Postgame Quotes vs. Davidson
Chattanooga Head Coach Wes Moore
Thoughts on game

"This was a stressful day leading up to this game. Our kids have just been so great with their work ethic, their consistency night in and night out, and their effort. Yet, we had a one game lead, and if something happens, we slip up, then I'm pretty sure they would've owned the tie breaker. So I just wanted to make sure that these kids got rewarded for all their hard work. It's great to be back after a two-year hiatus to be back up here, but we'll enjoy this for a day or two. Then we got one more conference game, and then the tournament is where we'll focus our sights on as we call that a new season, a three-game season. Obviously, that will be very important. We got a lot of close games, so we know it's going to be a battle over in Asheville."

Thoughts on importance of getting back on top
"It was very important. I think that was part of the stress factor, too. For our kids, and also for our fans, they've been awesome. There's no comparison to our fans and fan base to everybody else in the conference. Saturday night we had 2,700, then we came back on a Monday night and had over 2,300. I wanted to get us back there for them as well. I'll be stressed out again in a week or two, but it's very important. I always think the regular season is a big deal. The tournament is three days, but the regular season is three months. To me, that's the measure of a team. So I'm happy for our kids, and proud of what they've done."

Thoughts on second half of game
"We made some big plays defensively. To hold that team to 59 points is pretty impressive. We caught them in a stretch here. They've been on the road some, so it's going to be a big challenge if we see them again. Ashlen Dewart has been phenomenal the last few games, and the last few weeks. Taylor Hall and Kayla Christopher hit some big shots for us. Ka'Vonne Towns came in. We've been missing here. She came in, and hit some big shots in the first half to really keep us in the game because we were struggling a little bit there. Tatianna Jackson, Alicia Payne, both of those freshmen are coming on, and they did some big things for us. I think that's probably been the biggest part of our success is that we have so many people that on a given night that can step up, and help us overcome maybe one or two people who are struggling."

Thoughts on overcoming Sophia Aleksandravicius after the first half
"I don't know if we did a whole lot different. We just probably did it better. She's tough in there, and we tried to get around in front. There were times we let her push us up so much that the lob was pretty easy, but it also falls on the guards. The guards have to put some pressure on the ball. If they can just stand there and be comfortable like a quarterback in the pocket, if they've got all day and don't feel any pressure, that pass isn't so tough. We did a pretty good job of putting pressure. They took advantage of that some. Their guards did a good job of attacking the basket, and we gave up some layups. We would foul and put them on the line some, but overall, we did a pretty nice job."

Thoughts on Red's play
"She just plays hard. She makes things happen, and she's looking to make plays  instead of just being out there. You wish everyone was like that. Some people on defense are just in their own little world if their man doesn't have the ball. Red is always looking to make something happen, and usually she does."

Thoughts on new home winning streak record of 26
"We don't talk about that much. It's kind of like a no-hitter or a perfect game. That's a great accomplishment. I think that says something first of all about our kids, and how they consistently show up and play hard. If you take a night off, you're going to lose. So they've managed to avoid that. It also says something about our fans. No doubt the sixth-man is a factor here in McKenzie."

Kayla Christopher, senior, guard
On taking the Lady Mocs back to a SoCon championship
"We said that we didn't want to lose tonight. We may have not always done the right thing, but our team played with a lot of energy and very hard tonight. This is what our goal was at the beginning of the year. We came in stayed focused and I think we got it done. You don't want to be the class that didn't get it back on track. I think that's what Kylie and myself wanted to do this year. We wanted to do something special, something that hadn't been done in a couple of years and I believe we accomplished that."

On where the team goes from here
"Oh, it's definitely not finished. We want to finish out the SoCon Tournament, go out to the NCAA tournament and hopefully make some noise there."

On the support of the fans
"I think we have been able to feed off the crowd all season long. We have a great fan base here, setting a record for average attendance. It's unbelievable. Our home court advantage is apparent in being undefeated at home the last two seasons. We're definitely able to feed off the energy in here. It's just a special place. It's the people here bringing the energy."

Ashlen Dewart, junior, freshman
Thoughts on rebounding
"We work on rebounding a lot in practice. A lot of it is that our guards are so good at drawing defenders out. It opens up the lane for the rest of us to crash the boards. I think this is definitely one of the harder games for post players. Sophia is a very talented player. She's very big, wide, can shoot and she is mobile. She can do it all and a very good player. It is just one of those things where you either step up to the challenge or back down. Again I think our guards take a lot of the pressure off. They give us a big push and allow us to play to the best of our ability."

Thoughts on second half hustle
"This was a big game for us and we wanted to send our seniors out right for their last home game. Like Kayla said, this was a huge game and was a great honor to be the team that brought this back to Chattanooga. By no means are we complacent or happy with where we are, though"

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