Postgame Quotes

Chattanooga Mocs Football - Postgame Quotes
Chattanooga at USF
Raymond James Stadium - Tampa, Fla.
Saturday - Sept. 1, 2012

Opening Statement:
"I think we could have played better. I thought South Florida played hard. I thought they were a pretty physical team. They could run just like we thought.  It is a well coached football team. They took away some things away from us, but that being said, I think we could have played better. I was a little disappointed in our football team. Again, South Florida had a lot to do with that, no question. They are good. I told my team they are going to win a bunch of football games but we cannot be satisfied with how we played. We played hard, I just don't think we executed great. We will watch the film and maybe they had all to do with that. I'm kind of disappointed in how we played."

Were you surprised with how well they shut you down in the first quarter?
"They are physical. They are good on defense. They have good players, they can run. We won't face, and I'm not just saying it, we won't face players like that again this year. We just won't. Hopefully we can block a little bit better, we didn't block them well. Hopefully we block better as we get going into the season here. They have good players, they are hard to block."

On the play of the Quarterbacks:
"(Huesman) completed some balls. That's what we needed. We had an 80-yard drive where I think we got the hold and we scored a touchdown. He had that drive and we threw it and caught it and made some plays and I think as soon as that occurred we decided to stay with him. That's the way it will be. Whether it is Jacob or Terrell, you get the hot hand and you start to make some plays then that is the direction you have to go. I don't think offensively we were very good. We dropped some passes, we did illegal chop blocks, we had holds, things like that, we had no chance to move the ball with those things."

On the play of the defensive line:
"Our defensive line. Our front seven. This is one match-up I think we won. Our defensive line verses their offensive line. And whether Skip (Holtz) agrees with me or not, we won that battle. We were on B.J. Daniels all day and it was our defensive line. They were phenomenal. Davis Tull and Josh Williams, they are the best ends in our league, I don't care who they are. We actually won that battle. Their receivers beat our DBs; their quarterback was better than our defense. But our defensive line, I believe, worked their offensive line.

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