Junior OL Patrick Sutton.
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Mocs Media Luncheon - Quotes, Photos and Video

The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga football team is set to host Austin Peay this weekend.  The Mocs welcome the Governor’s to the Scenic City on Saturday, Sept. 14, at 6:00 p.m. (E.D.T.). 

Head Coach Russ Huesman and junior offensive lineman Patrick Sutton hosted members of the local media at McKenzie Arena today.  Below are excerpts from their press conferences.  Be sure to check out the attached video and photos.

Patrick Sutton, Offensive Lineman, Junior
Thoughts on the offensive performance

“I felt like we had something to prove Saturday since we really didn’t show anything against UT Martin. We weren’t electrifying or making big plays so I felt like we had a big chip on our shoulders, but we had some big plays against Georgia State. We put together plays against them that we didn’t against UT Martin. They were still normal play calls, but we were executing a little better.”

Thoughts on the offense putting up 400 rushing yards
“I take pride in that we rushed for so many yards. It is one of the better moments in my career. Any time you rush for 400 yards you’re doing something right. I thought that everybody up front did a great job. And our backs ran the ball hard. It wasn’t just the line. Everybody else was doing their jobs. Guys on the outside were blocking.”

On Keon Williams’ performance against Georgia State
“We saw Keon making plays and the energy that he was giving. It ran throughout the team. He had a big play, I think it was in the first quarter, where he just ran someone over. He jumped up and was doing some talking, and that really gave us something to go off of.”

Things worked on during practice last week, working on this week
“I don’t think we did anything different. I just think we had better practices. Nothing different – just better quality practices. Looking to Austin Peay, we know they have a great defense. We know they are very physical, but it is hard to gauge them knowing their last two games were against Tennessee and Vanderbilt. That’s something we are going to work on this week in practice is being physical. We are looking for a more physical mindset and seeing who can be more physical on Saturday.”

Head Coach Russ Huesman
Thoughts on running back Keon Williams:
He’s been good all camp. He had a great summer. He made a commitment to be good.  The only thing right now is I hated his ball security throughout the course of the game, and I told him that. If he can get the ball secured and run like he’s been running. When we were recruiting that’s what we thought he could be. I’m glad for Keon because he’s a great kid, and our team loves him. I’m excited for him. Hopefully we can continue that trend.” 

On Keon Williams running hard
“He ran hard against UT Martin, too.  We only gave him the ball eight times in that game and he had 40 yards. He ran hard in that game and I complimented him after the game about how hard he ran.  He’s been working real hard at it. When you work hard at something, normally good things happen, and it’s happened. Now he’s got to continue to do it. He’s had good days before, and kind of reverted back a little bit. I’ll probably play into him a couple of times a practice jus to keep him awake today. He’s a talented player.”

If running 400 yards is better than passing for 400 yards
Sometimes that’s the makeup of your team. When you’re running the ball a lot, and you’re a physical football team, I think you’re normally physical on both sides of the ball. Sometimes when you get hose pass happy teams, it’s spread all over and it’s tempo. All of a sudden it’s hard to defend physical teams, and sometimes that’s what happens. I haven’t done a statistical deal on that. I would say probably a lot of teams that are throwing it quite a bit are winning a lot of football games too.”

What stands out about Austin Peay
“I think they’re well coached, and I’ve noticed that about them.  You see them on film when you play Eastern Kentucky and Jacksonville State throughout the year. I’m impressed with how well they’re coached defensively and how hard they play defensively.  I don’t know the defensive coordinator personally but he does a really good job with their defense.  Offensively, last year as you watched them, there were a lot of different things.  I think towards the end of the year, it started to just throw it, air it out and throw the screens.  Obviously they are kind of spread out this year.  I think that’s the trend they’re going to go, but we never know. We’re going to have to prepare for a lot of things we saw on film last year that maybe they just didn’t feel so great about running. The more people you put in there, the harder it is to move them. The more you spread them out, the better chance you have.  I’d say their last two games and their first two games are pretty indicative of where they are.  There are probably a lot of things we’re going to have to get ready for to defend. You can see they have a great idea what they want to do offensively and defensively, and they will be well prepared coming in.”

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