Wrestling Helps With Ronald McDonald House Move In
Head Coach Heath Eslinger and John Lampe move new furniture into the Ronald McDonald House next to Erlanger Hospital.
Courtesy: GoMocs.com
Members of the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga wrestling team spent part of the morning helping other volunteers move new furniture into the Ronald McDonald House on 3rd Street next to Erlanger Hospital.  The Mocs joined a large group of UNUM employees and other community members to remove the old furniture and replace it with newly delivered tables, beds and desks. 

"Our guys are always willing to do things like this when they can," stated head coach Heath Eslinger.  "Unfortunately, most of our team had class and could not make it, but what we lacked in number we hopefully made up for in energy and a willingness to work." 

John Lampe, Levi Clemons, Bradley Rogers and Dan Waddell joined Coach Eslinger at the move-in.  "We used the Ronald McDonald Family Room in Erlanger when our son Carson was sick last year, so I really wanted to make sure I made it over here today," added Eslinger.

The Eslinger's had an extended stay in Erlanger Hospital in December when their son, Carson, battled infant botulism.  He is fully recovered and Eslinger noted that the convenience of the RMHC Family Room in Erlanger was a tremendous help to his family. 

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