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Postgame Quotes vs. Samford

Chattanooga Head Coach Russ Huesman
Thoughts on the win over Samford
"It wasn't pretty. I thought the way we played the game defensively really well, but then we had that second-to-last drive. I didn't think we played that one very well and we seemed kind of soft. I wasn't overly pleased with that, and you hope offensively you get a first down, and all you need is a first down, but we didn't get it. Those are things we are going to have to correct, but I am proud of our football team. Anytime you can get a win against a really good football team is great. Give Samford credit because they are pretty good on defense. They have some really good defensive players and they are well coached. It was tough sledding for our guys out there on offense. No turnovers, again, for three straight weeks and playing great defense give you a shot to win a game. That is what happened today."

Thoughts on the defensive battle
"We knew coming in that we it was going to be two very good defenses. I think Samford is third in the league and we are second in the league in defense. They were down 20-3 in the fourth quarter and never quit one time. They are well coached and you have to give them a lot of credit. I believe we slowed down just a bit and they kept going."

Thoughts on the final play of the game (Hail Mary)
"Our guys were in the huddle yelling 'knock it down, knock it down.' Sema'je Kendall knocked it down, and he was the one yelling it the most, so good for him. There are all kinds of things you talk about in the scenario like not jumping offsides and giving them a second play and roughing the quarterback. We didn't jump offsides, we didn't rough the quarterback and we knocked it down. My stomach was in knots."

Thoughts on Chattanooga's defensive play
"I thought the defense was excellent thoughout the first half. We will nitpick all we want, but we gave up 13 points and 259 yards for 60 minutes. If that's what is going to happen no matter when they hit their drive, or two, I will take it all day, every day."

Samford Associate Head Coach/Defensive Coordinator Bill D'Ottavio
Thoughts on the game
"You have to give credit to Chattanooga. They made the plays, and I thought both sides fought really well. I was proud of our kids' efforts, but in the end we came up a little short."

Thoughts on Chattanooga's offensive scheme
"Chattanooga does a great job of utilizing their personnel, changing their personnel and giving you different looks. It is a lot of formations to handle in one week, and sometimes it lends itself to causing a mistake. Chattanooga is very good on capitalizing on those mistakes."

Thoughts on Samford going into the bye week
"The message is to get better. You are always moving forward and trying to become a better football team. You're never a finished product, and there is still a lot of football to be played. Where we are right now is where we go from here. That is what our focus is going to be."

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