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NCAA Golf Championship Quarterfinal Quotes
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Individual Medalist Illinois Junior Scott Langley
On earning medalist honors:

"It means a lot to be the medalist. It has been a year of ups and downs for me. I have come close a lot to winning this year, but to finally pull it off by stringing three rounds together at a stage like this really blows me away. I am very happy to win, but it is still disappointing because my team is not playing today. To win this is very special to me."

On adjustments made during the tournament:
"I thought that I was playing well earlier in the week and I just wanted to keep that going. Throughout the whole week, I hit the ball pretty well and my ball striking really helped me out. That is what you have to do here because it really is a ball striker's golf course. It really kept me in the game and I pushed myself the same way every day. The course was challenging, but the weather caused softer greens, which helped us shoot some good scores."

On posting the 10-under number in the morning wave:
"I had no idea to be honest. It is a tough course and especially tough to know that you need to make birdies to try and catch somebody. I liked the position that I was in, but there were a lot of really good players still that could have caught me for sure like Peter [Uihlein, Oklahoma State], Alex [Ching, San Diego]and all the great players that teed off in the afternoon. I expected both of them to catch me and probably play in a playoff today. The course played difficult down the stretch yesterday and it is just awesome to win."

On playing as a team in the morning wave:
"We never really gave up as a team yesterday. We still felt like if we had a really good round and shot 10-under, then we would be right there. All three days, I was just playing for the team. I did not really change my strategy because I was in an individual race. That was not too much of a factor, but playing in the morning there is a little bit less pressure. You go out and play freely. I was just lucky to be in that position and post that score going into the afternoon."

First Match: Oregon 3, Washington 2

Oregon Head Coach Casey Martin
On the preparation for match play against Washington:
"It was kind of a crazy night, but everybody knew they would have to play great golf. The respect our team has for the Huskies is off the charts because we played with them for a number of years. My guys were motivated. They knew what was at stake. They were pumped."

On Andrew Vijarro:
"You could see Andrew Vijarro running around. He was really ready for today. You could count him to bring a lot of passion, and he did and amazing job, as did the other guys."

On Eugene Wong and the team's play:
"I am drained. It is way more nervous to be out there watching. I was glad that (Eugene) Wong had the putter at the end. He is a heck of a player and had an amazing year. If anyone you wanted to put it on the line, you want Eugene doing it."

On the Nick Taylor and Eugene Wong matchup:
"It was an incredible start, I mean, Nick Taylor (Washington) left it hanging on the lip for eagle. I mean like a centimeter away, then Wong birdied on top of him. They both hit great shots on the par five and birdied, and then, Nick Taylor hit it to within six inches on a 220-yard par 3. (Eugene) Wong had a look at it, and I am thinking 'Bring it on baby, you are going to have to play great.' I think that actually got the best out of him. Eugene (Wong) just adores Nick Taylor, and looks up to him like you can't believe. Eugene (Wong) knows how good he is. It was just a reminder that this is show time. Just to see the guys battle it out is a credit to their institution and to Canada to see two British Columbia kids battles it out."

On not having to play another match today:
"Extremely glad. We need to rest. We didn't get much sleep last night. We need to go relax and soak it in."

On: Winning first group in match play:
"Jack (Dukeminier) has been huge. He had it up, lasted, got an eagle, and won it on the last hole to win. We have had many guys step up. We are having a special year and we want it to keep going. It is just going to get harder down the wire here."

On: Taylor-Wong matchup coming to 18th hole:
"It was just a dogfight. No one was up by more than one all day. It was just classic golf back and forth. That was PGA level golf being played out there

Oregon Junior Jack Dukeminier
On his play today:
"I was up for about the first 12 holes and I was 2-up through 13, actually. He made a couple of birdies and I made a bogie on 16, so I lost the next three holes and was 1-down going into 17. I hit a really good shot on 17, to a couple of feet and made eagle. Fortunately, he three-putted on 18 and you don't really want to see it end like that, but I'll take the win."

On the eagle on 17:
"I hit a nice drive in there. I had, like, 235 in. I used a hybrid cut, sliced it around the trees and landed on the right side of the green and it just kind of kicked close to the hole and I had about a three foot putt for eagle."

On advancing to the next round and how to prepare:
"I don't know. We're excited. We'll probably just take it easy, go get some dinner, do some homework, study a little. Finals are next week."

