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NCAA Golf Championship Match Quotes


Augusta State Junior Mitch Krywulcyz
On creeping back into the match:

"I Just keep going. I knew the greens were quick and no putt would be fun on the last couple of holes. So, if I was two down and two to play, then I would still be in it and hopefully my game would turn around. I was playing pretty horrible throughout three quarters of the round. I waited for it to turn and it finally did. I am happy that we were able to get a win out of it."

On Kevin Tway's missed putt on 18:
"I thought that he would make it. You have to just think the unexpected is going to happen. He is a great player and putter and I just thought he would have made it."

On your mindset when you were down four:
"I guess I had my belief with the other guys, you just have to win three out of the five. I thought even if I loss that we would still win. There was no panic there. No do or die mentality like I have to hit this golf shot mentality because you have to believe the rest of these guys out here. You can't think that you are going to do it all on your own and that is what got me through it."

On the wind picking up:
"It played a little bit in the round. I think the biggest difference was the greens. They sped up two or three yards. They were a lot quicker, so the golf course played a lot differently."

On the feeling of winning the national championship:
"I think the feeling will get better as the day goes on and it is going to be a good week. I will assure you that we will appreciate it."

Oklahoma State Head Coach Mike McGraw
On today's round:

" This team has come a long way this year. We were behind the eight ball the whole day. We had one match going our way, and everything else was the wrong way. We kind of clawed back, but in the end we didn't hit the shots needed to win a championship. Josh Gregory s kids are gamers. They are impressive young men, the ones I watched. Taylor Floyd is an amazing story, pulling an IV out of his arm."

On Kevin Tway:
"He has come a long, long way as a player. He is not where he wants to be, and I know he is very disappointed. This team should figure out something to learn from this to make yourself a better player, as should (Kevin) Tway."

On The Honors Course:
"It is a great golf course. Even with no wind, the course held it s own. It is exciting and has a lot of great viewing areas for galleries. I hope they come back, it is a great place."   

Oklahoma State Junior Kevin Tway
On that match at the end and the last hole:

"I had about 20 feet and hit it with a three putt. "

On the emotional rollercoaster of the day:
"I started off okay then made some mistakes, played pretty good towards the end and unfortunately I couldn't play it on the last hole."

On the emotions you from this match:
"I waited 24 years to play something like this and to have it end this way is pretty sickening to my stomach. I just take it with me and try to do better next time."

Augusta State Head Coach Josh Gregory 
On his team won the match:
"With having Taylor Floyd being as sick as he was, we needed to get a lead over those guys. They are incredible players, and we need to get some momentum early. We had a lot of fans here and get some people fired up a little bit. It gave our guys a little confidence when they went by the scoreboards and saw they we were up in three or four of the matches almost all day. To find a way to close it out and get it done in the fashion that we did. For Mitch Krywulyca to be four down and come back and win the things shows his heart and character and that is why I have believed in that kid for four years now."

On matches four and five ending early: 
"Those were two heavyweight fights between Hoffmann and Norlander, and Uihlein and Reed. Those are probably four of the best players in the country. For us to dominate those matches all day, I would never have dreamed of that. I would have bet my life that those matches would have come down 18th hole. For those two guys to play the way they did and win all three matches is really special. It takes five, and everybody won matches and contributed this week. That is why we have been a great team all year."

On Taylor Floyd:
"For him to even be able to play golf today is remarkable. I didn't think he would be able to go today, but he told me, Coach, there is no way that I would miss it for the world. For him to play and fight it and somehow finish his match today and yesterday is unreal."

On what the national championship means for the program:
"It means everything. It is a dream come true. It has validated the success of the coaches before me and players before them. I can promise you that there is no university or golf program that would appreciate a national championship as much as Augusta State. College golf means something to Augusta, Ga., and it doesn't happen without us."

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