Postgame Quotes vs. Glenville State
Chattanooga Head Coach Russ Huesman
Thoughts on the game
"It was a solid game. I thought we played well offensively and defensively. I even thought our kicking game was solid. Defensively we held them to 80 something yards, I think. That is an offensive team that is averaging 450 yards and 40 points a game. I thought our defense stepped up and played like they're supposed to play. We actually dropped about 12 interceptions, but we have to make those plays when we have opportunities like that. I was very pleased, and I think we played pretty well."

Thoughts on Davis Tull's performance
"Yes, I guess he drilled a guy on that pick pretty good. I've been saying all along he's a player. He can run, he can jump, he's strong, he works hard at the game, and he studies more film than anybody we have on the football team. He's legit and he can play." 

On the offensive plan of using two quarterbacks
"I thought our offensive coaches did a great job of scheming ways to get Terrell on the field with Jacob and get the ball in Terrell's hands. I think we had 16 plays designed with Terrell in there and we executed about eight or nine. So we had a pretty big package with him in the game. We also said that we were going to bring him in the game and play quarterback, just like we said before the season started. The double-move he put on in the second play of the game was a big time move. I'm really proud of Terrell and Jacob. But again, we left some things out there. We drove the ball 98 yards and didn't get a touchdown. I guess I should have kicked the field goal there, but I thought the game was in pretty good hands. I thought Jacob could have probably walked the third down play in. I got on him pretty good. He threw an incomplete pass, but he needs to know where the third down marker is, and he needs to know when to keep the ball and run. But I thought our whole offense did a great job."

Thoughts on Terrell Robinson's touchdown catch in the first quarter
"We were actually going to run that play the first play of the game, but Satterfield came up to me today and said he wanted to run Marquis around so we could get it on the hash we needed to be on to execute the play. So it played out just how we had thought. And that's what you need. You need to get positive yardage, and that's what we did. It scripted out the way the offensive coaches wanted it to."

On getting Keon Williams carries
"Keon had about nine carries in the first half, and he gets tough yards for us. J.J. Jackson also ran the ball very well today. Kenny Huitt showed signs of what kind of back we think he can be for us. And Marquis Green just does a little bit of everything for us. I have to say we dropped way too many balls. It was ridiculous. We can't drop that many balls and expect to beat a majority of the schools in the Southern Conference. We have to catch the football."  

On what Chattanooga can take from the win
"We got to play a lot of people there at the end of the game, and I wanted our kids to get some confidence. I think you'll go back and you'll see South Florida is going to be really good this year, and Jacksonville State is going to be really good this year. We don't look at it like that because you don't know how they're going to end up but I guarantee they're both going to be really good. I really wanted our kids to get their confidence back. I think sometimes when you lose two games in a row, you begin to wonder if you're any good. This was a game we had to get confidence back. I think we have a really good team, and we're capable of moving the ball. Somehow we have to generate more big plays like Jacob to Terrell.


Glenville State Head Coach David Hutchison
Thoughts on the game
Obviously we are very disappointed with the outcome and how we played. We obviously give credit to Chattanooga. That was a very good football team we played. They are very well coached and defensively did some things that created problems. They did a good job scheming against us, and their defensive front dominated the line of scrimmage and forced us in long yard situations. We didn't execute how we needed them to. Their offense had a lot of weapons. They were really good on third down. We thought we had some stops, but then the quarterback or the running back would do a good job of just getting enough and getting that other yard. So they got to reload on first down, and any time that happens, it's not a good outcome for your team."

On what the Pioneers can pull from the loss
"Each week we are working to get better. We are going to go back and regroup. Offensively and defensively, look at what mistakes we had and we will learn from it. We are a good football team and we will bounce back. We head to Lindenwood next week. We have a week to prepare for that and we will be ready to go."

Thoughts on the Chattanooga offense
"Any time you are facing a scheme that has a running quarterback, or multiple quarterbacks as they used tonight, that gives you some extra things you have to worry about defensively. You always have to worry about them taking off and running the football. They executed it very well and they also can throw. You have a group that can hit you with the pass, or they can also give it to a really talented couple of running backs. They can also have the quarterback keep it as well. Their guys up front played well and created some holes. They got a nice team."

On what the offense did to prepare for Chattanooga's defense
"I was talking to Coach Huesman before the game and asked him which defensive end was better. Josh Williams and Davis Tull are so talented. They play the run well, but they are even better against the pass. It was hard for us to block. The scheme that they used a lot against us tonight was something that they ran against Appalachian State last year against the spread, and the spread run team going to the three man front more. We had to go back to last year to see them even run that except for the two minute drill against South Florida. So, we had to spend some time making sideline adjustments when they decided to go with the three man front and go with so many guys on the underneath routes. They did a good job double teaming Orlandus Harris, our slot reciever, and they seemed to have two guys on him all the time."

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