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NCAA Golf Championship Semifinal Quotes
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First Match: Oklahoma State Over Oregon (3.5-1.5)
Oregon Head Coach Casey Martin

On the overall match:

"They got off to an incredible start, and we were not able to overcome that. It is hard to beat the world ranked number one player in Morgan Hoffman. They are load. We knew that we would have to play great, and we didn't so, we got beat."

On the past season:
"It has been a magical season for the Ducks. It has been awesome. Just with five victories and finishing third in the tournament, winning the Western Regional. We had a terrific year. Also with the individual accomplishments with Daniel (Miernicki) and Eugene (Wong), it has been a great, fun year. Hopefully, it hasn't been the last of this kind. We return everyone next year. We just need to keep recruiting, bring guys in and scrap for it."

On the key moment of the match:
"I would say the first couple of holes with Oklahoma State. They chipped in three times in the first two holes. They weren't just off the fringe; they were pretty hefty chips. When you get down to guys like that it is that much hard to get back, and we didn't make enough birdies to comeback."

Oregon Junior Jack Dukeminier
On winning his match:

"I played good.  Obviously, it is a little bittersweet.  I would have taken a loss if we would have been able to advance, but I played solid."

On making it to the semifinals:
"It is disappointing (not to advance).  It is also encouraging.  It just goes to show that we can play with the best of them."

On the play of Oklahoma State:
"When they play good, they are pretty darn unbeatable."  

Oklahoma State Head Coach Mike McGraw
On the team's round:

"You try to get some momentum. It seemed all the guys were playing well early. Then, our momentum was kind of stopped by the rain delay. I wasn't prepared for that. It was tied one-to-one at that point, and all the matches on the course left were pivotal. I am thankful that we were able to come out on top."

On the expectations going into the final tomorrow:
"Each one of the individuals has to deal with the expectations, and how each one deals with it will determine how we compete as a team. They understand the expectations are high, and I understood when I took over (as head coach)."

Oklahoma State Senior Trent Whitekiller
On round of seven birdies and an eagle:

"I am looking back there, and thinking, 'Wow, what is going on!' I have hit the ball like that all season, just have not had that much luck, which has held me back. When you have a day when you are throwing it in from all over the green and getting the ball close to the hole, you are going to have a pretty good result."

On his feeling during the round:
"It was really good.  I mean it was good and then we miss-clubbed on 8 then birdied 9 came back and birdied 10 & 11. It went well."

On eagle at hole No. 2:
"I had 256 yards and a 5-wood just on the front fringe.  I just tried to lob it up there and it ended up going in."

On setting the pace for the rest of the match:
"Yeah, it was great. It was fun.  Things were coming together and I made puts and that was good."

On stringing together birdies on the front nine:
"Yeah, seems like I do. You know I make lots of birdies in tournaments. There's usually 4 or 5 holes that just kill me.  But I kind of take that aim and just try to get in as many as I can.  It's just how I grew up."

Second Match: Augusta State over Florida State (4-1)
Augusta State Head Coach Josh Gregory
On getting a chance to play for a national championship
"This is an unbelievable dream. I can't believe we are standing here. Of course, we are good enough to be here. There is no doubt you can't be in the top five in the nation and have the success that he have had and not be here. A coach or players are kidding themselves if they expect to be playing the national championship game. We are going to relish every moment of it, but we are not done yet. We have one more match against the best program of all time, and the best team in the nation this year. We have an opportunity to win the national championship, and you never know when you are going to have an opportunity like this. So we are going to take advantage of it."

On the field and The Honors Course:
"This has been the best national championship field I have ever seen. The Honors Course is truly an incredible place. Perhaps the best place to have an NCAA Championship. I knew it suited my team when we got here. It is a hard golf course and very intimidating. If you drive it well, then you can play well here. The opportunity to be here on this kind of a stage is a dream come true."

On playing Oklahoma State for the National Championship:
"It is a story of David vs. Goliath. It is little, small Augusta State with about 5,700 students against Oklahoma state with 20 national championships or however many Coach Holder won and Coach (Mike) McGraw has won. This is our first time in this position, and I can promise you our guys won't be scared. They know that they have the ability to be here. They want to prove that they have something to prove with this opportunity."

"To play Oklahoma State is your dream, with all of the national championships. Obviously, people are going to look at you and think that you have nothing to lose, and Oklahoma State has nothing to gain. I can promise you they are not over looking use and that Augusta State is a great golf team. Nobody wants to say that you lost to Augusta State. It is easy to say you lost to Florida or Clemson or somebody, but it is not fun to say you lost to August State."

On the way the team is playing:
"The guys are playing great, and there is no need to make adjustments or changes. We will probably do what the same thing with everybody under par. Even though, it is match play. We had unbelievable performances by Carter Newman, our fifth guy, to go out and win two straight matches."

On Taylor Floyd playing while sick:
"Taylor Floyd is sick as can be, and could barely walk out there. During the rain delay I told him, he didn't have to play, he was that miserable. I was concerned for his health. He said, 'I wouldn't miss this for the world.' For the option for him to come out and play and close out his match with a birdie on the 18th hole is incredible."

On Henrik Norlander's round:
"I told him that that is some of the best golf I have seen played today. He made six birdies and an eagle. It was truly remarkable. He started on six, and then he birdied five out of seven holes and birdied number 15 and hit a seven iron within two and a half feet and then holed out from the fairway. That was truly remarkable. I knew he hit it close because he was playing so well. But to make it and finish it off in that kind of style is really special."

Augusta State Sophomore Taylor Floyd
On the rain delay coming at a good time:
"Yeah, it was because I was feeling pretty bad when we got to the 11th fairway.  Then, when we went in I just laid down for awhile. That really helped."

On making it to the championship match:
"No, we've been in the top 10 all year.  It's been our goal to get here.  We're just doing what we are supposed to."

On playing Oklahoma State:
"What did you think about your chance at an Eagle on 17?  It was awful because I was pretty dizzy standing at the tee. I got pretty lucky with the ball, it landed on the fairway and was probably the best shot I had all day."

Florida State Head Coach Trey Jones
On today's match:
"I could not be any more proud of a group of people.  Sometimes in golf you don't get to determine whether you win or lose.  My hats off to Augusta State's golf team.  That is a really good golf team.  Like I said I am proud of the effort my guys had today.  They never quit."

On the play of senior Seath Lauer:
"Once again, that is our senior captain.  He did not want this to be his final round and he did his part."

On the season:
"I don't know if anyone could have possibly had any more fun than our guys had here this week.  It wasn't just that. It is what they do off the course together.  We are all sad right now.  Once this kind of wears off, we will realize what a great year we had.  There hasn't been a team that I have had that has been a closer group of guys than this one and it is special."      

Florida State Senior Seath Lauer
On his final collegiate round:

"It's great.  We were playing really well. Unfortunate we didn't get to pull it off today. Today, I was back and forth.  Some good golf, some not so great golf. All in all, it was a good week."

On playing The Honors Course:
"It is a great venue.  I would love to come back and play it again. The people are great. The course itself is tough but fair. Normally, the greens here are a lot faster, but you couldn't help the rain. You can't do anything about that. I played for really good rounds."

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