Football Postgame Quotes vs. Appalachian State

Chattanooga Head Coach Russ Huesman
Thoughts on the game
"The offense wasn't good. I thought Jacob missed a lot of throws. He had some people open but missed a lot of throws. I don't think he played very well, and I hate to say that. I'm not pointing fingers at anyone because there was no running room in there today for anybody. Obviously, offensively we were horrible across the board. I'm sure we're going to put the film on and there will be guys fighting hard and playing well, but it wasn't a good day offensively. I didn't think defensively either."

Thoughts on improvements to be made
"We have to throw the ball better and catch the ball better. I don't want to say protect better because I thought the protection was decent, and I know we protected. We have to figure out ways to get the ball out of their hands and get balls completed. There are so many little things. We missed Ron Moore on that one and just over threw it. We will look and see where we are with it and kind of make decisions as we go from here."

Thoughts on the offense
"In the first half, I think what they did well offensively was create good turnovers, which was good and got a lot of points offensively. We got the ten points. That was a good thing but it was the same thing. We missed a ton of tackles, we had opportunities. We had a big fourth down stop, too. We probably played o.k. in the first half defensively, but we gave up a throw there right before the half that hurt. Maybe they were just a better team than us. You have to give them credit. I'm sure this was a tough week of practice for them, and I'm sure their coached probably had a little bit more attention to detail. I think that's what we have to do. As coaches, we have to come back and have more attention to detail in everything that we are doing and how we're practicing. We're not going to change the offense. We will reevaluate it to see who played well, and the guys who played well will play and that's the bottom line."

Thoughts on the fourth quarter
"They just out played us in the fourth. They just whooped us in the fourth quarter. They just physically whooped us on both sides of the ball in the fourth quarter."

Appalachian State Head Coach Jerry Moore
Thoughts on the game
"It was an awesome game for us. You never know how a game will go. I was unbelievably proud of our football team to come back like they did after getting down 10-0. When you're able to do something like this, it is hard to single out players. I am proud of Will Corbin and Ian Barnard. They are the guys who started at tackle for us tonight because of circumstances we didn't actually know about until Thursday. Dwayne Ledford coaches them, gets them ready to play and show a lot of confidence in those players. Those guys didn't know they were going to start until late yesterday afternoon, and I am really proud of the way our team fought back. That is real stuff."

Thoughts on the game's last 11 minutes
"I think the last 11 minutes was one of the best segments we've played this season. I was disappointed that they scored there at the last. We gave them a couple of big plays, but we still played very well. From the second quarter on, we played really well."

Thoughts on receiver Sean Price
"He is almost a freak. He has unbelievable talent. He has great concentration. I was surprised he didn't catch the ball down around the 30 going in toward the scoreboard. Two Chattanooga players challenged him for the ball. It was almost like the throw he caught for a touchdown. He is quick and a great athlete."

Thoughts on the ASU defense
"Our defense played extremely well. There were two turnovers inside the 20 that gave Chattanooga a short field to get those 10 points, but our defense didn't let that bother them. We were resilient although it started out much like last week did."

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