Postgame Quotes vs. Georgia Southern

Chattanooga Head Football Coach Russ Huesman:
On tonight’s effort:
I’ll give our guys credit holding them to 23 points. Great defenses stop them…bottom line. I told our football team this…they fought. Our team fought…we’ve got a lot of fighters in there. But we shot ourselves in the foot too many times with penalties.”

On 11 penalties:
We shot ourselves in the foot too many times tonight.”

We played hard, both sides of the ball, we fought tooth and nail and I appreciate that. It will help us down the road.”

On J. Huesman to Williams 57-yard TD play on first 2nd half possession: “He got some good blocking and Keon runs the ball well. Keon’s a good player.”

On 4th quarter momentum: “We had the ball down there, and we shot ourselves in the foot to get the touchdown called back. That’s 28-17 now and all the sudden we’re way up and we get one called back.”

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