Postgame Quotes vs. Elon


Chattanooga Women’s Basketball Postgame Quotes
Chattanooga at Elon
Alumni Gym – Elon, N.C.
Monday – Dec. 16, 2013

Head Coach Jim Foster
Thoughts on the game

“I thought we played great defense throughout the course of the game, but I thought the Harris kid really hurt us in the first half.  She was 7-for-7 and was really the only player that was hurting us.  In the second half she was 0-for-4 and we knew where she was.  The defense had to be good because offensively we were a little out of our minds for a while.  We were taking quick shots, and we aren’t a good basketball team when we take quick shots.  We negate so many of the attributes when we take quick shots.  We have great offensive rebounders, but quick shots come as a surprise and we the offensive rebounds disappear.  The lowest percentage shot in basketball is probably a jumpshot off the bounce.  If you want to win a game at the end of the shotclock then you might have to take it, but to take it six or seven times with 20 seconds to go on the shot clock is not smart basketball.  Once we started to understand that, we got quality shots.”

Thoughts on Red Payne’s play
“Part of our struggle was Red Payne getting two fouls in the first half.  You could see this was a game she was going to excel in, but the pace and tempo was off because we had a freshman point guard out there who had to learn pace and tempo.  It was a good way to win the game with her having a good second half.  We want to keep getting better and games like this give you the opportunity to see what you have to be better at.  I thought in the second half we were pretty good.”

On where the Mocs are in the season
“They were out there a little longer and out there at crunch time.  It will progress into a rotation as we go on in the season but it’s early.  These are two conference games early.  We still have a couple of non-conference games left and we aren’t even in January yet.  We really haven’t even played the first third of our schedule.  You want to be working on some things.  I think our defense is beginning to get pretty good.  We are rebounding the ball better and ball movement is a big deal with this team.  I think when it happens the way we need it to happen we are hard to guard.”

On Ashlen Dewart’s play
“She played at a good tempo.  She took her time and made some very nice moves on the baseline.  I made it a point last week to let her know it’s a shame the only people who know how good her footwork is are in our gym.  I think she is going to start to show people just how good her footwork is.  She had a lot of big-time baskets today.”

Alicia Payne
On her fould trouble early in the game

“He just told me after the game that I can’t do that.  Especially when our team is playing like that.  I have to be more careful.”

On the team’s defense in the second half
“I knew about the scoring but didn’t notice it while we were out there.  I thought we played good defense the last eight or nine minutes of the half.”

Thoughts on the team’s offense
“We have a lot of scorers on our team.  Ashlen, Tat, Ka’vonne and Taylor make it easy to find them and they are very smart.  When they score, it leave other people open.”

On her defensive style
“I just try to play hard.  I think our defense sparks our offense.  I think if we can get stops on defense then we really help our offense get better.”

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