MBB Postgame Quotes at UAB, Dec. 18, 2013
Head Coach Will Wade
Thoughts on the game
“We played one of our better games tonight.  I was proud of our guys because we competed for 40 minutes for the first time in a while.  We competed hard and played well.  It is certainly something we can build on.  UAB is a tremendous team with unbelievable athletes.  Our guys competed and that’s all we can ask.”

On shooting the ball against UAB
“We got squared to the basket better.  I wish we had gotten to the foul line a little more, and got in there and drawn a little more contact.  We had some wide-open three’s but we have to be able to stick them.  We had some good looks where we could have built our lead and stopped some runs, but we have to keep working on our shooting and get better there.”

Thoughts on driving to the rim and UAB’s defense
“We were doing a good job early on of penetrating and getting to the rim.  They changed to a zone and we changed our ball screen against their zone stuff.  They were down in it and kicking it to the side in the zone.  We had to get back to the middle and get stuff on the opposite sides.  It was a good chess match.  Their length in their zone makes it a little challenging and hard for us to throw the ball around and over.  I thought we did a good job and got some good looks, but we have to be able to knock them in.”

Thoughts on the UTC defensive effort
“We gave ourselves an opportunity, which is all you can ask for.  We have to build off this, continue to practice like this and play like this.  If we play and practice like this every day – bringing a consistent effort – we are going to be a good team.  Even with our limitations, we were a one-trick pony tonight with our zone tonight.  We have some variations that we’re going to put in and mix up with some man so we can try to keep people off balance.”

On going into the Dr Pepper Classic
“The break will be good for the players to get away for a little bit and spend some time with their families.  We want to get back and play well in the Dr Pepper Classic.  It’s two home games and we want to protect our home court.  It’s a chance to do that and gives us a chance to build going into Southern Conference play.  Tonight’s performance doesn’t mean anything unless we build on it, but the Dr Pepper Classic gives us a chance to do that.  I think we will be happy with our results if we bring what we did tonight in upcoming games.”

Lance Stokes, junior, forward
Thoughts on playing UAB aggressively

“One of our keys to playing Chattanooga basketball is playing aggressively.  Coach Wade preaches that to us and we try to take that mentality to the floor no matter who we are playing.  Alihodzic was a big kid and knew how to guard without fouling.  You have to give credit to him and UAB, but we chose to stick to our gameplan and guns by being aggressive.”

On driving more rather than pulling up for shots
“We made a decision to go in more aggressively or kick it out for a better shot.  We didn’t want to go in there going for fade-aways. I think our guys accepted that and have done an amazing job of going in strong through contact.  We were going inside looking to score, and if we didn’t see it there then we’d kick it out for another chance.”

On the holiday break and going into the Dr Pepper Classic
“It’s always good to see family, but it would have been much sweeter to have gone home with a win or two.  I am ready to get home and see my family, but after that it is back to work for the Dr Pepper Classic.  We are ready to get some momentum under our belts.”

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