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Lady Mocs Basketball Postgame Quotes vs. Lee University

Head Coach Wes Moore
Thoughts on the game
"We just couldn't buy a shot in the first half. We couldn't layups, for that matter, or put-backs. The first half was frustrating. I think I was a little disappointed in the first half because I thought we played really well in our scrimmage. I thought we clicked well offensively in the scrimmage, but tonight we did too much standing around. Defensively, we are really trying to get after people and make it tough for them to run their stuff, but I didn't feel like we did that well. Again, you have to give Lee a lot of credit. Head Coach Marty Rowe does an excellent job and his kids are fundamental. They are going to play hard. They shot the ball well in the first half and we didn't. It was a scary situation, but we settled down a little bit in the second half and shot the ball much better. We did win a lot of the hustle categories, as far as points off turnover, points off rebound and second-chance points. That was a good sign. We will get together and watch the film tonight as a staff. I am sure we are going to see a lot of things we need to do much better a week from tomorrow night."

Thoughts on creating turnovers
"I thought in the first half we didn't do a whole lot to create those types of plays. I don't know how many steals we had at the half, but we did a little bit more of what we wanted to do in the second half. We got in the passing lanes a little bit more and dictated what the offense could do. I know Ka'Vonne Towns (Liburn, Ga.) make a couple of plays, Taylor Hall (New Tazewell, Tenn.) made some plays and Alex Black (Memphis, Tenn.) made a couple of plays. We had some people that were looking to make something happen on defense, and that is encouraging. I guess we had the six steals at halftime so we doubled that in the second half. It was a much better effort from that standpoint."

Thoughts on Faith Dupree's play
"Her and Ashlen Dewart are both very capable of scoring down on the block, but I thought we stood around and waited for Lee to do their thing in the first half. I don't want them to just stare at the post and wait until they get a good seal or get in a good position and go to them. I want the perimeter to create something and to get each other open. I want them to create some open looks and for themselves. We just didn't do a very good job of that. So, like I said, we have a lot of work to do."

Faith Dupree, junior, forward
On comfort going into the game
"I saw that we had nerves in the first half so that probably helped me a little bit. I have played a couple of games, but the freshmen were a little nervous. I don't think I worried about my back because I was trying to help them calm down. Alicia Payne (Memphis, Tenn.) was kind of quiet during warm-ups, and that kind of made me nervous. But I didn't even worry about my back."

Thoughts on run in the second half
"I think we just had a first-half warm-up. It helped us get rid of our nerves and helped us get into the swing of things. We saw how we wanted to do things and how we wanted to play defense. It finally just kicked in during the second half."

Thoughts on creating turnovers
"That is our goal from Coach Moore. We are playing a lot of push defense where we get around and get in peoples' faces a lot more than we have in the past. I think that is the goal the whole season."

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