Postgame Quotes vs Samford

Chattanooga Basketball Postgame Quotes
Chattanooga at Samford
Pete Hanna Center - Birmingham, Ala.
Saturday - Jan. 5, 2013

Chattanooga Head Coach John Shulman
Thoughts on the game
"We came out and we were unbelievable. I think we were up 22-6 and it looked like we could play the Clippers. Not the Lakers, but the Clippers. We went on the road and won big. That doesn't happen all that often on the road in conference play. For them to come back and take a lead, it makes it more satisfying how we won than if we had won by a big margin. It would have probably been more fun if we had won big, but we did a good job of being tough. Being up 72-70, those three points we scored were very important. We told them that toughness to make the little plays are winning plays. That's how the Bulls beat the Heat last night, and we've talked about all of this stuff. We aren't better than a lot of people, but that doesn't matter. It doesn't matter if you're better, more talented or experienced. I guess the only thing that matters is the result and that's what we're trying to get."

On the emergence of Farad Cobb
"It's crazy how basketball works. I thought he was terrible against Reinhardt and Mercer, but then Casey Jones goes out. I was driving up to Johnson City and trying to get this thing figured out on the day after the Reinhardt. I knew there was only one answer. We needed to move Ronrico and tell Farad that the position was his. We communicated the whole break and I told him the entire time that he was our starting point guard. So I looked at it different and I coached him different, so hopefully the rest is history. Hopefully he goes on and has a great year, and we have Dontay Hampton coming back. We have a lot of stuff going on now."

Thoughts on the first conference road game of the season
"They pressured us and we turned it over. It's very simple, but they tried the same thing in the second half and doubled us in the post. I thought our post players did a great job of making plays out of the post. We just never could get the momentum or a stop. Give them credit with what they were doing with the zone offense. That bothered us a little bit, and give our guys credit for being able to blow a 16-point lead but look like the Lakers to hang in there. I told the freshmen that was a road conference game. That's what they have to expect every time out."

Farad Cobb, guard, freshman
Thoughts on his shooting game
"He told me to not stop shooting until he tells me not to shoot. I just try to have good judgment. I know what a good shot is, and I may take a few bad ones during a game, but I like to get my team mates involved."

Thoughts on the defense
"Our defense was a great challenge tonight, but it was a great road win for us."

Thoughts on winning the close game
"Coach Shulman always tells us to make all of the little plays because that's the difference in the game. We all wanted to keep the lead that we built early and make it larger, but we are happy with the close win. It made us grow as a team."

Martynas Bareika, guard, sophomore
Thoughts on hitting big three-pointers in the game
"I didn't really think about the score or the pressure. I was open and knocked the shot down. I just felt it. I feel like I brought some energy and our guys didn't quit fighting. We went up by 16 and then they started just knocking it down. Somebody had to put some energy out on the court. I hoped to be the one to step up."

Thoughts on his defensive effort
"I asked Coach Shulman to put me on Raijon Kelly. When he hit 17 in five minutes I asked Coach to put me on him. I don't think he scored anything else until the end of the half. I was so tired at the half because I put all of myself out there. When a guy gets so hot like that then somebody has to stop him. Somebody had to stop the bleed so I wanted to be that guy."

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