Postgame Quotes - MBB at Nevada - Nov. 22, 2013

Head Coach Will Wade
Thoughts on the game
“It’s disappointing to lose, but like I told our guys, we are doing things the right way and we prepared well. We played the best team we’ve played all year – by far – and we played our best game. We played really well but didn’t make a play there near the end. The kid banked in a 25-footer. There are certain things we could have done better, but one thing I am proud of is our execution down the stretch. It was much better today than it was against Kennesaw and we ran the same plays today that we ran against Kennesaw. We just keep improving and I am proud of our guys.”

Where the team goes after this game
“We just have to stick with what we are doing and stick with our plan. It’s going to work. Nevada is huge. We battled like heck and lost by two on the boards. We had 12 assists and had 11 turnovers. We stole the ball seven times. We put it all out there, but we didn’t hit quite enough shots. We just have to stick to our plan and these games are going to come back to us. These games will come back to us if we keep working and doing the right thing.”

Thoughts on playing at Nevada
“This was a heck of an environment. There were about 6,000 people in here and it got loud there for a while. We got down by five in the second half under eight minutes to go, but our guys kept the gloves up and battled. They found a way back, executed and got great shots. We probably been out there a little bit better on that three-pointer, but we switched up and got caught underneath the screen. It was a well-designed play by Coach Carter and we were just a half-second late. Lance Stokes was on the ball and within an inch of a deflection, but we are going in the right direction and have to stick with what we’re doing. We’re happy with these learning experiences but it hurts right now. Now we have to jump on a plane and get ready to play UCLA.”

On players who made big impacts for Chattanooga
“I thought Z. Mason was great and I thought Greg Pryor was phenomenal. He is just a tough kid and Z was great. We went to the well with Z with some new plays we created for him and he executed them well. He did a great job on the rebounds. Nevada cut off some of our driving lanes, so we had to go to some different packages and executed them well. We just came up short on a tough shot. I can’t fault our effort or out guys. We executed very well, got stops and had great plays through adversity. If we can stick with that, it is going to carry over and pay huge dividends to us down the line.”

Z. Mason, senior, forward
Thoughts on his team’s play
“I am proud of our guys and how hard they came out and played. We showed spurts of what we can do as a team, and we had a big game from Greg Pryor. He stepped us as a freshman and had poise on the road against a really good team. It just shows the character of our team and what we are able to do. It just hurts that we couldn’t pull it out after as well as we played.”

Thoughts on his performance
“I just wanted to make plays for our team. Coach stays on me about taking shots for the team and valuing every possession. I just wanted to give our team a chance to put us into a winning situation. We were up with about six seconds left, and I believe that shows the character of our team. We play hard and I want to be a leader on the road for a young team.”

Thoughts on moving forward
“We just have to take the positives and negatives and learn from them. We can’t hang our heads. This is a quick turnaround to us playing UCLA. We just have to learn from this loss and get ready for our big game.”

Greg Pryor, freshman, guard

Thoughts on the game
“This is the best team we have played this season. I think we have improved greatly since our last game and we gave a better effort. At the end of the last game, we didn’t execute well. We executed well this game and got a couple of baskets at the end of the game.”

On playing at Nevada
“This environment is fun - especially when you have great team mates like I do. They lift you up knowing that you’re young and they make it fun.”

On moving forward to UCLA
“We have to put this game behind us and sleep on it. Tomorrow is a new day and we are going to try to beat UCLA.”

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