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Point Allocations

One time only points:
5 points - UTC Mocs Club Member who earned a varsity letter at UTC
5 points - UTC Mocs Club Member who earned one or more UTC degrees (maximum of 5 points person and 10 points per household)

Recurring Points:
5 points - per $100 of unrestricted gifts made to the Mocs Club

4 points - per $100 of gifts made to capital projects and endowments

3 points - for every member you refer to the Mocs Club

2 points - per $100 of restricted gifts made to the Mocs Club
1 point - per $100 of Gifts In-Kind given to the Mocs Club (must be approved by Mocs Club office)
1 point - per account for each year of consecutive season ticket purchases (Football, Men's and Women's Basketball, Wrestling, and Softball)

Scrappy Moc graduated from UTC as a football letter winner in 2004. The following year he married Mrs. Moc who also graduated from UTC. The couple began purchasing season football tickets in 2005 as well as making an annual unrestricted gift of $1,000 to the Mocs Club. In addition to their annual unrestricted gift, the Moc family began to make a $500 restricted gift to football in 2010. Also in 2010, they referred four of their friends to the Mocs Club.

The Moc Family's Priority Point total as of 2012: 465 points

5 points - Scrappy Moc graduated as a letter winner
5 points - Scrappy Moc earned his degree from UTC
5 points - Mrs. Moc earned her degree from UTC
8 points - 8 consecutive years of football season ticket purchases
400 points - 8 years of $1,000 annual unrestricted gifts to the Mocs Club
30 points - 3 years of $500 restricted gifts to the Mocs Club
12 points - 4 members referred to the Mocs Club


For questions about the priority point system please contact Caleb Whitted at (423)425-4773 or via email.