Postgame Quotes - Kennesaw St. - Nov. 19, 2013

Head Coach Will Wade
Thoughts on the game
“It’s a disappointing outcome, but I thought our guys really battled.  It’s disappointing that we couldn’t come out on top. We just left some plays out there in the last four or five minutes of the game.  Turnovers killed us tonight - some forced, some unforced. That was really the story of the game.”

On what purpose this game serves
 “This is a barometer of where we are as a Southern Conference team.  We’ve got a little over a month and a half to keep working and to get these things corrected.”

On forcing plays near the end
“I don’t blame them. They were trying to make a play.  They’re playing hard trying to make something happen.  I don’t mind mistakes when you’re going hard and playing hard.  We’ve got to just be a little bit smarter about it.”

Thoughts on turnovers
“We were sloppy with the ball in transition. Give Kennesaw State credit. They took us out of some of the stuff that we wanted to do.  We just needed to slow down and take our second and third drives.  We were trying to hit the homerun too much on the first drive.”

On late-game poise
“We do some late game stuff in practice.  We’ve got to continue to do that and work on it.  We’ve got to put our guys through some stressful situations with the clock, shot clock and things of that nature.  We’ve just got to train our guys to respond better.”

Thoughts on Gee McGhee’s performance
“He was phenomenal on the boards tonight.  I challenged him to get in there because I knew it was going to take a five-man effort tonight.”

Casey Jones, Sophomore, Guard

Thoughts on the comeback against Kennesaw State
“I think we did pretty well. I think we went down by nine points, but we battled back and got it tied up. We fought throughout the whole game but especially in the last six minutes. We still have to get better though.”

The emotions of the team during the comeback
“We got really emotional there near the end of the game, and with emotion comes the heart to play. We just talked with each other and got back at it.”

On the team’s effort Tuesday night
“I can just remember plays where I didn’t give as much as I could have, but as a team I thought we did well on effort. As a team, we just have to continue to get better and show more effort. I guess I would rate tonight a seven for effort. We have to do a lot better in the future.”

On where the team can improve
“I can’t explain how far we can go as a team. The sky is the limit. We are a great team with good freshmen, a special senior captain and a lot of players who have bought into the system. We can only get better with Chaos.”

On what could have made a difference in the game
“I think we have to value every single possession. We lost by four points so you never know what may be the key to a loss or a key to a win.”

Z. Mason, Senior, Forward

Thoughts on the comeback against Kennesaw State
“I think the credit for the comeback goes to our effort and fight to get back into the game. We out-rebounded them, which if you told me going into the game, I wouldn’t have believed you based on their size compared to ours. We crashed the glass hard and our press helped us slow them down and get a few turnovers. It helped us fight back.”

On what made the difference in the game
“We turned the ball over too many times. That’s something that we can control, but if we can out-rebound anyone by 18, that gives us a chance to win the basketball game. That’s a great achievement for us as a team. We have to take that and move forward.”

On what the team needs to improve on moving forward
“We had a few turnovers, but due to different matchups we had on the court – like Casey having to play the four instead of his natural position – but that’s some stuff we can correct. There were a lot of small things down the stretch that we can correct. Overall, I felt like we fought hard and our team gave a lot of effort. That really helped us cut the lead down and tie it.”





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