Freshman Dee Virgin meets with the media Tuesday afternoon at McKenzie Arena to discuss the Mocs' upcoming game against Samford.
Quotes, Photos & Video from Tuesday's Mocs Media Luncheon

The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga football team looks to claim the Southern Conference championship for itself Saturday at 3 p.m. in Birmingham, Ala., as the Mocs take on Samford. Chattanooga is 6-1 in the SoCon while the Bulldogs stand at 4-2.

Chattanooga head coach Russ Huesman, sophomore quarterback Jacob Huesman, junior kicker Nick Pollard and freshman defensive back Dee Virgin all spoke to the local media today about the game. Quotes from each press conference are below, with photos and videos attached to this story.

Head Coach Russ Huesman
Thoughts on the win against Wofford, how if affect the team going against Samford

“That’s a big win for us this past weekend. I think we all know how good Wofford is and has been. They’ve been in a championship hunt for a long time, and for us to get a win against a good team like that is huge for our team and program. We’re really excited about that, but we have to put that behind us quickly because this game coming up this weekend is pretty big. Playoff and SoCon ramifications come with it. It is important that our guys get refocused, energized and have a great week of practice.”

Thoughts on the play of Nakevion Leslie
“He has always been a good cover guy. He has always been very athletic. He played corner in high school and we kind of envisioned him as being a linebacker at some point. He’s got a skills set to play pass defense. You get a little concerned with how he defends the power-run teams and triple options, but we saw that he did a really nice job of taking on blocks this week. I think it is going to help us now that he has gotten to play some linebacker because he is going to be a pretty good pass-cover guy.”

Thoughts on Nick Pollard’s season
“Nick had a really good year last year all except a couple of missed field goals, and I think we were second in the league in net punting. We‘re sitting second in the league right now in the same category and he has done a great job of that. His kickoffs have been exactly where we want them nearly every time and now he is making field goals. When we signed him out of high school, we knew he was good. I had people telling me constantly how good he was when he was in high school. He is doing a great job and we’re happy to have him back next year.”

Jacob Huesman, Sophomore, Quarterback
Thoughts on the Wofford defense
“They made some great adjustments. They have a really talented defense, and we knew they were good. We knew it wasn’t going to be easy to move the ball on them. Honestly, I was a little surprised at how quickly we got down there and scored the first two times. I think we saw the real Wofford after that. They made adjustments and slowed us down, making it tougher and having to settle for a couple of field goals. That made the quick start huge and it helped set the tone for the game. It got the defense going a little bit and it ended up being the difference.”

On reaching new milestones with every win
“As we get toward the end of the year, it seems like we always have a new milestone to reach. There are a lot of streaks to be broken and a lot of history to be made here. It just seems like there is something new every Saturday, and it’s fun because sometimes you don’t know about it. I’ll have somebody come up to me afterwards and ask me if I knew we’d done something special and I don’t even know about it until then. It’s nice to know 2013 will be a year that people look back on when looking for those ‘last time the Mocs did’ notes. It’ll be nice to say that’s when I was there.”

Dee Virgin, Freshman, Defensive Back

Thoughts on his interception against Wofford
“My first intention was to just not let them catch the ball. I just went up and made a great play. I went up with my right hand and it kind of deflected in a way that allowed me to cup it with my left hand. It was a phenomenal play.”

On playing Samford’s passing offense
“You can say we’re kind of looking forward to it. I am just going to go out there and stand my ground. I have to keep doing what I am doing and stop anyone from getting a catch deep downfield.”

On the feelings inside the locker room after the Wofford win
“The intensity and excitement in the locker room was awesome. Everyone was on top of the game and happy to be champions. We’re just happy to have that win. That’s what it’s all about. But there’s still a lot left to do. Our journey isn’t complete yet and we have to keep going out there and winning.”

Nick Pollard, Kicker, Junior
On his 78-yard punt against Wofford

“I feel a little like a weapon. I feel like this year is different because we are netting one or two yards more, but I feel like I’ve had more pooch-punts than anything this year. When you have an opportunity like that to switch the field, it is pretty important. I am blessed, and the wind kind of took that kick so that helped a lot. The coverage team did a great job of covering it.”

Thoughts on using the rugby punt
“I think the biggest problem is trying to kick it away from them. We play Alabama this year and they’re always filled with star players. It’s going to be a little more on me to kick it away from them, and that’s the advantage of doing the rugby punt. I can kick it wherever I want, and I don’t have to hang it that high in the air unless I really need to. They key is just to get the ball on the ground and let it roll.”


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