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Tailgating Spaces Available for 2014 Mocs Football Season

Part of the planning for the 2014 season of Mocs Football at Finley Stadium revolves around tailgating.  One of the most frequent questions fans ask is, "How can I reserve a tailgating space in the First Tennessee Pavilion?" 

Prior to the 2010 season, access to the First Tennessee Pavilion was operated on a first-come, first-serve basis.  However, the demand for tailgating in the Pavilion has risen to a level that requires a modification to that approach.  The UTC Athletics department has put together a new tailgating package that will allow fans to secure a Pavilion space for the entire year.

First, fans wanting to purchase a space for the season must be a member of the UTC Mocs Club at the All-American Moc Level ($300 and above).  If you are already at that level for the 2014-15 season, then you are set.  If you are not there yet, or have not renewed your membership, now is the time to join. 

Second, there are there are two options available for your consideration when purchasing a space for the entire season:

1.  $600 per space - Includes tailgating location for all six home games, cable television connection, electricity, trash cans, nearby restrooms, cover from the elements, opportunity to purchase catering from Family Concessions and discounted group tickets. 

2.  $900 per space - Includes all of the benefits listed above for all six home games with two tables and ten chairs setup in your designated location prior to each home football game.

Pavilion spots are also available on a single-game basis.  The cost of a tailgating space in the Pavilion for one game is $450 per space/per game for non-UTC Mocs Club members or $150 per space/per game to UTC Mocs Club Members at the All-American Moc level.    

Fans interested in purchasing a tailgating space in the First Tennessee Pavilion should contact UTC Mocs Club Assistant Director Joe Levine at (423) 425-4233 or joseph-levine@utc.edu.

Listed below are some Frequently Asked Questions surrounding tailgating in the First Tennessee Pavilion.  There are a limited number of spaces available, so be sure to contact Erika before they are all sold out. 

I am not a member of the UTC Mocs Club at the All-American Moc level ($300).  What do I need to do?
Contact Joe Levine (423) 425-4233 (joseph-levine@utc.edu) - with the UTC Mocs Club to discuss becoming a Starter Moc.  This is the minimum level you need to reach to purchase a tailgating space.    

Can two or more UTC Mocs Club members combine their donation levels to receive higher priority when selecting a Pavilion space? 
Tailgating spaces are sold to individual UTC Mocs Club members.  We encourage fans to join together to share the cost of a Pavilion spot.  However, the donation level is still based on one single UTC Mocs Club member. 

Will we be allowed to park our car in the Pavilion space?
Passes will be issued for each space for access to unload vehicles in the Pavilion.  As a safety precaution, all vehicles will need to be cleared from inside the Pavilion at least three hours before kickoff. 

As an All-American Moc, you will receive one space in the lot directly adjacent to the First Tennessee Pavilion if selected using the Prioirty Point System.  By purchasing a season-long tailgating spot, you will be given an additional pass to the Pavilion lot and five (5) drop-off passess.  Those using drop-off passes may drop off tailgating items but have to remove theis cars from the Pavilion lot three hours prior to kickoff.

Is there a limit on the number of people we can bring to our Pavilion space?
You can bring as many people that will fit in your designated Pavilion space.  The more the merrier!  Each tailgating space is approximately 19' x 29'. 

Can I purchase food for my Pavilion space?
Family Concessions provides excellent tailgating selections for groups of all sizes.  Call (423) 635-8038 to inquire about the menu and place an order. 

Do I have to purchase food from Family Concessions?
We encourage the full tailgating experience in the First Tennessee Pavilion, so fans are allowed to bring in their own food.  Grills are also allowed to prepare food on site.  However, Family Concessions is an excellent alternative if you want to have your food prepared for you. 

Are tickets to the game included in the cost of the Pavilion space?
Tickets are not included in the cost of the Pavilion space, so be sure to renew your season tickets now.  Fans can also contact Geoff Wilcox at (423) 425-2257 or geoff-wilcox@utc.edu for discounted group tickets to individual games.   

Are there other areas available for tailgating around the Pavilion?
All parking lots and grassy areas around Finley Stadium are still available for tailgating.  Fans are also welcome to visit the 'Party in the Pavilion' that is filled with inflatables, televisions, tailgating games, face painting and the 'Moc Walk' before the game. 

Can I purchase a space for just one game?
YES! Spaces are available for purchase on August 15. The cost of the space on a single-game basis is $450 per space/per game for non-UTC Mocs Club members or $150 per space/per game to UTC Mocs Club Members at the All-American Moc level.  

Whom do I contact to request a space for the Pavilion?
Call Joe Levine at (423) 425-4233 or e-mail at jospeh-levine@utc.edu.  The UTC Athletics Department is looking forward to providing Mocs fans the best tailgating experience in the Southern Conference.

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