Oregon Sophomore Eugene Wong
On the last hole:
"I knew I had to get it close on the green or at least close around (the green).  I knew he was going to at least two-putt or make it.  So I got in my mindset to just make birdie on that hole."

On the 50-foot birdie attempt that you put close on 18:
"I was trying to get it as close as I can to give myself a good chance for a par putt."

On playing against Washington senior Nick Taylor:
"I know he is a great player.  For me to beat him, I just had to play really solid and play within myself and don't just get after it."

What hole was the turning point in the round?
"The 10th hole.  I didn't hit a very good shot in...Found the greenside bunker on the right.  I think I left it was short again.  He chipped it pretty close to six-feet.  I had a 15-18 foot slider and once I made that, he missed to the left.  Then I said, OK I am 1up now so I just need to stay this or get a little better." 

Washington Head Coach Matt Thurmond
On the ups and downs of match play:
"Charlie(Hughes) got off to a decent start. He got down early and then battled back. That match went down to the final hole, where he three putted. We just lost that hole, but it was a great match. Darren Wallace was up from the beginning and won it pretty easily. Richard Lee was down three through the first five. He was really struggling and got it back to even through 14 and then loss a few holes.  When I was standing on 14, all the matches were within one and it was really tight. Then, Chris Williams was down three to (Daniel) Miernicki at the turn and tore it up on the back side to win, 2-1. Everything came down to Nick Taylor and Eugene Wong, both PAC 10 players of the year. They are both phenomenal players and grew up playing golf together. Nick could not have played much better. He birdied the first three holes and was not outside two and a half feet. He was solid all day. He might have bogeyed 10, which may have been his only bogey. That is remarkable, but Eugene never made a mistake. Nick birdied No. 17 and had an opportunity on No. 18."

Second Match: Oklahoma State 4, Stanford 1

Oklahoma State Senior Trent Whitekiller
On the 18th hole of match:

"I had a good shot off my drive, and wanted to hit it on the green and two putt to force him (Andrew Yun) to make a birdie. He had a good putt, and lucky for me it didn't go in. I knew I just had to cozy it on down there to make a par and be done." 

On the ball's lie after the weather delay:
"I had already checked out the lie and yardage, so I knew what I had going. I just had to be careful because of the pin straw clump behind my ball. I knew that if I could move those, I was perfectly happy with my lie."

On clinching the match play victory over Stanford:
"I did, because Kevin (Tway) and Sean (Einhaus) were before me and had won. So it was a good feeling, and I just tried to finish it up, and make it easy for the other guys."

On the team being the number one seed for match play:
"It shows that we are all playing well, and are apparently making a lot of birdies, which in match play is key. We felt good going into the first round and will continue to do so."

Oklahoma State Head Coach Mike McGraw
On playing Stanford:
"We had a tough opponent today. Stanford is one of the best team in the country year in and year out. They have the best coach in the country. Conrad (Ray) s a great former player and great coach. They are also a great bunch of kids."

On Sean Einhaus getting out to a fast start:
"Sean (Einhaus) got out on it pretty early, which was important for him. He had a tough stroke play portion of the tournament. He came back pretty well today, and looked like he was swinging pretty freely. Every time Joseph did something, Sean was able to counter him.

On Kevin Tway's round:
"Kevin Tway felt the same thing happen to him last year as he did to his opponent (Sihwan Kim) today. He went out and shoot 6-under and did very well."

On the match play format of the tournament
"It makes for an exciting tournament, and a lot of exciting finishes. You get a chance to win every time you tee it up on a hole. You got a lot of opportunities for victory, and pressure putts. A lot of things that can call up your character as a player. Match play has a lot of good to it as well."

Stanford Head Coach Conrad Ray
On getting into match play and going against the No. 1 seeded Oklahoma State:

"It was really exciting getting into match play. We came here with the attitude of trying to win and to get one step closer to that was really exciting. We made some clutch putts this morning to get into the top eight. We thought that a couple extra warm up holes was going to be a good omen against the Cowboys. They are tough and they always are. Hats off to them, they played really solid. We had them down early, but they fought back. I do not think that I saw very many putts missed. They did a really good job on the greens today."

On any shifts in the matches:
"There is nothing specifically. We were up in three or four of the matches early. They played solid. I think Sihwan said that Kevin Tway made five or six birdies out of seven holes. I know that Trent Whitekiller hit an unbelievable shot on the 18th hole against Andrew Yun out of the trees right up there on the green from 200 yards. You can't hang your head too much because Oklahoma State is a great team."

