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Mocs Take Part in 2013 Clean and Green Project

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. --- The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga student-athletes, coaches and administrators participated in the annual Clean and Green program Saturday. The Mocs picked up trash and took note of areas that needed extra help around the Fortwood Neighborhood that adjoins the UTC campus.

Members of the men’s and women’s track and field teams as well as both the men’s and women’s basketball teams assisted in the city-wide cleanup project. River City Company and Chattanooga Neighborhood Enterprises along with major sponsor Volkswagon of Chattanooga hosted what they hoped to be the largest clean-up day in the city.

The Mocs met at the McKenzie Arena at 9 a.m. Saturday morning and, after receiving instructions and supplies, headed to the far end of campus to clean the Fortwood Neighborhood. The teams split up to clean the area bordered by Palmetto Street at the end of campus, Central Avenue, Third Street and McCallie Avenue.


What's currently being done
Currently, the City of Chattanooga monitors our streets, but due to budget cuts and overall man power issues, every area of our downtown is not given as much attention as we need to keep our downtown growing, thriving and attracting more businesses. Many landlords do not take it upon themselves to clean their sidewalks or remove graffiti, and this is where the need for Clean & Green volunteers comes in.

We have been hosting Clean & Green day since April 2011. Over the two years that Clean & Green has occurred, over 3,000 bags of trash have been collected; graffiti has been removed from over 100 buildings and monuments; 55 city blocks have been cleaned multiple times; downtown greenery has been tended to; and problems with city infrastructure like vandalism, potholes, and damaged bus stops have been reported.

Why should people support this cause

There are so many reasons to support this cause:
- If you live downtown, support this cause to help keep your neighborhood clean and safe
- If you work downtown, support this cause to help keep your work environment clean and safe
-If you are in support of driving economic development to our downtown, please support this cause because a cleaner, safer downtown means a place where we can create more jobs, house more people and creative a thriving, exciting environment
-If you want Chattanooga to have an overall clean, safe and exciting downtown where the possibilities are endless, please support this cause

Who would benefit from addressing this cause
Downtown neighborhoods and businesses including start ups, mom & pop shops and restaurants. Urban communities create a higher economic impact on a city's bottomline more than big box chains that you will normally find in the suburban areas. Artists, young professionals and overall downtown patrons directly are affected from this program as they are given a higher quality of life. A cleaner, safer downtown also improves our tourism rates, and if you didn't know, tourism is the number one industry and job provider in our city.

Team Leaders
River City Company
The Chattanoogan Hotel
Blue Cross Blue Shield
Southside Cowart Place Neighborhood
2 NorthShore
Regions Bank
Vision Hospitality Group
Calvary Chapel
Creative Discovery Museum
UTC Volleyball Team
Habitat for Humanity
Jefferson Heights Neighborhood
Battle Academy
Southside Merchants Association
MLK Neighborhood Association
1st Tennessee Bank
Real Estate Partners
Miller Martin
Urban League Young Professionals
Chamber of Commerce
Chattanooga State
Leadership Chattanoooga
Glass Farms Neighborhood Association
VW of Chattanooga

River City Company wakes up every single day thinking about the needs of downtown. We feel it is our duty and privilege to lead a cause like this. We hope you will join us in the continuation of making downtown Chattanooga the greatest place to live, work and play!

CNE's mission is to build and sustain livable neighborhoods in Chattanooga. The Clean&Green program is a great opportunity for us at CNE to partner with like-minded organizations to achieve this mission of building and sustaining livable neighborhoods throughout Chattanooga.

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