that put us all the way back at +6 when the number looked like it was going to be even par.  We grinded our way back and I challenged everyone to finish the last three 1-under, knowing that 17 was probably birdie.  Unfortunately, 18 showed its teeth today."

San Diego Sophomore Alex Ching
On the last few holes coming in:

"I like to know where our team is.  I knew I had to make a couple of birdies on the way through.   Birdied 14 and 15.  Hit it a little too long...had a little adrenaline going on 16.  From there, I had some momentum going.  I was pretty amped and ready to go.  17, birdied that...actually almost made the eagle putt.  18, I just pushed my drive right and that is golf."

Did you feel that 10-under would hold for the individual title?
"Going into today, I didn't put a number under it. I was just trying to relax, but I knew someone was going to take it lower today.  I just tried to go out and play the same aggressive golf that I normally was doing."

On the mood of the team:
"We put ourselves in a good position.  We are tied for eighth as it stands.  I think our team is pretty good in playoff situations.  We have some good players so we are going to go out there and try to give it our best."

Stanford Head Coach Conrad Ray
On the round today:

"Team mood right now, not great.  We had two bogeys on nine.  Shortest hole on the course and we just had a couple of bad swings off the tee.  I think when we sit back and look at it, we played a solid round.  We turned as 5-6 under as a team and we gave a few back on the back side."

On getting ready for a playoff tomorrow:
"I think they are tired.  They are whipped.  They knew it was close all day and it was hot.  I don't think sleep will be a problem.  Again, all you can ask for is a chance."

TCU Head Coach Bill Montigel
On his team's play during the tournament:
"We got off to a slow start in the first round, which kind of did us in. We shot 14-over. I was proud of the guys with the way they played. They shot 8-over yesterday and 3-over today. We have a pretty young team, a couple freshmen and sophomore."

On the setup of The Honors Course:
"I really liked it. This is a wonderful place to come. I love this golf course. To be honest, I wish we could come every year. This is just perfect. The way they set up the golf course was really fair. A guy that can make good shots would be rewarded, and a guy that didn't would shot some high numbers. I liked the way it was set up. I like the way they have the match play set up, it is going to be a real fun afternoon for those teams."

Tennessee Head Coach Jim Kelson
On his team's round:
"We didn't play very well unfortunately.  We were ranked around 23rd in the country and I think we are going to finish somewhere around there.  I think we needed to probably get a team that is ranked higher than that throughout the year if we are going to expect to finish a lot higher than that at the finals.  We have a young team and a good team and we should be better next year."

"We kind of got some things going and had some good stuff.  We had some good runs but then we gave it all back.  It was just too many bogeys and too many bad stretches.  There was some good stuff but too much other stuff.  It was a mediocre tournament for us, but it was a great experience."  

Texas Head Coach John Fields
On the final round:
"It was difficult. We ended up shooting 5-over, 293. We needed to make a run and probably shoot around 8, 9, 10-under today to have a chance to advance to the match play. I was really happy with my freshman (Cody Gribble). He shot 69 (-3) today, which was a great round. He was trying to help us come back. Unfortunately, we just didn't get what we needed." 

Texas A&M Head Coach J.T. Higgins
On the round today:
"I am really proud of them. Two rounds under par on this golf course is fantastic. It is just a shame that yesterday was so bad. Whatever we did went wrong. We could not get anything to go our way. It was just one of those days. Then to come back and play this well after a day like that, just shows what kind of guys they are. They are champions through and through." 

Thoughts on The Honors Course: 
"It is a phenomenal golf course. It everything you want in a championship venue. It has length, the rough is penalizing, the greens are pretty fast. If the wind blew at all even par would be a great score. That is the model of a championship course." 

On the season:
"We have a very tight team. We felt like we had the guys to repeat, but I think we are probably going to come up a little short unless a hurricane blows through. I am just really proud of my guys."

Texas Tech Head Coach Greg Sands 
On his team's third round:
"We played great. We played so bad in the first round that we were due for something. It just all came together today. I am proud of the guys fighting until the end. It looks like we will need every shot that we can get."

On the chances of team making top 8:
"We had a great day and will have to scoreboard watch. We will probably have to get mentally prepared for a playoff if we can get there. I don't know what the number will be, but in my mind I was thinking it would be four, but it would be nice to get to three because there were so many people at four when the day started."

Texas Tech Junior Matt Smith
On his round today:
"It was good today.  I had a 5-under today.  We came out with the motivation as a team to try to get into that top-8 and I think it is going to be close.  Today was just all about the team.  You throw all of your individual ambitions out the window and try to go as low as we can.  I tried to make as many birdies as I could out there."

Texas Tech Senior Chris Ward 
Oh his round:
"I shot a 67 today with six birdies, and one bogey on No. 10. I hit the ball great, but a three putt on number 10." 

On his team's chances of making top 8:
"I think the team is going to be close. Hopefully, we will make the top 8."  

UCLA Head Coach Derek Freeman
On the team's play today:

"Today was a struggle.  We knew we had to come out and play well.  As it turns out, just play average and shoot an even par round and we would be OK.  We got off to a bad start and just never recovered.  You have to do that.  This is championship golf."

UNLV Head Coach Dwaine Knight
On UNLV's round today:
"We didn't play too well today, but it is a great golf course. It is great to get to play a course like this. It is great for our young men to have this chance. I was thinking we would play a little better but we didn't. The people here have been great and hosted a wonderful championship. I think a worthy champion will come out of this."

Virginia Head Coach Bowen Sargent
On the round today:

"They played solid from top to bottom.  Everyone played well and hung in there, just came up a couple strokes short."

On The Honors Course as a host site:
"It is unbelievable.  It is probably one of the best venues we have ever played.  It is a great test and it will get a deserving champion.  They did a great job, especially given the weather and the delays yesterday, I thought they did a wonderful job."

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