Postgame Quotes at Samford

Chattanooga Mocs Postgame Quotes
Chattanooga at Samford
Siebert Stadium (7,600) – Birmingham, Ala.
Saturday – Nov. 16, 2013

Head Coach Russ Huesman
On the play in the fourth quarter and overtime:
Great job by our team.  Unbelievable effort.  Wes Dothard’s interception…he makes plays all of the time.  Got us back in it, then our offense goes down and scores.  That was huge.  Overtime…it was tough.  Our defense stood tough and forced them to kick a field goal.  We don’t convert on a third down play and we miss a field goal.  We had opportunities to win that game.  We made so many mistakes during the course of that game, by a bunch of people.  Me included.  You can’t base a win or a loss on one or two things that happen during the course of the game.”

On Jacob Huesman’s play, despite a sore knee:
“I don’t think it changed our offense.  We tried to run him, there was just no running room inside.  We didn’t block them great.  We had to get it on the perimeter.  You guys could see…all of the jet-sweep stuff.  We were not limiting him in what he did, there were just nothing in there.”    

On what he said to Nick Pollard after the game:
“I said that if he blames himself for this loss, I will never forgive him.  I told him I loved him.  This loss is not on Nick Pollard.  This is on me.”

On the momentum shift following Dothard’s pick-6:
“Unbelievable.  Our guys, they don’t quit.  Our sideline was not dead.  Other than two big pass plays, I thought we played really good defense.  They caught the one big one, then the other one we blitzed.  Other than that…I thought our defense played really well.”

Does having already clinching at least a share of the SoCon title soften the blow of this loss:
“I told the guys, I know you are disappointed.  We all are, but you are conference champions.  You have won a conference championship.  You have won one, and we are probably going to the playoffs.  Everybody would have signed up for that before the season started, no question.  This is a tough one to lose.  Samford did a great job.  They played hard, they had a great game plan.  They did a great job.”

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