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UTC Mocs Club Calendar of Events


Calendar of Events



February 24, 2015  Mocs Club Coaches Luncheon
March 1, 2015  Membership Renewals Mailed 
March 2, 2015  Football Season Ticket Renewals Mailed 
April 13, 2015  Scrappy Awards 
May 5, 2015  16th Annual Porky's Open Golf Tournament 
June 1, 2015  Basketball Season Ticket Renewals Mailed 
June 30/July 1, 2015  Football Season Ticket Renewal Deadline/Mocs Club 1/2 of pledge due
August 15, 2015  Football Season Tickets Mailed
October 1, 2015  Remaining UTC Mocs Club Balance Due/Men's Basketball Season Ticket Renewal Deadline 


(These dates are tentative and subject to change)