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Postgame Quotes vs. Appalachian State

Chattanooga Basketball Postgame Quotes
Chattanooga vs. Appalachian State
McKenzie Arena - Chattanooga, Tenn.
rsday - Jan. 17, 2013

Head Coach John Shulman
Thoughts on Game
"One, obviously, I'm proud of them. But two, I do want this statement made. We were down 19, we made blunder after blunder after blunder. We missed layup after layup after layup, dropped the ball out of bounds. You know what are you going tell your team that you have to get your team back and ready to go on Saturday. Well, even though we were down 19, I still felt like we were a pretty good basketball team. We were just playing really poorly. Give those guys credit, they never quit. We talked about getting one stop at a time. There were no 19-point shots. I told them I would let them know. I did make this statement. I said I'll let you know when you can quit, and it will be sometime in March. So until that time, we are going to play basketball. So, I'm proud of them. We have to enjoy tonight, forget about this, and get ready for Saturday to tell you the truth."

Thoughts on what spurred the comeback
"You had to get stops. We went the full court and started fooling around the full court. I'm assuming we got some things there. We wanted to make sure they didn't get anything easy at the basket. If we had to foul them, then we fouled them. But we made some shots. That's obvious. We made some shots, and we busted our tail. You know, I said on the board before the game that it's amazing what you can do when you just play hard. We continued to play hard. Now listen, we had enough bad things happen to us in that game where I wouldn't have blamed us a little bit to say enough is enough. How many times can Z. drop the ball out of bounds or walk."

Thoughts on if comeback was possible without Hampton
"No, Tay did a great job. Tay did the same thing to them last year in here. This is what Tay has always wanted. I've said it many times. Tay didn't want a pro career. He wanted to be the point guard at Chattanooga. People in Chattanooga need to respect and appreciate that. Somebody needs to give him a really good job one day. He loves this city, and he loves this area. The kid is a wonderful kid, and a winner. He got us some stops."

Thoughts on Full-Court Press
"I saw something on the clock and we were down 19. So I said we better start pressing boys. Every team is different. It's hard. Being up 19 with 6:36 to play, are you supposed to break the press and go attack? Are you supposed to hold it out? It's not real comfortable being where they were. It's a lot more comfortable being where they were, but we could just kick off our shoes and go for it. Now what are they going to do? We're scrambling and flying around, and they're trying to hold to the ball. That's not a real comfortable feeling either."

Dontay Hampton, senior, guard
Thoughts on the competitiveness of tonight's game
"I don't know. It's just a fun little rivalry. Even the football team said they like the rivalry, too. You know, it's just fun and it's very competitive. "

Thoughts on the team's building confidence
"I was confident the whole game, but I feel like my team started getting confident after a couple of three's and after Z. got going. Healy was hitting some tough shots and kept daggering us, but after we got going I feel like everyone became confident."

Thoughts on what the team changed the last six minutes
"I don't know. It was funky. I felt like the whole game was funky. For the whole first and second half the way I got shots was tip balls and Gee's passes to me. So that's why the whole game was funky. But that's why you have to keep playing."

Ronrico White, sophomore, guard
Thoughts on the team's ability to overcome adversity

"It's more of a pride thing with us. We get behind in the games, we say that we are better than this and then we just turn it on. It seemed like we just couldn't the play we needed to get us going, but once it happened in the second half, everything seemed to just click for us."

Thoughts on the crowd and the effect they had on the game
"I felt like the fans were just right there on top of us. They did a phenomenal job of staying in the game and we thanked them for it after the game. They did a great job."

Thoughts on Dontay Hampton's play tonight
"Tay is phenomenal. He's my back court mate back there and he really gets me going. When I see him going, it really makes me want to go that much harder for him because I know this is his last year to play. I want play hard for him and the team."

Appalachian State Head Coach Jason Chapel
Thoughts on the game

"I thought we thoroughly dominated this game for 34 minutes. We did everything we worked on and everything we did to prepare. We executed to a 'T' and that's what got us the lead early. I'm disappointed in the way we finished the game, but a lot of credit has to go to Chattanooga for not giving up."

On losing the big lead
Chattanooga did nothing different. We were up 19 with 6:36 left to go. It's about executing, completing passes, wanting the basketball, and having the killer instinct to put them away. If we do that and we rebound then we aren't feeling the way we feel now. They had five offensive rebounds in the first half. They had 11 offensive rebounds in the second half and I'm sure that 10 of them came in the last 6:36 of the game. But again, congratulations have to go to Chattanooga for making the necessary plays."

Thoughts on the comeback
"Coach Shulman told us to keep playing and I told the guys the game wasn't over. No disrespect to Appalachian State, but I feel like our team is getting better. Everybody is hungry. I just told them to keep playing, then we cut it to 14 and I said if it gets into my hands I'm going to make it. That's just the way I felt about it."
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