Postgame Quotes vs. Jacksonville State

Chattanooga Women’s Basketball Postgame Notes
Chattanooga at Jacksonville State
Pete Mathews Coliseum - Jacksonville, Ala.
Tuesday - Dec. 10, 2013

 Head Coach Jim Foster
Thoughts on the game
“I thought we played a lot harder in the second half with a lot more consistency.  We were a lot more selective about what we were going to do.  They had a problem matching up with Ashlen and we took advantage of that.”

 On Ashlen Dewart’s play
“She played very well tonight.  She is getting herself into great shape, and she knows there are people who can come off the bench and help us.  Today she was particularly effective, got a lot of minutes in and played well on both ends of the floor.”

Thoughts on Taylor Hall
“Taylor is a very good passer.  She gets a lot of touches and a lot more opportunities to make plays with good ball movement.  She has a lot of great attributes and skills that sort of blend into what we’re doing.”

 On Whitney Hartlage’s performance
“Whitney is going to be a good player.  She is picking things up and played against a very athletic team.  I told her they were trying to beat us off the dribble and she really had to move her feet.  I really liked what she did on the low block they tried to put on her, and she had a lot of trouble with that in our Colorado State game.  It’s nice to see her back and responding how she did.  She has a gift and she is finding out she is good in a lot of aspects of this game.  She can get into the lane, make passes and I think that is where she is growing.”

Ashlen Dewart, senior, forward
Thoughts on the inside game

“I think we definitely had mismatch inside today and I thought our guards did a great job of feeding it to us.  We really capitalized on that mismatch.”

On where she felt most successful
“The guards feeding me on the inside and the three really boosted me tonight.  We had that mismatch inside and we really worked that tonight.  I think it really worked well.  I like shooting the three, and Coach Foster is happy as long as I hit them.”

 On rebounding after the Hawaii trip
“I think we had a lapse in Hawaii, but we got back and competed in practice.  I think it showed how hard we’ve been working tonight but I still believe we have a long way to go.”


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