Huesman Stays in the Present while Eyeing Future

Huesman Holds on to His Dreams
by Jim Horten,

(Editor’s Note: This parody marks the final August feature heading into the season. The previous serious looks at unheralded captains Josh Freeman and Tommy Hudson can be found at these links: Freeman | Hudson. The Mocs kick off the 2014 season a week from today at Central Michigan – 8/28. The home opener is Saturday, November 6 against Jacksonville State. Call 266-6627 or go online at to purchase tickets.)

Every student-athlete that begins a collegiate career has dreams of a professional one in his or her sport. Some are reality based, while others are just that, dreams. It’s part of the beauty of college athletics.

Chattanooga Mocs junior Jacob Huesman is no different. He knew at an early age what his was and what it takes to get there.

“I enjoyed playing a lot of sports as a kid,” Huesman stated. “They were fun, but football…now that was my love. It’s been a dream come true getting to this point in my career.

“It has taken a lot of hard work,” he added. “I know it’s going to take even more to reach my goals.”

He certainly has his admirers.

“He wasn’t the league’s offensive player of the year for nothing,” said senior placekicker Nick Pollard. “Jacob has been integral to a lot of points over the last two seasons. Two things really stand out to me. He has great hand-eye coordination and makes all the right decisions game-in and game-out.”

To make it to the NFL, he is going to have to overcome a growing trend. There was a time when the league had a varied mix at the position, but it has become more type-casted in recent years.

“You can’t really let that factor into what you’re trying to accomplish,” Huesman added. “That’s all outside factors you can’t control. All I can do is continue to work hard every day to make those decisions easier for people.”

The coaching staff has someone on it that has shared that dream. Wide receivers coach and recruiting coordinator Will Healy was a college quarterback and special teams performer at Richmond which won the FCS National Title during his senior season in 2008. Healy knows those dreams all too well.

“Every time you begin to play ball at one level, you dream about taking the next step,” Healy noted. “Whether it’s middle school, you think about high school then on to college and so on. You always have the dream of taking the next step and playing at the next competitive level.

“I don’t think it matters what position you play, you just want to have the opportunity,” he added. “There are some guys who are naturally gifted to get there, there are guys who have to work to get there.”

Is it a dream or reality waiting to happen? We shall see, but Huesman knows he has the character, makeup and ability to be a holder for years to come if given the right opportunity at the next level.

“I still have two years left to work on my holding,” Huesman concluded. “It’s a dream, but you have to stay in the present and keep at it every day. Could I be the first holder drafted? Possibly. Could I become the first holder in the Hall of Fame?

“That’s the stuff dreams are made of.”

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