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University of Tennessee at Chattanooga Athletics Speakers Bureau (FAQ)

Q: What is the Speakers Bureau?

A: The Speakers Bureau is one of the ways UTC Athletics gives back to the community by providing speakers for schools, clubs and other organizations. The speeches are generally inspirational in nature, and provide a positive role model for young and old alike.

Q: Can any organization get involved?

A: Yes. By contacting us at least two weeks prior to your event, the UTC Athletic Speakers Bureau will guarantee a high quality speaker for your group.

Q: Can organizations request specific coaches, administrators or staff?

A: Yes. However, based on schedules and other commitments, your first choice is not always granted. It is best to come up with a couple of different names in your request. It is also suggested to contact us as early as possible, so we can make arrangements to get the first requested speaker.

(NOTE: the most requested speakers are generally our head football, head men's basketball and head women's basketball coaches. Unfortunately because of this, they are also the most likely to turn down a speaking engagement because of the volume of requests.)

Q: Can groups suggest a topic?

A: Absolutely. We urge any group to suggest a topic, along with providing basic information about the audience for that speaking engagement.

Q: How do I request a speaker?

A: The quickest way to contact us is to click here and fill out the form, and e-mail it. You can also make your request via phone by calling Andrew Horton, Assistant Athletics Director for External Relations at (423) 425-5285.

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