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Chattanooga Basketball Postgame Quotes
Chattanooga vs. College of Charleston
McKenzie Arena - Chattanooga, Tenn.
Monday - Jan. 14, 2013

Chattanooga Head Coach Wes Moore
Thoughts on the game
"We made things interesting, that's for sure. First half, we came out with a lot of energy and we were able to force turnovers that led to offense. We were knocking down shots and it was a good first half. Second half, you have to give them credit. I thought we came out the first few minutes and played solid. We did some good things, but then they slowly turned the tide and we started having some careless turnovers. They hit a couple of shots. With Frye, we did a pretty good job on her. I think she banked one in during the first half, but during the second half she got free for a couple of threes, and next thing you know we got a nail bitter. I'm proud of the way our kids stepped up when they had to. We got a little sloppy there for a while but in the last few minutes when we had to have it. Ashlen hit some big buckets, Kayla Christopher knocked down free throws and we did a much better job of taking care of the ball and getting some stops. I'm glad that we were at home and we were able to hold on there but we're going to have to play better for 40 minutes. We are not going to be able to have spurts if we are going to be successful and go where we want to go."

Thoughts on the second half
"I think we panicked a little bit. I think Charleston started making a run and we had a couple of silly turnovers. They hit a shot or three and got some momentum. We had to adjust the way we were playing pick on the ball finally because Price started hitting a couple of threes, so, we adjusted there and maybe should have done it a little bit sooner. They were very physical with us and we tried to set a pick on the ball, and they were really pushing us off of it so it got a little scary there down the stretch. But again, some people stepped up."

Offense during the second half
"I don't think we hit a three the second half. In fact, we only took two so they did a good job of getting a lot of pressure on the perimeter and making it tough for them to get open looks. They were physical with Ashlen. She had trouble finishing a couple times there but when we had to have it, she knocked them down and Kayla Christopher; that was money. We had to try to get her the ball every chance we could down the stretch and put her on the line so that we could avoid what happened last Monday night from the foul line."

Thoughts on Alicia Payne
I wish she would shoot the ball a little better. She needs to get in the gym and keep working. She was taking care of the ball. She had four assist and one turnover. She makes plays on defense and she is a little more aggressive, she's hustling and flying around. We just felt like we had to make a change there. The last five minutes we gave her a chance because we have to find out if she can handle it. I thought she did an excellent job of taking care of the ball, running the team, and making some plays on defense. Coach Murray said we may need to sub her out for foul shooting situation, but I just felt like we could get the ball to Kayla and they would have to foul her and we were able to do that."

Kayla Christopher, guard, senior
Thoughts on the game.

"I think we had a 27 point lead there at the beginning of the second half and Coach Moore said it's not over yet. They fought back and you have to give them credit for being tough and making a game of it. I'm really proud of us though for making big plays when we had to and knocking down our free throws and I think that is really important."

Thoughts on changes in the second half
"I think it was just not making our shots. I think we had seven turnovers at halftime and ended the game with fourteen turnovers, so we didn't really turn the ball over anymore in the second half. We shot a lot worse in the second half than the first half."

On concerns during dry spots in the game
"It's going to happen. That's when our defense and rebounding have to take over and keep us in the game. Coach Moore says that we are going to have bad shooting day but that's when the great teams win. That's when we have to step our defense up and get the rebounds."

Ashlen Dewart, forward, junior
On composure and confidence after a 20 point lead

"Yeah it does rattle you a little bit when that happens but I think that we have some great leaders on the team in Kayla and Kylie and it definitely showed tonight. The experience and leadership on this team helped keep us composed in the tough times."

Thoughts on free throws down the stretch
"The free throws definitely helped us out tonight and I'm glad that we've improved in those. We are going to keep working on them. We still have to make our shots though."

On the team's intensity
"We have been working on that in practice. We have been working on competing a lot harder. I mean we have been diving on the floor and hitting each other. We are trying to turn up our intensity and have attitude when we play. There are going to be times when the shots don't fall and that's when our effort and intensity have to take over and win us the games."



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