Postgame Quotes vs. Montreat - Nov. 16, 2013

Chattanooga Basketball Postgame Quotes
Chattanooga vs. Montreat
The McKenzie Arena - Chattanooga, Tenn.
Saturday - November 16, 2013

Head Coach Will Wade
Thoughts on the game
“I thought that we did some good things.  Forcing 20 turnovers is good, but I thought we took some steps back in other areas.  Our half-court defense was better tonight than it has been. I was disappointed that we couldn’t get our full court pressure going tonight, we just didn’t have it tonight.  We weren’t as into it as we needed to be. We’ve got to work on starting the games better.  We haven’t started well all season, so we’re going to shake things up.”

Thoughts on Z. Mason’s performance
“He played great in the first half.  He was a monster on the glass, especially on the offensive end.  He was attacking the rim. That was something that we had talked with him about.”

Thoughts on fouling
“We’ve been fouling a lot.  That’s something that we’ve got to get better at.  We can’t just walk people to the line. We’ve got to be smarter. We’re going to keep subbing liberally.  At the half we had four guys with two fouls, so we’ve got to disperse our fouls a little bit better.”

On the Full Court Press
“We didn’t have urgency to matchup and we didn’t have urgency in our traps.  We were just lackadaisical in our press, unacceptable effort.  We just didn’t have it in the press tonight and that’s who we are.  We are a pressing team.”

Z. Mason, Forward, Senior

Thoughts on the slow start
“Coach said he was going to fix it. It is definitely something that needs to be addressed.  That’s something that we need to be a good team.”

How Montreat was able to disrupt the Mocs’ defense
“We got off to a slow start.  The way they were able to break the press was funky, it was something different.  It was something that we haven’t seen before.”

On adjusting to Coach Will Wade’s press
“It’s a process. We’re still working on it.  We haven’t had that much intensity in the press.  It’s definitely different.”

Casey Jones, Guard, Sophomore
Thoughts on the game
“We can’t take too many good things away from a game like that.  We’ve got to focus on the negatives and try to fix what we can.  We went to the locker room and started talking about Kennesaw State.”

On the importance of the press
“With our size, the press is going to get us through a lot.  With Kennesaw State coming up, they’ll start three guys over 6-foot-7, so it will be a way to limit their touches in the paint.”

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