Postgame Quotes vs Georgia Tech

Chattanooga Basketball Postgame Quotes
Chattanooga at Georgia Tech
McCamish Pavilion - Atlanta, Ga.
Wednesday - Jan. 2, 2013

Chattanooga Head Coach John Shulman

Thoughts on the game
"I still think that if we rebound the ball, we win this game. Even within the final four minutes of the game, we were one possession away from making it a little tight on them. We were always just right there, but we did a poor job on the boards. That is what we have to figure out. It may be the fact that they have 6-foot-9 athletes and we have 6-foot-5 athletes. We gave up 10 points in the first half on second chance points and on silly things, but we just got annihilated in the second half on the glass. If we don't get hurt on the glass, we probably do something pretty neat here because we made them miss enough shots. Our defensive rebounding was just poor."

On what the team has to improve on moving forward
"We did a nice job of coming out in the first half and did some nice things. The game was simply won and lost on the glass. We have to do a better job of rebounding the basketball. Losing Casey Jones hurts us on the defensive end and on the glass. We are going to go back to the film and watch for rebounds. We are going to look to see if it is a box-out issue, not going up to grab it or it is just because they were bigger."

Thoughts on momentum coming in and going away from this game
"We came in here with momentum and, to me, we didn't lose any momentum. We didn't lose any traction. You can look at the score all you want to but this was a five point game at the half. Like I said, we came out and did good things in the second half but couldn't get a rebound. We stopped them on their end but couldn't get a rebound. We were down 13-0 at one point on the glass, but that just isn't who we are. If we have to regroup and have an ice bath party tomorrow, we will. We need to make sure our legs are fresh, and that is the most important thing leaving here. I like where we are going offensively, I like what we did defensively, for the most part, and you have to give credit to Georgia Tech. There are a lot of people who don't have a lot of things they do against the zone but they do. That's why I didn't feel comfortable about the zone, and they have set after set against the zone. They took advantage of it. But we didn't lose any momentum or any traction. If anything, I think our guys leave here thinking we have a chance to be a lot better than people thought we would."

Thoughts on the team's growth
"He sent me a text at about 11:30 p.m. last night and told me he was going to come out of his slump. He said he felt it and he felt good. He made some big plays tonight, and we are getting closer. I just talked to a man I haven't seen in a year and he told me he loved our team. He said he saw us play at Mercer last year and said he's take this team over last year's any time. So, we have 17 games and we are going for a ride. Hang on because who knows where that ride is going to take us. I feel pretty good about starting that journey."

Z. Mason, forward, junior
Thoughts coming into the game
"We came down here to get a win. We were looking to carry the momentum from the Dr Pepper Classic into this game, but we just came up short today."

Thoughts on fouling early in the game
"I picked up two dumb fouls and it really hurt our momentum during the game because we came out pretty strong. Once we got into foul trouble they really picked it up and hurt us. That was really a turning point in the first half."

Thoughts on this game being a good tune-up for the SoCon slate
"Georgia Tech is a good team. They were 9-2 coming into this game. This game really helps our bigs and helps our guards because they are a big physical team. It really helps us prepare for conference play this weekend. This team just needs to continue to work hard for the upcoming conference games."

Farad Cobb, guard, freshman
Thoughts on playing on a big stage
"I love a big arena. I just came out and wanted to play hard. I had my offense going tonight and I was able to get my team mates involved. I had a few assists and was able to take care of the ball."

On preparing for Georgia Tech
"After the last game I started preparing for this one. I had Coach Runyan to rebound for me the day before at practice, and Drazen and I hit the gym last night. I told him to get up and that we had to prepare for tomorrow. I just felt good about it."

Thoughts on competing against the ACC opponent
"I don't really look at the school and who we are going against. I just always feel like I can compete with them. I feel like we can compete as a team. That's what we were able to do tonight, but we were unable to come out and win it."

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