Postgame Quotes vs. Jacksonville State

Head Coach Wes Moore
Thoughts on the game
"Annette Watts is always going to have a tough basketball team. They are fundamental, they are going to play hard and they are going to get after you. Tonight was no different, and I was a little disappointed in our effort. I think we got out-rebounded 26-17 in the second half, and that's hustle. I think they had a little more energy than we did tonight. It is disappoint from that standpoint, and we didn't shoot the 3-pointer very well. We were trying to stress being aggressive, attacking the basket and getting to the foul line at half time. We just didn't get that done. Then we'd have four people doing what they were supposed to do and one person would cause a breakdown on defense. It was a disappointing night, and maybe we can learn from the film and the experience. We need to fix it before the next time out."

On the dangers of playing a team in search of its first win
"I was afraid of it. You try to stress paying attention to the film, not listening to what the newspaper says and not looking at the record. They are a Division I program and they are all on scholarship. They can all play basketball. It's going to be a long night if you don't show up. It was disappointing because we have built some momentum and we're trying to win fans over. When you play a great game against Tennessee in front of 8,500 people, you want to build onto that. We want people to come back and continue to win fans over, but I don't know if this performance accomplished any of that."

On what led the Lady Mocs to the win
"We had Ashlen Dewart on the inside scoring and Kayla Christopher hit a couple of 3-pointers. We got to the offensive boards and we took care of the ball. We did some good things, but I am more concerned with the hustle stats. Those categories are the ones where I felt like we came up short, and, as a coach, that's always frustrating."

Taylor Hall, forward, junior
Thoughts on the game
"I wouldn't say we overlooked them or anything like that, we just didn't come out with energy like we needed to. We normally can get it going at some point throughout the game but we struggled to do that. We kind of survived this game, and I'm happy we got the win, but we have a lot of things that we need to work on and just get better at."

On her feelings after the game
"In a way, it almost feels like a loss because we didn't perform to the best of our ability and we know that. It's a little disappointing, but we will bounce back from it and be ready for Auburn."

Thoughts on the offense
"It's been a bad shooting night. I need to work on that. I just need to get in the gym and get some extra shots up so I can be able to knock down those shots."

On playing a team looking for its first win
"I don't think we over looked them because I know that any given night some teams can play really well and we can play really bad. We had that in the back of our mind but we just didn't have the right energy tonight. We couldn't feed off of it tonight. I just know we need to get it together before we play Auburn."

Ashlen Dewart, forward, junior
Thoughts on her performance
"I was only 9-for-15 so I missed a bunch of shots, but Kayla created a ton of shots, especially for me, with her rebounding. It wasn't just a post game because the guards have to work just as hard to give me the ball. Like Taylor said, I don't think we overlooked this team. We have a team with a lot of veterans, and we know that if you overlook somebody they're going to come in and beat you. We just came out sluggish and there is no excuse for it."

On what the team has to do to bounce back
"We're going to have to come into practice with energy and with a good attitude because Coach Moore is definitely not happy with this performance, and we aren't happy with it either. Like I said, we are a team full of veterans. We know better. Practice is going to be however we make it. If we come in with good attitudes and a lot of energy, he will be fine. If we come in sluggish like we did today, it's not going to be a good practice."

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