Third Match: Florida State 4, Texas Tech 1

Florida State Head Coach Trey Jones
On the team's match vs. Texas Tech:

"It was a really good round today. Some of the best golf I saw my guys play was the last seven holes, yesterday. It is easy to play when you have it rolling, but they found a way yesterday afternoon. They got behind a little bit today, but settled down and played really well."

On: Seath Lauer's Round:
"He is our senior captain and gets two down right out the gate. It didn't faze him a bit. He went ahead and chipped away at it. Once, he got the lead, he didn't give it back. He is the guy that can handle that situation."

Florida State Senior Seath Lauer
On: 25-foot putt

"It has been frustrating the last couple of days putting. The ball got about halfway to the hole and I thought, 'This one has got to go in.' It was a good feeling to see one go in that was over five feet." Nothing went well during the first two rounds. I was hitting the ball great, but missing everything [putts]. It was great to see one finally go in."

Texas Tech Head Coach Greg Sands
On the match today:

"I didn't think we played as good as we have been playing the last couple of rounds.  We just didn't make enough putts consistently through the round.  A few putts here and there and I think things could be different.  There were a couple of matches that came to 18 that didn't go our way.  Hats off to them.  They made some clutch pars on a hard hole."

On the experience of the Championship week:
"It was fantastic.  We will probably look back on things and see it as a success.  It kind of hurts right now, but it is the best we have finished since I have been here by far."

Fourth Match: Augusta State 3, Georgia Tech 2
Augusta State Head Coach Josh Gregory

On advancing to the semifinals:

"We are one step closer to a dream come true.  That was an unbelievable match between two of the best teams in the country and a team which I truly respect.  That scene around 18 was remarkable and I am just so fortunate we were able to win."

On the play down the stretch:
"We were leaking oil, but we didn't play that badly down the stretch. It would have taken a lot of birdies to get into some of those matches. Both Henrik (Norlander) and Patrick (Reed), our two best players, to finish it off the way they did...and, for Carter Newman to set the pace like he did as my No. 5 guy was truly remarkable."

On looking ahead:
"This means the world to our program.  We are two matches away from a dream and now one step closer.  We have a team that is really good and these guys are not done yet.  We are not settling just to be in the final four."   

Augusta State Sophomore Patrick Reed
On the match with Chesson Hadley and closing out Georgia Tech

"We battled back and forth. We made 11 or 12 birdies between Cheeson (Hadley) and I, just to see Carter (Newman) close it out in the end. I heard he made a five or six footer and Henrik (Norlander) close it out on the last hole. It just shows that we finally decided to close it out. We played really well as a team, and we got it done finally. I am just glad to be able to play again tomorrow."

On making Final Four and what it means:
"It means everything in the world. We worked so hard this year. It was good that we made match play, and we are taking it one match at a time. To get this far is phenomenal for us and the program."

On the putt on 18th hole:

"I was just trying to stay focus, and try to hit my line. I knew that if I hit my line and give it a little extra it would make it to the hole."

On the improvement over the tournament:
"For myself to start off rough in the first two round, and then shoot well yesterday. Shooting 2-under to help the team out, and then shoot 4-under in match play today is great. It shows my game is improving, and improving at the right time." 

On the Battle with Chesson Hadley:
"After his (Chesson Hadley) shot landed inside a foot of the hole on number one, I thought this could end in 10 and eight [to go]. Then I rolled my putt in, and it seemed like whenever I got one up, it went back to even. Then when he went one up, it would go back to even. There was only one or two holes that was won with par, and every other hole was won with birdies. It was a battle back and forth with good play."

Georgia Tech Head Coach Bruce Heppler 
On the failed comeback:

"We made a lot of birdies coming in, but we just got a little bit behind. They played very well, just came up a little short."

On the team's play at the end of the year
"We played our best golf at the end of the year, which at the start of the year is your goal. Your objective outside of that we thought was to win the tournament. We came close today, but not quite."

On: Use of match play in the tournament:
"If you were to ask the guys that played it, it is better than what we were doing. Everybody gets it, and knew what is going on. You see everybody in there, but we were just on the wrong end of it this time. It is a positive thing for the tournament. Hopefully, it will bode well with addition attention and coverage as people start to follow it more."

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