Wrestling vs. UNC Greensboro - Postgame Notes

Chattanooga Wrestling - Postgame Quotes
UNC Greensboro 12 at Chattanooga 26
Chattanooga, Tenn. - Maclellan Gym
Jan. 24, 2010

Chattanooga Head Coach Heath Eslinger
On Niko Brown's win after losing first two matches:
"Huge win...that was a huge gut-check. The question is, 'Are we doing the right things to give ourselves the chance to win?' And our guys are doing that. If we would have lost that match, I'm telling you, 'I'm going to answer you the same way.' Because it's a process. Tonight's easy, it was an hour-and-a-half long. The hard part is us doing the right things day in and day out. Also a huge win for Demetrius Johnson. We lost that match 7-3 last time and he dominated. That's a big win for us."

On Ben Johnson nearly winning at 141:
"That's the best kid in the conference and we had him on the ropes."

Change anything going forward?
"We have to continue doing the same thing we've been doing. Nothing is going to change. We have to continue to make the right choices in our lives and do the right things in the classroom. I've got the easy part of their lives."

Were the first two just caught off guard?
"I don't think so. They showed up to wrestle. This was a great opportunity for us to answer to some adversity because adversity is part of it."

On getting points at the end of the period:
"They're huge. Scoring at the end of the period is something we work on and that's just a mindset. Technique is the same, it's just the mindset to attack. We did a good job there. Character shows up when adversity is the most magnified. That's late in the period when you are up by one or down by one. Our kids are doing the little things better and its showing up in our wrestling."

What's next?
"We've got a two week lay-off then we've got Appalachian State and Northern Iowa Feb. 6. That's a big match for us."

UNC Greensboro Coach Jason Loukides
On the quick start:
"I was very excited about the start, especially with Byron [Sigmon] coming through. Those were two of the tougher weights coming in. I felt pretty good, but I was a little disappointed with some of the matches of that where we could have been favored. I thought we had a good shot at 197."

On getting close then falling back again at 149 and 157:
"Pavlou and Travis go back, they wrestled in high school. Travis may have been a little too excited before the match. But Condon is a good wrestler and we knew he was favored."

What does this match mean as far as the conference is concerned?
"This match was for the conference championship as far as the team is concerned. It's a little out of reach now, but we want to beat those guys to get to nationals."

Chattanooga Sophomore Demetrius Johnson:
Thoughts on match as a whole?
"I think we did good, but it started out kind of like it did last year with two losses in a row. The big thing is we came back and won. But not to knock the guys who lost, they just got caught. But after that we wrestled well and wrestled to our ability."

Thoughts on your individual match?
"It was a big match for me because I lost to that guy earlier in the year. There was some rivalry right there. I wanted some vengeance. I wanted to put my foot down and show him I'm going to be the guy he's going to have to beat to go to the national championship. But after those two losses, I knew I had to win my match and I wanted to get bonus points, so my whole mindset was attack, attack, attack. There was a point when I had him on his back and thought I had him pinned, but beggars can't be choosers. I thought I wrestled better than I did earlier in the year."

Southern Conference implications?
"I'd say Greensboro is our toughest competition. Last year it was pretty close and they come out strong. We have a 27 match winning streak in the SoCon so every time we wrestle them they want to knock us off, so we always have to be on our toes."

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