Postgame Quotes vs Davidson- Dec. 1, 2012

Head Coach John Shulman
Thoughts on the Mocs offensive execution
"We shot 30 percent from the floor. It was horrific and I am disappointed. It was horrific, but kind of expected. We just played the best team in the league, and we're not quite there yet."

Thoughts on looking young against an experienced team
"There's no doubt we looked young. It was our first league game and we didn't answer the bell. We looked dazed and scared in the first half. You saw the experienced team versus the inexperienced team. We played the most experienced team. Davidson is a great team. We aren't ready yet. It isn't a secret. I knew that coming in. We're hoping to catch lightning in a bottle, but you can't compete with them if you miss seven free throws in the first half. You have to capitalize on everything on every possession. We're not close yet, but I do appreciate people coming out and watching the game. I just apologize to them on how it looked."

On what his team can learn from tonight's game
"If you're not a competitor and you're not a bit embarrassed about that, then you're probably not a competitor. I would take the sting of being embarrassed on your home floor and get my tail back to work. That's the biggest thing that I want them to take from it. Davidson is the biggest and the best, and that is what we're trying to get to. Those guys are old and experienced, and they played like they are old and experienced."

Thoughts on pulling within 13 at the half
"If we're going to get beat, let's at least battle and fight. We were on our heels the whole first half. We have to give Davidson a little resistance and show them we know how to play the game. We came out and did decent stuff early, but we couldn't sustain. After a while of the ball not going into the basket, it gets demoralizing. But we can't cry about it. We have to get back on the horse and go. If we have to make some changes, we have a lot of time right now. We have a lot more practice time than we do games. This will be good for us. It wasn't good for us tonight, but Davidson is a great team. Our young guys were taught a lesson tonight."

Z. Mason, junior, forward
On what the major difference between the Mocs and Davidson was tonight
"The difference tonight was the experience. Those Davidson guys have been to NCAA Tournaments and won SoCon Tournaments. They have guys who have been playing for three or four years. They had the upper hand because we have a lot of young guys."

Thoughts on the Davidson offense
"They knocked down a lot of shots. We played hard, but you can't keep them from making shots. We had them on the shot clock a few times, but they always seemed to find a way to fire up a three. They are a great shooting team, and we knew that coming in."

Thoughts on Chattanooga's defense
"It is really deflating to constantly have to bounce back after missing a shot and they come down and hit a three. But that is tough in any game. It was like fighting an uphill battle the entire game. Having to battle back and watching them make so many shots is really deflating on defense. This is really a learning experience for all of us. That is something we can take away from this game moving forward."

On what the Mocs need to work on moving forward
"I feel like defense is what we need to continue to work on. We need to continue to emphasize defense and working hard. We have a lot of good guys that can play for us. We have to keep sticking to our principles and everything will fall into place. It didn't show tonight, and that is the worst part about it. It was a tough SoCon opener, but we just have to go back to work and we'll be fine."

Gee McGhee, freshman, guard
Thoughts on the game
"I'm just angry because I felt that we could have won the game, and I didn't expect it to get that out of hand. I feel like we are a great basketball team and I didn't feel that we played to our potential tonight. Davidson had a good game. Every night is not going to be your night. You just have to go to the next day and get better."

On what the Mocs lacked tonight
"We didn't harass the ball how we practiced. We practiced on harassing the ball, getting steals and just making the defender's life horrible. But tonight we crept up on them, and they're used to seeing open shots. They knocked them down. They did what they were supposed to do."

Davidson Head Coach Bob McKillop
Thoughts on the game
"This was a very good conference victory on the road. That is very difficult to come by. Chattanooga is Chattanooga. No matter what their record is, they are still incredible in the Southern Conference. Any time you come to the Round House you know it is going to be a challenge. I was delighted, thrilled, and pleased with the poise that we had with the basketball tonight offensively. I thought we were superb in moving the basketball."

Thoughts on Chattanooga's play
"I have seen the way John's teams have progressed year after year. I think, in fact, the last time he went to the NCAA tournament they struggled part of that year and just got better and better as the season progressed. People of Chattanooga should understand that John Shulman bleeds Chattanooga and I know the way he prepares. He has multiple defenses. He runs outstanding sets. He tries to capitalize on players and match ups. They are going to get better."

Overall thoughts on his team
"They are a very mature and experienced team, they understand openings and they understand where people are. They play very well together. They also understand that each one of them can score. They are not afraid to make that next pass. I felt that beginning to end that it was our best offensive performance of the year."

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