MBB Postgame Quotes at NKU - Dec. 15, 2013

Head Coach Will Wade
Thoughts on the game
“They just stirred our defense up and drove us at-will to the basket.  They did a good job of driving us.  They were quicker than us and really took us off the bounce.  They spread us out, drove us and shot a high percentage against us.  Pretty much the same game-plan as Morehead State had against us. We tried to play some zone, and we got a couple of stops in the zone, but we couldn’t rebound the ball out of the zone.  Rebounding was a concern coming into the game without Z, and we lost pretty heavily on rebounding.  I think 71 points should be enough to win a lot of games, but we just couldn’t get stops.”

On the matchups down low and their guards’ play
“Northern Kentucky presented some tough matchups for us.  We just couldn’t stop them down there.  Jackson was really good for them and controlled the game for them.  He played really hard and was all over the court.  They have some good guards that can really drive it.  We did a pretty good job by limiting their three-point attempts.  They usually take a lot more three’s. They made under their average, but they didn’t have to take as many with the way they were driving it to the rim.”

Thoughts on Chattanooga’s good start
“Our guys were ready to play.  I think we played every possession very hard until the end.  We were flying all around the court trying to make stuff happen.  The game just got away from us.  We got a stop of the first possession, but then we missed a block-out, they go inside and Pryor picks up his third foul.  We kind of weathered that storm, and it was at eight, then we went to the two-three zone, got a stop and they missed a shot.  They chased down a long rebound because we missed a block out there, and we never could get the stop or rebound that we needed to stop their momentum.  We did a good job of attacking most of the night but it just wasn’t enough because we weren’t getting stops.”

On moving on to UAB Wednesday
“UAB has an excellent team.  They are really good so we have to get ready and be ready to go on Wednesday.  They have a great guard in Chad Frazier and a big kid named C.J. Washington, and they have Rod Rucker who was the preseason conference player of the year.  He is a tremendous talent and plays as hard as anybody in the country.  It will be a big challenge for us.”

Casey Jones, sophomore, guard
Thoughts on Chattanooga rebounding
“We are shorthanded on the rebounding end without Z.  I work hard for the rebound but not having Z made a difference.  We didn’t have a post presence on the offensive end whatsoever.  He is our strongest player and post defender.  Against Northern Kentucky’s two big men, it was hard to get stops down there.”

On Northern Kentucky’s play
“They are a good team and they made a good run.  Greg Pryor got a third foul early and that took him out of the game.  We had to come in with a backup point which hurt us because I feel like he is one of our best defenders.  And an offensive rebound early in the second half killed us, too. We just have to get back to work and improve on those things.”

On putting up a fight near the end of the game
“We’re a team of multiple efforts.  We don’t quit and we play until the end. We don’t quit until it’s 0:0 on the clock no matter the score.  I think we showed that today, stayed in character and played every possession hard.”

Martynas Bareika, junior, guard
Thoughts on his shooting
“The first half, I had shots going in and I hit a couple of three’s. In the second half they started closing out harder and I couldn’t hit a shot.  I had to do something different and help the team because Z wasn’t playing.  I tried to be the guy who led the team, but it doesn’t really matter what I scored in the end because of the loss. It’s not an individual effort.”

Thoughts on Northern Kentucky’s post players
“It was hard to matchup against Northern Kentucky’s post players.  They are really strong guys who might look shorter than post guys, but they are strong and know what they are doing.  I am a mismatch for them and Z would have really helped us out.  But we can’t complain that he isn’t here.  It’s no excuse to lose a game if Z can’t play.  We have to play our best and move on from this one.”

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