Postmatch Quotes vs. Iowa & Cumberland

Chattanooga Wrestling Postmatch Quotes
Iowa & Cumberland at Chattanooga
Maclellan Gym - Chattanooga, Tenn.
Friday - Nov. 16, 2012

Head Coach Heath Eslinger
Thoughts on how your team fought in tonight's match:
"I think we left some on the table tonight and you never want to do that. But they're a great team, I guess if we're realistic that's what they were supposed to do to us but it's just not what we want to accept. We do not train to get beat we train to win and that's the bottom line. I don't care who it is I don't like it and its frustrating."

Is this experience for your team to build on in the future?
"I think we saw some areas where we need to get better. The last three weeks of competition really provided us an education in areas we need to work on and now we have three or four weeks to actually get back in the practice room and get better. We have great kids on this team right now that I believe will bounce back and we'll move forward."

How excited are you for Niko and Alex to get a win?
"I am excited but I expected them to win. I thought we could win at 174 and I thought we could win at 125. If you want to be a national champion you have to beat the national champion. And I want guys that want to be national champions. I think we have them and I think we might have settled a little bit tonight."

Thoughts on Nick Soto's match:
"I was surprised. I think he relaxed I don't think he knew he was in as much danger as he was and he needs to fix that. I was definitely shocked by that. We're his coaches so we have to help him fix that and find a way for him to work through it."

Thoughts on the big crowd in Maclellan Gym tonight:
I want to give a big thanks to the community for coming out we had a big crowd tonight. I hope people will come back out when we wrestle Illinois and when we wrestle our conference schedule. This was a great day though."

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