Postgame Quotes vs The Citadel

Chattanooga Basketball Postgame Quotes
Chattanooga at The Citadel
McAlister Field House - Charleston, S.C.
Thursday - Jan. 10, 2013

Chattanooga Head Coach John Shulman
Thoughts on the game
"Like I told them in the locker room, that is a road game. That is a road win. Road games are different than home games. We came out alright offensively, and they really extended their zone so much that we had to do a lot of things we weren't really accustomed to but did a good job with. To be good defensively we have to end every defensive possession and rebound the ball. I told them that at the end. If we want to take that next step, we have to rebound the ball. We have to get more physical and rebound the ball. We didn't rebound the ball very well. We need to be plus-nine, but we were plus-three. The Citadel had 13 offensive rebounds, and I knew how physical they were. I knew it was going to be harder than it was against Samford to rebound the basketball."

On Dontay Hampton's play
"Dontay Hampton was pretty good. When he gets his legs under him then he will start making plays in the full court. He had a lot of those opportunities tonight but didn't. That almost cost me an early exit, but he is not a chemistry killer. The guys have so much respect for him. You can't go through what he went through with an ACL surgery and not gain the respect of your team mates. This is his senior year, and he senior year was blown because of this ACL. We want him to be successful and we need him to be successful. Did he make big shots or what? And he wasn't nervous about it. It looked like he had been playing all season. He has the 'it' factor. He is a winner. He was what I thought he was going to be. He came out calm and collected, and I am proud of what he did out there, but it was a team effort. I thought Drazen was much better offensively than he has been. He was 6-for-6 with two offensive rebounds and a defensive rebound. I thought he looked comfortable on offense and he made big plays when we needed him. We were down by 10 in the second half on the road. I don't think you give that one back."

Thoughts on coming back after being down by 10 in the second half
"They spread their two-three so much that nothing was open on the perimeter. The only thing that was open was inside the zone, and we put Z. Mason inside. We made that switch and out coaches did a nice job of recognizing we needed to make that switch at half. We ran it to start the half on a little lob to Drazen, but then they started playing the lob which left Z. Mason uncontested by 10 feet. We kept going back to that. I said we were going to keep riding him because he has been pretty good for us. We are usually in a situation where we look up at the scoreboard and they have committed 10 team fouls, but we had to make the one-and-one shots. Those make you very uncomfortable. I brought Dontay over to the bench near the end and told him that if Mason misses the first one with 6.7 second and we're up by three, we are fouling on the way down. So we were fouling on the way down, but I didn't want to let everybody know. We also did a really nice job of getting the ball in bounds with no timeouts. We did a nice job of closing out a win. I don't think we took a lead until about one minute to go, but we'll take it. We can't pat ourselves on the back. We have to watch the tape, clip it and spend our first hour tomorrow when we meet talking about those clips, getting better and working on things we have to work on. Then we will start getting ready for Charleston tomorrow evening and go from there. You can't doubt or have too much confidence in yourself. You have to keep on working."

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