MBB Postgame Quotes vs IUPUI - Nov. 29, 2013

Head Coach Will Wade
Thoughts on the game

“Our guys did a great job today - especially on such a short turnaround like that. We did a phenomenal job of following the scouting report and I thought we were in great shape. We wore them down. We played a zone a little bit at the end and all of their shots were on the front of the rim because they were tired. We were in better shape. This was one of those games where you win it in June, July and August with your training.”

On the team’s improvement
“I am really happy for the guys. We have been making progress incrementally. You’re never right where you want to be, but we have been making progress. As a coach, you see the progress and want the progress to be about the process. It’s a bottom line deal for players. The progress has to be wins or losses. It was really good for our guys to get a win and see that what they’re doing is paying off.”

On the team’s top performers
“It was a team effort. Z was tremendous scoring and Casey Jones just gave us tons and tons of energy. Lance Stokes was awesome, really attacked and was aggressive. It was just a total team effort. We have to get more from our bench. Our bench wasn’t very good today. it has been better in past games, and we can’t turn the ball over so much. That’s going to hurt us against better teams. We have some things to clean up, but it is nice to end it on a high note. We are going to head back to Chattanooga tonight and start preparing for Georgia.”

Z.Mason, senior, forward
On staying strong late in the game
“A lot of that credit goes to our preseason workouts. Coach Golden worked with us and worked us hard, and you could really tell that tonight. We were able to push through fatigue and keep our legs. Our bodies felt good and we continued to play well late in the game to help us to the win.”

Thoughts on the team’s energy boost
“We really continued to fight tonight. We have a really scrappy team, and we had a really great performance tonight from Casey Jones. Gee McGhee really came in and helped a lot. We had guys who kept us fresh and kept us going for a lot of minutes. Our press didn’t work too much but we kept bringing the energy. The push they made after we got up was what kept us in the lead.”

On what a win does for the team
“It is a different atmosphere in the locker room after a win. It is a breath of fresh air when you’re able to enjoy a win, and now we’re going to enjoy this rest of this trip and enjoy being with each other. It feels good to get a victory and now we want to string some more together.”

Casey Jones, sophomore, guard
On his dunk over Mitch Patton
“It felt good to get the pass from Z and go up. Like Coach Wade always says, just go up and whoever is under you – make them pay.”

On the team’s energy level against IUPUI
“One of my jobs on the team is to bring energy. The crowds were small, but you can’t let that affect you. It’s my job to try to get our team going even when we’re not in Chattanooga.”

Thoughts on getting the win
“We talked about getting this win and it puts us in a good position to get another on Monday. It boosts our confidence and prepares us to go play a tough Georgia team Monday.”

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