Postgame Quotes vs. Furman

2012-13 Chattanooga Mocs Basketball
Furman at Chattanooga
February 14, 2013

Chattanooga Head Coach John Shulman
Thoughts on game

"I'm proud of our kids. We came out with energy and sustained it. Furman was down. Charlie Reddick and David Brown didn't play. It's awfully hard when you have injuries. We have injuries, too. I understand that. But it's awfully hard when you have injuries, and then this is the fourth game in eight days. So we felt like our depth was better, and we felt like we could play and make it as wild and crazy as we could. We were close to making it really wild and crazy, and pulling away in the first half. We just couldn't make enough shots. It's awfully nice to win like that. It's awfully nice for our kids to continue believing in what we're doing, and getting better and better. I told you I felt like we were getting better, and hopefully they can see that now, and hopefully we can continue to build on it. We're not at the finish line. We have an awfully tough game on Saturday, but we are getting better."

Thoughts on three leading scorers being freshmen
"That could never happen before because we never had a true freshman play here. That's probably a record of some kind. There's nobody that works harder in practice every single day, and brings enthusiasm every single day than Eric Robertson. The guy has never done anything wrong in his life, and I mean that. So to see him get rewarded is a great thing because you're talking about a wonderful kid. I wish my children would grow up to be like Eric Robertson. He's a wonderful child, but because he plays behind Gee, people kind of forget about E. We haven't forgotten about E, and it was nice to see him make a couple of shots tonight."

Thoughts on difference between Chattanooga's and Furman's three freshmen
"Stephen Croone has been phenomenal for them. We kind of jumped on him, and then he had to play a lot of minutes. We jumped on him quick with our doubles. I love their young kids. Those kids at Furman are going to be really good. They almost beat Charleston with all those freshmen. They're going to be really, really good. He lost an awful lot. They're half beaten up and battered, but I was really proud of our freshmen."

Thoughts on taking advantage of Furman on defense
"They only have one point guard, so we tried to take advantage of that. They had their big guys trying to bring it up. We can't guard Colin Reddick. We can't guard him, and very few people in the league can guard him. We do a lot better job of guarding him when he's 75 feet away from the basket, so that's why we did that. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't work. We haven't had a whole lot of success against Furman. We just caught them fatigued, and they went on the road Monday. We didn't, and so sometimes it comes down to that."

Thoughts on Casey Jones' minutes
"He hasn't done anything in seven weeks. So we're just trying to get him back in the flow of things. Him sitting there jacking a three, he wouldn't of done that when he was playing seven weeks ago. We're really going to need him defensively. I was happy to see him, but he was exhausted in 16 minutes."

Gee McGhee, freshman, guard
Thoughts on the win

"We just started from the jump. We got steals, stops on defense, and rebounds, and we just kept playing and finishing plays."

On the pace of the game
"It was a faster game because when we would get rebounds instead of slowing it down and running a play. We would push the ball up the court and get easy baskets. Rico got the ball after they scored one time and he drove it all the way down the court and laid it up with no hesitation. I guess we were just feeling it tonight."

Drazen Zlavaric, senior, forward
Thoughts on the start of the second half
"We have really been playing a lot looser lately. I really love what we've been doing on defense and that's the key to everything. Our execution wasn't the greatest for the past few games but our energy was there. Today our energy met the execution part of basketball and it just felt easy. I felt very pleased and proud of what our guys did out there tonight."

On how this home stand has affected the team
"The biggest thing that I take away from this home stand is that we are good enough to compete with anyone in the conference. It has really helped out with our confidence as we go forward."

Furman Head Coach Jeff Jackson
Thoughts on the game
"I thought John's team did a really nice job. We have six guys playing for us right now and I think that John did a really nice job of exploiting that. We struggled with the press at times which gave them some excitement and stretched the game for them. I thought our guys competed and played hard, but I won't lie, it's one of those times where it can be so overwhelming to have so many guys out at one time. We have to figure out what we need to do to dust ourselves off, and we have a home game on Saturday that we will be ready to play."

Thoughts on being limited off the bench
"We ran out of bodies. Nothing more. Our point guard started cramping up and we didn't have a sub for him. I think that was part of it but I don't want to take anything away from Chattanooga. Their press really hurt us at times. I thought we did a nice job of breaking it but there were some times where we would go two and three possessions at a time where we turned the ball over. They did a nice job of taking advantage of that, so we to give all the credit to Chattanooga."

Thoughts on playing his freshman
"Well, for us, we weren't planning on playing a lot of freshman coming into the season. Don't get me wrong. We love our freshman but we thought all of our freshman would be coming off the bench. I think anytime, especially at the mid major level, you're asking for a lot of trouble. It's going to be great for us in the future but right now it's very painful because even though their effort is good, their experience is lacking right now."

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